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Class rank is based upon the number of quarter hours earned as follows: Freshman 0 44.9 Sophomore 45 89.9 Junior 90 - 134.9 Senior 135 and above




Half time


Three-quarter time

10 or more

Full time


Standard load



Overload (approval needed from major department chair or dean)

Courses are numbered as follows:

20 or more

Overload (approval needed from college or graduate dean)

Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior Graduate

100 through 199 200 through 299 300 through 399 400 through 499 500 through 700

Non-matriculated Students

Students may select courses one year ahead of their present status except when otherwise designated. Courses numbered 500 and above are normally for graduate students. Senior students may take 500-level courses only with the approval of both the department chair and the instructor of the class. The 500-level courses may be used for undergraduate credit or graduate credit (but not for both). In order to receive graduate credit, the student must be in his/her senior year of undergraduate work and must obtain approval from the Associate Vice President of Graduate Studies, Research, and Continuing Education.

Students who are registering for courses as a nonmatriculated student can register for a maximum of 12 credits during the fall, winter, and spring terms. Nonmatriculated students may register on the first day of classes.

Financial Aid and Veterans Assistance

STUDENT LOAD POLICY The number of credits for which a student is fully registered determines full-time and part-time status. Note that a GPA of 2.8 or higher is recommended for students seeking an overload.

Undergraduate or Post-Baccalaureate Credits



Half time


Three-quarter time

12 or more

Full time


Standard load


Overload (approval needed from major advisor and major department chair, or in the case of undeclared majors, Academic Advising)

21 or more

Overload (approval needed from major advisor and major department chair as well as the appropriate school dean, or in the case of undeclared majors, the assistant vice president for undergraduate studies)

Non-matriculated status is given to those persons who are not seeking degrees or certificates at CWU. Nonmatriculated students do not need to go through the regular admissions process; they apply through Registrar Services and will be allowed to register on a space-available basis. Credits earned when in non-matriculated status may not be used to satisfy degree or certificate requirements unless the student matriculates, in which case a maximum of 45 credits may be applied toward a baccalaureate degree.

Undergraduate and post-baccalaureate students must carry 12-quarter credit hours to be considered full-time students. Graduate students must carry 10-quarter credits. Students receiving Veteran GI Bill education benefits must also carry the same credit load to be a full-time student; however, the credits must be in their degree program. Students using the GI Bill education benefits should contact the Veterans Center for further information to be in compliance with VA federal regulations to receive benefits.

REGISTRATION Only currently enrolled matriculating students are allowed to register during the first registration period. Nonmatriculating students may register on the first day of classes. Eligible students are assigned an Enrollment Appointment on Safari that specifies their date and time for registration. See instructions for viewing Enrollment Appointments. Student employees must register during the first registration period to be eligible for summer employment.

General Regulation and Information

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CWU Registration Handbook  
CWU Registration Handbook  

Handbook for student registration at Central Washington University 2012