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Welcome Congratulations on your decision to consider your future as a TermiCam Member. This profile explains how you can profit by becoming part of the TermiCam organisation. You will own and operate your own business and at the same time receive the rewards of belonging to a well-organised network.

We invite you! We invite you to read the information on how you can become a member of TermiCam and join a worldwide network with many benefits now and in the future.

TermiCam gives you the opportunity to be… In business for yourself, but not by yourself! TermiCam is a strong solid organisation that promotes an attractive income providing effective and environmentally friendly detection of insect pests, by use of the latest infrared imaging technology to both commercial and domestic market segments. Making more money with TermiCam than without it! TermiCam’s proven expertise and flexibility, has adapted, met and exceeded the demands of the associated requirements of today’s chosen technological methods and materials. The client base and opportunities exist within many manufacturers, energy suppliers, retailers, transport companies, pest control companies, Federal and State Government agencies and associations and numerous private households. In fact, numerous inspections for the detection of termites with infrared imaging have been successfully completed and the technology is proving more successful, more reliable and more environmentally friendly than any other detection system.


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The Company TermiCam Pty Ltd is an Australian owned and operated company specialising in infrared imaging and risk management using highly trained staff and the best infra red technology available. The company's head office is in Melbourne, and we assist a growing number of franchises worldwide. Since September 1997, director David Rice has developed the business by infusing superior ethics, codes of practice and honest marketing strategies. Business experience and market research indicate that franchising is the most effective way of expanding TermiCam. TermiCam is a Victorian (Australia) based organisation and is responsible for the training, support and franchise development for all. Part of the strategy is to recruit Franchisees &/or Master Franchisees worldwide and today, TermiCam is an international provider of the highest quality pest detection and control, using the best infrared technology available.

TermiCam Vision Termites cause an estimated millions of dollars damage to buildings around the world annually with one in three buildings being infested at least once in its lifetime. Termite detection is becoming even more important due to the banning of many chemicals that are now considered to be environmentally unsafe. TermiCam is an environmentally safe, non destructive system that uses no chemicals or radiation apparatuses. TermiCam aims to build a reputable business in the infrared detection of pest infestations. Our worldwide focus for TermiCam will be supported by ongoing research and development into thermal uses in pest management, industry, bio-medical detection, veterinary detection and horticulture applications. This along with commercial development, marketing and ongoing franchising opportunities will ensure TermiCam is the benchmark of the Pest Industry's future.

New Termite Detection System TermiCam has developed a new thermal detection system for termites utilising infrared technology. Other pests such as borers, ants, bees, date palm beetles, can be detected but generally we concentrate on termites. With TermiCam’s distinct image, word has spread quickly and over time our business has become more streamlined, with increased clientele assisting the initially small business into something bigger. TermiCam has earned a professional reputation, as emphasized by its uniformed technical representatives and Franchisees.


www.term icam .com

The alternatives The TermiCam method of detecting termites using infrared technology and TermiCam camera is proved to be more effective than other methods currently used such as: • Traditional methods - tapping, drilling holes and pulling walls apart – intrusive, destructive and unreliable. • Trained dogs which aren't reliable. • Moisture meters - as termites like moist humid areas like the kitchen, bathroom and laundry the moisture meter often does not detect termite activity where it should. • Microwave systems - showed a lot of promise in its early development, unfortunately microwave systems can be felt by the termites and are not very effective in wet areas. This system will not detect termites under concrete slabs or thick tree stumps.

TermiCam’s method TermiCam’s method of detecting termites with an infrared TermiCam developed camera has found them in thick tree trunks, under thick concrete slabs and in wet, humid areas of buildings. Currently there is no competition that matches the capabilities of TermiCam within pest industry and TermiCam hopes to maintain its lead by constant research, development, quality control and marketing. The TermiCam process will help prevent damage to thousands of buildings and houses throughout the world. Furthermore, a comprehensive Risk Management program would quantify savings and enhance the value of inspections.

What is Thermography? Infrared thermography uses the infrared spectrum to detect changes in the environment. This modern technology was developed during the gulf war period and is now finding wide applications in a variety of industries and applications. It is extensively used by police and military for surveillance, at night where it can detect people (as hot spots) in completely dark situations where they would be invisible to the naked eye. Infrared is an invisible portion of the light spectrum extending from 0.75 to 1000 microns. All objects warmer than absolute zero emit energy. The warmer the object, the brighter we see it in our thermal imager. White is hotter, black is colder.


www.term icam .com

TermiCam System & Support The TermiCam System is a non-destructive, non-intrusive, environmentally friendly technique for finding termites and other insect pest activity in houses, buildings and property using infrared thermal imagers and correctly trained personnel. TermiCam members will receive a high standard of training. This training involves infrared thermal technology at general, specific and applied levels. Initial training will include TermiCam product knowledge, selling skills and ISO Certified Thermographer in Pest Control. Ongoing training will include upgrading of skills and knowledge in thermal imaging. All members will be kept up to date on thermography improvements, developments and regulations. Certificates of competency will be issued to successful graduates. TermiCam fundamentally recognizes that two of the most important elements contributing to the success of a Franchise are training and support, and will provide training in the skills needed to run your franchise.

TermiCam Infrared Camera TermiCam's Infrared Imager is provided with ongoing support and TermiCam branded software for all your reporting.


The Benefits TermiCam is a high recognition business name and franchise model. TermiCam offers a recognized brand name, logo and business system of termite inspection that uses the latest, up-to-date technology of infrared imaging. You will be part of an International brand with a strong reputation that compliments your own business. This has great benefits for marketing and publicity when promoting your business's products and services.



www.term icam .com

Reputation TermiCam has an excellent reputation within the termite and pest detection industry. So much so that a lot of business is in fact generated through client referrals. TermiCam won the HIA innovations award for contributions to the building industry in 2001 & Finalist :Next big thing award” 2007 for TermiBot TermiCam's Thermal Imaging Robot

Quality Products & Methods TermiCam takes pride in its workmanship and will always go that extra mile for clients, hence, achieving long lasting relationships. TermiCam uses only the very best in thermal detection products and methods to supplement services and stand well ahead of the opposition.

The Next Step This information provided in this booklet should help you decide if becoming a TermiCam member is for your consideration. If you would like to be part of the TermiCam network and experience the challenge of your own business, please call and arrange a confidential interview with Mr David Rice of TermiCam We look forward to hearing from you and working towards your future with TermiCam.

Contact Details: Mr David Rice Po Box 369 Glen Waverley Melbourne Victoria Australia 3150 Phone Number: + 613 9886-8266 Email: Internet:


www.term icam .com 


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