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Powerpoint with National Bird pictures received from the partners Step 1 Make a power point using the pictures you received from all the partners. Step 2 Go to and create an account as a reader. It is free. Step 3 When you are in, click on red Upload botton. And follow simple instructions.

Step 4 Click on My publications at the top. Click on your uploaded power point. Choose Share > Website or Blog.

Step 5 Choose the size (650x244) and page layout (2 pages). Scroll down and click Create.

Step 6 Copy the embed code: click in the box to highlight the code. Then right click and choose Copy.

Step 7 Got to TwinSpace > Project Activities > Birds and click on National birds.

Step 8 Click on your school name.

Step 9 Click on Edit.

Step 10 Change Format to HTML

Step 11 Click on Source and paste your embed code in the box below - right click and choose Paste. Then click Save at the bottom of the screen.

Step 12 You are done!

Powerpoint with national bird pictures received from the partners