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Proposal for ACE Enterprise Slovakia to become main partner DESCRIPTION OF INITIATIVE: The overall objective is to realize a minimum of 15 professional interns for free for Slovak institutions to strengthen the scope, impact, effectiveness for non-profit and public interest organizations in Slovakia. Why should be intrested ACE Enterprise Slovakia? you can show your „Corporate Social Responsibility“ you will get media appearance by main event and other promotion you support at least 15 non-profit organizations all over Slovakia by sponsoring AIESEC interns for them







in has

contributed to development of society by serving as an

Promotion of ACE Enterprise Slovakia together with NGO development iniciative will be running: At AIESEC Slovakia websites At the websites of all involved nonprofit organizations and partners of the project External media (our goal is to attract at least 3 national Slovak media to come to main event) Company motivational speech in the main event of iniciative In the annual report of AIESEC Slovakia (one A4 page) In partners structure of AIESEC Slovakia (as a national exchange partner)

agent through






cultural exchange (…).“ Kofi Annan – AIESEC Alumnus, Former


General, United Nations

REASON #1 To become main partner of the project

Main event of the project

REACH conference (6.-7.2.2010). REACH is leadership conference for all members of AIESEC in Slovakia.There will be special part in agenda allocated for NGO project evaluation. There is space for ACE Enterprise Slovakia to hold the motivational and educational speech for: Slovak students from 8 universities Youth from whole world With presence of the  Involved NGOs representatives,  their interns from whole world,  AIESEC Slovakia members  and at least 3 slovak national medias we will together sum up the project results and impact. Involved NGOs and their AIESEC interns will get the chance to thank to ACE Enterprise Slovakia representatives and talk about the future of their organizations and lifes.

15 NGOs Slovak national media

REASON #2 To become main partner of the project

By providing money to run this

you provide the needed knowledge and help to this NGOs


Our people will help to NGOs for example with: 

marketing, public awareness strategies for organizations and internet marketing

development of IT infrastructure

project support and education about project management, new projects design for the NGOs

with human resources management and motivation

assistance in managing nonprofit organization as such, or any other economic activities.

1. Centrum pre rodinu Poprad 2. Materske centrum Bambino

3. Truc sphérique/ kultúrne centrum Stanica Žilina 4. AEGEE Bratislava 5. Sloboda zvierat 6. Domov sociálnych služeb KOMPA 7. Signal Ohrozenia – Centrum Srdiečko 8. Pontis Foundation

9. Narodna rada obcanov so zdravotnym postihnutim v SR 10. Usmev ako Dar 11. Integracia postihnuteho dietata

Partnership conditions

Total maximum amount of money needed for organization of this project is

2500 EUR

---------------------------------------EXPLANATION OF THE MONEY USAGE: Donation 100 EUR for each intern realized = = max 20 X 100 = 2000 EUR Provision for AIESEC Slovakia for organizing of the project = 500 EUR

Timeline of the cooperation 1. 30.11.2009-14.12.2009 Time for ACE Enterprise Slovakia to decite about the project. In case you want to become main partner aslo time for signing of the contract. 2. 30.12.2009

-----------------------------------------------------The deadline for AIESEC We want to support our local commetees Slovakia to confirm ACE by 100 EUR per one intern realized within Enterprise Slovakia total the project. number of internships to The LCs will use the donation of 100 EUR mainly be realized in the project. for accomodation, as a pocket money for the intern for 6 weeks living or other costs connected 3. 15.12.2009 – 4.2.2010 to realization of the internship. Regular updates for ACE Enterprise Slovakia about Maximum number of interns realized in the project is 20. That means that maximum the development of the project 2000 EUR can be invoiced for direct support of the project. 4. 4.2.2010 - 7.2.2010 Total price also contains provision of 500 EUR to AIESEC Slovakia for organizing of this project. Main event (conference REACH) of the project. Project manager of NGO development iniciative Katerina Kolaciova Vice-president for incoming exchange and projects AIESEC in Slovakia, T/F: +421-2-45 52 61 10, M: +421 902 918 222, E-mail: Web: ,

5. 30.3.2010 The deadline for AIESEC Slovakia to release the final report of the project.

NGOs & CEED project  
NGOs & CEED project  

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