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AFTER YOUR SESSI ON Aboutt woweeksaf t eryours es s i on,wewi l l meetf oryourpor t r ai tr eveal !Wecan ei t hermeeti nyourhome( r ecommended) ,overS kype,ori nmyhomes t udi o. You’ l l s eeas l i ds how ofyouri mages ,andt hi si swhenyouwi l l or deranypr i nt sf or yourhome.T hi si sal s owhenyouwi l l r ecei veacces st oyourdi gi t al ar chi ves .Not e: Di gi t al i mageswi l l NOTber el eas edunt i l af t ert hi smeet i ng.

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NUCL EARF AMI L Y COL L ECT I ON $350. 00 I ncl udesa12hour phot os es s i onf orupt o6 f ami l ymember s ,onl i ne gal l er ywi t h20edi t ed i magesf ordownl oad, andpr i ntr el eas e

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MAT ERNI T YPORT RAI TS ES S I ONS Congr at ul at i onsonyours oont oar r i vebundl eofj oy!T hi si ss uchanex ci t i ng t i mei nyourl i f eandwhatbet t erwayt ocapt ur et hes ememor i est hanwi t h memor abl epor t r ai t s .Document i ngyourpr egnancywi l l beagr eatwayt o s har et hes emoment swi t hyours onordaught eri nt hef ut ur e. I fyouar eal i t t l eanx i ousdonotwor r y!Ihavewor kedwi t hmanypr egnant mot her sandmyj obwi l l bet okeepyouascomf or t abl easpos s i bl e.T hat ’ s apr omi s e!F eel f r eet ogi vemeacal l s owecant al ki nper s onandI ’ dbe happyt ogi veyoumor ei nf or mat i ononwhatt oex pectdur i ngyours es s i on. J us tr el axandl etmet akecar eoft her es t .

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NEWBORNS ES S I ONS Oht hej oyofhol di ngyourt i nyl i t t l ebabyf ort hef i r s tt i me! Butt heygr ow ups of as tandyoudonotwantt omi s st hi s chancet ocapt ur epor t r ai t soft hem s oyoucancher i s ht hi s momenti nl i f ef or ever .Ir ecommendt hebes tt i met ophot ogr aph newbor nswhent heyar ebet ween6and15 daysol d.T he s es s i onsar eabout2t o3hour sl ong,wi t happr ox i mat el y20i mages del i ver edt oanonl i negal l er ywi t hapr i ntr el eas e.

NEWBORNS ES S I ONS Newbor nsar eunpr edi ct abl e.T hi si swhyIr es er ve 3hour sf oryours es s i on.I ti scompl et el ynor mal f or yourbabyt owantt oeatorpot t ydur i ngyour s es s i on,andwewi l l t akebr eaksaccor di ngt o yourbaby’ sneeds . Yous houl dpl ant of eedyourbaby23hour spr i or t ot hes es s i on,t henagai ni mmedi at el yatt he s t ar tofours es s i on.Idoas kt hatyoudoyourbes t t onotal l ow babyt os l eepbef or et hes es s i on. F ori nhomel i f es t yl es es s i ons ,Ir eques tt hatt he t her mos t ati nyourhomebes ett o78degr ees . Wewi l l beuns waddl i ngbaby,andt hi sal l ows baby’ sbodyt emper at ur et os t abi l i z e.Mys t udi oi s equal l ywar m,s opl eas edr es si nl ayer si nmy s t udi o. I fyouandbabyar ecomf or t abl ewi t hapaci f i er , pl eas ebr i ngone.T hes of tgr eenones( f r om t he hos pi t al )wor kgr eat ! Cl ot hi ngi deas Dads :at i ght f i t t i ngpl ai ncol or edvnecks hi r twi t h awel l f i t t i ngpai rofj eans Moms :t ankt opswor kgr eat !Keepcol or sneut r al anddes i gns i mpl e. S i bl i ngs :neut r al t ops ,nat ur al ( orbr ai ded)hai r

WHAT CHMEGROW Iam ver yex ci t edt oof f ert he“Wat chMeGr ow”pr ogr am!T hi spr ogr am i sper f ectf or par ent swhoknow t heywi l l wantt ohavet hef i r s tyearoft hei rbaby’ sl i f edocument ed. Manypar ent schoos et hi spl anbef or et hebabyi sevenbor n. T heWat chMeGr ow pr ogr am i ncl udess chedul edpor t r ai ts es s i onsatdi f f er ents t agesof baby’ sf i r s tyear :mat er ni t y,newbor n( about615daysol d) ,s uppor t eds i t t er( about4 mont hs ) ,s i t t i ng/ cr awl i ng( about8mont hs ) ,andbaby’ sf i r s tbi r t hday. T heWat chMeGr ow pr ogr am al s oi ncl udesacus t om 20x 20f r amedcol l agef eat ur i ng onei magef r om eachofbaby’ spor t r ai ts es s i ons . Wat chMeGr ow pl anmember sal s oenj oy20% of fAL Lal acar t epr oduct s ,s uchas al bumsandbabyannouncement s .


WAL LPORT RAI T S 30x 40 24x 36,24x 30 20x 30,20x 24 16x 24,16x 20 11x 14

PRI NT S $445 $285 $210 $95 $68

WRAP/ MET AL $650 $515 $465 $410 $135

Al l wal l por t r ai t sar emount edonas t ur dy backi i ng,whi chhel pskeepyourpor t r ai t s beaut i f ul byel i mi nat i ngs ag.

AL BUMS 12x 12Al bum 10x 10Al bum

$40perpage $30perpage

8x 8Al bum


ANNOUNCEMENT S 5x 7F ol dedCar d 5x 7F l atCar d

$65f or25car ds $85f or25car ds

GI F TPRI NT S 8x 10 5x 7 4x 6

$35 $35 $35

WAL L ET S( ONEPOS E) 48wal l et s 24wal l et s 16wal l et s 8wal l et s

$129 $72 $53 $28

Iof f eravar i et yofcover choi cesf r om phot oi mage cover st obeaut i f ul l eat her cover s . Al l al bumsar epr i nt edon t hi ckpages ,wi t habeaut i f ul l ayf l atbi ndi ng.Al l al bumsar e madet ol as tal i f et i me-guar ant eed.

QWHATT O WEAR Whatyouwearwi l l det er mi net hemoodofyour por t r ai t s .F orex ampl e,ver ydr es s ycl ot hi ngwi l l makeyourpor t r ai t smor edr es s y.T hi si st he ques t i onIam as kedmos tof t en.Her ear es ome t hought sonwhatcanmakeyourpor t r ai t sl ook t hei rver ybes t .

S ol i dcol or sar ebes t Cons i derl ongs l eevesor3/ 4s l eeves Choos eMom’ sout f i tf i r s t ,t henchoos eever yone el s e’ sout f i t Choos es hi r t / dr es scol or st hatcompl ementone anot her Choos ef oot weart hatcompl ement st her es tof yourwar dr obe,ass omepos eswi l l s how s hoes& s ocks Avoi df l our es centcol or s ,es peci al l ys al mon Avoi dcl ot heswi t hf i ner epet i t i vel i nest ypi cal l y f oundi nmen’ sdr es ss hi r t s& s ui t s Avoi ds hi r t swi t hl ar gel ogosorwi t hwor ds Bes ur ecl ot hi ngi swr i nkl ef r eeori r oned

www . i n t h e n o wp h o t o . c o m 5159751797

2018 pricing guide  
2018 pricing guide