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Formed from solid aluminum and as solid feeling as they are sounding, these high-end ear buds will please the discerning musician and secret design fan in all of us窶馬ot to mention outlast any musical style currently in favor.

We designed the Clip for the person who wants to be different, but doesn’t need to shout it from the mountaintops. When you run these unique pieces your own signature style will be complete.

A headphone that is lightweight and comfortable, but still sounds crisp and true to the music that we live for. The Alli goes where you go, and it won’t ever drag you down like that big ass boombox you used to try to shred with—that thing was busted.

Two words - simplicity and utility. The Light Wire is committed to a minimal design with proven technology so nothing gets in the way of you and your tunes. The Light Wire is the newest and finest addition to the custom headphone line up from FRENDS.

With a slimmed down the ear-cap, a low profile headband, a combination of simple and strength, the Classic Light is the piece to have. Fully modular in design, and introducing multifunction ear-cap tap control, this piece can not be beat.

The Classic’s square profile has a subtle sophistication that will make people check out your sound kit

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Frends Fall - Holiday 2011  

Frends Fall - Holiday 2011 catalog

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