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Central Washington University

Registration Handbook

Total Withdrawal from the University

Registrar Services or a University Center office may approve a student withdrawal from Central that is due to illness or other extenuating circumstances at any time prior to finals week. A student may not withdraw from the university during finals week except with approval from the registrar. The official withdrawal form is available at Registrar Services and University Center offices. Withdrawals from the university will be noted on the student’s transcript with “W.” Students who leave the university without completing the official form may receive failing grades.

LEAVE OF ABSENCE Undergraduate or post-baccalaureate students who do not enroll for consecutive academic quarters (exclusive of summer), and are planning to take a quarter off, must reapply for admission. However, if students meet the criteria below, they may be granted a leave of absence, which means that they do not have to reapply for re-admission the following quarter and that they may register early for classes as continuing students at the designated time. 1. The application for leave of absence must be submitted to Registrar Services at least two weeks prior to the term for which the student is seeking leave. 2. Leaves will be approved only if attending consecutive quarters would present an exceptional hardship or loss of opportunity. 3. Students may be granted for up to two quarters at a time. Additional consecutive quarters must be petitioned separately. Graduate students need to contact the graduate office at 509-963-3103 for leave of absence information.

UNIVERSITY CATALOG The Online Electronic Catalog (OEC) is the university’s official compilation for all curriculum. The OEC serves as the basis for major, minor, and program requirements for the academic year. For current policy and curriculum requirements refer to the CWU online catalog at

DECLARATION OF MAJOR Students are required to apply and be accepted into a major or pre-major by the time they have earned 100 credits or they are prevented from participating in their regularly assigned registration appointment. Students are bound by the major requirements that became effective with the Fall Online Electronic Catalog (OEC) for the academic year in which they are accepted into their major. If a student does not enroll for two or more consecutive quarters at Central (excluding summer), he or she will be required to reactivate his or her major status. Reactivation

must be done with the concurrence of the department and in accordance with the department and the OEC requirements current at the time of readmission.

QUARTERLY HONOR ROLL Undergraduates who complete a minimum of 12 graded credits quarterly and have obtained a 3.5 quarterly GPA are eligible to be on the honor roll. (Post-baccaluareate and graduate students are not eligible for honors.) The honor roll student list is available online at sorted by last name and by city. City is designated by the home/permanent address that is on file with Registrar Services. Students who have designated a FERPA restriction on their student record will not have their name published on the web or in a hometown newspaper. However, the honor roll designation will show on the student’s transcript.

STUDENTS WITH DISABILITIES Center for Disability Services, located in Bouillon Hall, room 205, was established to ensure that CWU students of disability are provided equal access to university programs and facilities. Information about disability documentation, classroom accommodations, and program access can be obtained by calling 509-963-2171.

SAFETY AWARENESS INFORMATION The Department of Public Safety and Police Services is responsible for reporting crime statistics in compliance with the “Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act.” Central’s annual security report is available at The web site contains information regarding crime prevention programs, the law enforcement authority of university police, policies concerning the reporting of crime, crime statistics for the most recent three-year period, and other information about security that is required by law. A paper copy of the information is available upon written request to: Central Washington University Department of Public Safety and Police Services 400 East University Way Ellensburg WA 98926-7527

VOTER REGISTRATION According to RCW 29.07.025, voter registration guidelines will be made available at institutions of higher education. These forms are available at Registrar Services. You can register to vote online at RegistertoVote.aspx.

General Regulation and Information

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CWU Registration Handbook  

Handbook for student registration at Central Washington University 2012

CWU Registration Handbook  

Handbook for student registration at Central Washington University 2012