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Cascadia Hazards  Institute  Presents:  

Seismic Hazards and the Built Environment April 4,  2014    |    Fluke  Corp  Interdisciplinary  Lab   Hogue  Technology  Building  Addition  

Keynote speaker   Mary  Lou  Zoback,  Consulting  Professor,  Stanford  University   Dr. Zoback is a seismologist and a consulting professor in the Geophysics Department at Stanford University. From 2006 to 2011, she was Vice President for Earthquake Risk Applications with Risk Management Solutions, a private catastrophe-modeling firm serving the insurance industry. In that role, she utilized the company's commercial risk models to explore the societal role of earthquake insurance and to quantify the costs and benefits of risk reduction. She previously was a senior research scientist at the U.S. Geological Survey in Menlo Park, California, where she served, among other positions, as Chief Scientist of the Western Earthquake Hazards team. Her research interests include the relationship between active faulting, deformation and state of stress in the earth's crust, quantifying earthquake likelihood, and characterizing natural-hazard risk.

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Carey Gazis  |  Geological  Sciences   Timothy  Melbourne  |  Seismic  Expert  and  Geodesist   Warren  Plugge  |  Heavy  Civil/Construction  Management   Mike  Pease  |  Geographer   Ethan  Bergman  |  Public  Health/Nutritionist   Anne  Egger  |  Geologist  and  Science  Educator   Pam  McMullin-­‐‑Messier  |  Sociologist   John  Bowen  |  Geographer  and  Transportation  Expert   Roy  Savoian  |  Economist  and  Enterpreneur   Toni  Sipic  |  Hazards  Economist    

Carlo Smith  |  Business  Continuity  and  Supply  Chain   Yvonne  Chueh  |  Actuarial  Science  

Program Networking  |  Welcome  |  Keynote   At  8  AM  start  your  day  with  a  light  breakfast  and  beverages   along  with  fellow  faculty,  staff  and  regional  community   members.  At  9  AM,  Dr.  Timothy  Melbourne  will  open  the  day-­‐‑ long  conference  and  introduce  speaker  Dr.  Mary  Lou  Zoback   (keynote  9:15-­‐‑9:50)  speaking  about  Increasing  Resilience  to   Natural  Hazard  Risk.   10  Minute  Break  

Panel 1    |    10-­‐‑11:45  AM   Our  first  panel  of  speakers  will  present  the  science  behind   seismic  hazards  prediction,  adaptation  and  resilience   within  the  context  of  the  built  environment.    Moderator:   Carey  Gazis.  Presenters:  Dr.  Timothy  Melbourne;  Dr.   Warren  Plugge;  and  Dr.  Mike  Pease  

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Panel 2    |    1:15-­‐‑3:00  PM   The  second  panel  discusses  how  seismic  hazards  impact   decision-­‐‑making.  Moderator:  Roy  Savoian.    Presenters:     Toni  Sipic,  Yvonne  Chueh  and  Carlo  Smith.   10  Minute  Break  

Panel 3    |    3:15-­‐‑4:45  PM  

This third  and  final  panel  talks  about  education  and  the   societal  response;  and  the  resilience  of  people  and  place.   Moderator:  Ethan  Bergman.    Presenters:    Anne  Egger;  Pam   McMullin-­‐‑Messier;  and  John  Bowen  

Closing Remarks    |    4:45-­‐‑5:00  

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Contributors: This  conference  is  brought  to  you  through   the  support  of  the  Central  Washington   University  Foundation’s  Len  Thayer  Small   Grant  Program,  the  Cascadia  Hazards   Institute,  and  Central  Washington  

Thanks to:   This  conference  would  not   be  possible  without  the   ongoing  support  of  College   of  the  Science.   Cascadia  Hazards  Institute   Central  Washington  University   MS  7418   509.963.1489  

2014 Conference Program  
2014 Conference Program  

Seismic Hazards and the Built Environment