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NEW DISCOVERIES IN THE TWENTY-FIRST MATHEMATICS. The number of the future. A new discovery in the number system.

IP no. 214122. Chile.

Discovery of the hipertrascendente number. V = 9.209

To María Pía Medal. Science in mathematics. University of Santiago de Compostela. Paula Vázquez. Bachelor's degree in mathematics. University of Buenos Aires Carlos Marrano. Bachelor's degree in mathematics. Universidad Nacional Pedro Ruiz. Carlos Pelaez. Education in mathematics. University of Cuenca Jorge Vázquez. Universidad Nacional de San Juan. Bachelor's degree in mathematics. Fran García. Bachelor's degree in mathematics. UIB, University of Bergen. Carlos Alberto Delgado. University of Mexico. D.F. Bachelor's degree in mathematics.

And other followers of this new theory, which has been researched and very popular also in other areas such as computer pages including the Inter-American Commission on mathematics in Costa Rica. I would appreciate having your debate and opinion about the hipertrascendente number and create distribution among academics for the development of astronomy-related calculations, quantum physics, computer science and technologies of the future. Hipertrascendente number or the number of the evolutionary Dynamics. Pedro Villanueva is inspired by mathematical Platonism of Kurt Gödel and Roger Penrose as a basis for the development of the hipertrascendente number. Mathematical objects are to Plato than mental constructions, since these items have prior, eternal, universal existence and they are copies of relevant Ideas, therefore they are multiple... Mathematics are not inventions, they are pre-existing and the only function that mathematicians do perceive them and discover them, as for example the theorem such that it was a discovery which demonstrated that if a triangle draw you a parallel to either side, two equal triangles, you get two triangles have the same angle and are perpendicular. John Lucas, philosopher of Oxford, applied mathematical logic of all times most important theorem, Gödel's theorem, precisely in order to conclude that the mental faculties must be really beyond of what can be done computationally. In the same vein, Penrose uses Gödel argument to demonstrate that human understanding is not an algorithmic activity. Our visual imagination manages "things" not computer, which encourages us to seek its fundamentals, the mathematical understanding, outside the framework of existing physics. The argument of Gödel is not an argument to have mathematical truths inaccessible. What says is that the human intuitions are beyond the formal argument and beyond accounting procedures. Between what Gödel established without discussion was that no valid formal mathematical proof rules can be sufficient, even in principle, to establish all true propositions of ordinary arithmetic. Kurt Gödel proved that the dream of the formalists was unattainable. There can be no formal system F that is both complete and consistent if F is powerful enough to contain the formulation of statements of ordinary arithmetic along with the standard logic. More philosophically, the argument of Gödel shows that anyone who is the point of view adopted, said point of view cannot be (known) locked up in any conceivable formal rules. Why Gödel's theorem was also a step capital in the philosophy of mind, because it showed that human intuition and understanding should not be reduced to any set of computational rules. No set of rules can never be sufficient to demonstrate even those propositions of arithmetic whose truth is accessible, in principle, to the common intuition, so that the human intuition cannot be reduced to any set of rules. This is basis for Penrose to conclude that there must be more in human thinking (physically) than it can never reach a computer, at least in the sense of what we mean today by "computer".

The hipertrascendente number V = 9.209 is subject to events of evolution. The number Pi is related to the nature of the circle and curved, spherical coordinate systems. The Euler number, allows you to closely observe the behavior of physical, chemical, and biological events, etc. Present form the Vesica of PISCES, where oval as a fundamental part of the fertilization of the events and dynamic nature. The number Phi is related to mother nature, is a ratio that is in formations present in nature and the universe. The philosophy of the hipertrascendental number, describes that every irrational or transcendental number are not separated or isolated, but form a complex process in the evolutionary dynamics. Hence its name, the hipertrascendental because it embraces the sum total of these events and irrational or transcendental numbers. In its complex vision represents the number of evolutionary dynamics. It shows that the irrational numbers are not isolated events, but part of the fraction of a system in all its entirety. The hipertrascendental number can better explain the events of the evolution of any training in nature, physics, quantum, in the universe, in other disciplines. The author is also based on the epistemological theory of Paul Feyerabend and Lakatos in which is based on an open epistemology, which is opposed to formalistic and rigid logic that prevents the development of intuitive logic. Refers to transcendent number (or transcendental) is a type of irrational number that is not root of any polynomial (non-null) with integer (or rational) coefficients. In this sense, transcendental number is antonym of algebraic number. The definition does not come from a simple algebraic relationship, but it is defined as a fundamental property of mathematics. (Pi) is the relationship between the length of a circumference and its diameter , in Euclidean geometry . It is an irrational number and one of the most important mathematical constants. It is often used in Math, physics and engineering. The numerical value of Ď€, truncated their first figures, is as follows: PI ≈ 3,141 59265358979323846... The value of Pi has been obtained with different approaches throughout history, being one of the mathematical constants more appearing in the equations of physics, together with the number e . Therefore, perhaps the constant that unleashes more passions between the mathematical professionals and amateurs. The relationship between circumference.

Physics Although it is not a constant physical , Pi appears routinely in equations describing fundamental principles of the universe, due in large part to its relationship with the nature of the circle and, correspondingly, with the spherical coordinate system . The number e, sometimes known as number of Euler or constant Napier, was recognized and used for the first time by the Scottish mathematician John Napier, who introduced the concept of the logarithm in the mathematical calculation. Number par excellence of the calculation, is as it is the geometry and complex analysis. The mere fact that the function coincides with its derivative makes that the exponential function is frequently the result of simple differential equations. As a result, it describes the behavior of physical events governed by simple laws, such as the speed of discharge from a tank of water, the rotation of a weather vane against a gust of wind, the movement of the system damping of a car or a metallic building earthquake were. In the same way, appears in many other fields of science and technology, describing electrical and electronic phenomena (discharge of a capacitor, amplification of currents in transistors, etc.), biological (growth of cells, etc.), chemicals (concentration of ions, periods of half-life, etc.), and many more. The number e, along with the number Pi, is an irrational, not expressible by the ratio of two integers; Alternatively, it can not be expressed with a finite number of decimal or periodic decimals. In addition, is a transcendental number, i.e., that can not be obtained by solving an algebraic equation with rational coefficients.

Its approximate value (truncated) is:

e ≈ 2,71828 18284 59045 23536 02874 71352 66249 77572 47093 69995...

Square root of 3 (√ 3) (1.732)

The square root of 3 is the height of a vesica piscis (latin: fish bladder) when the length is 1. It is created by two identical circles that will intersect. The circumference of an intersection in the center of the other. The vulva-shaped space thus created is called the Vesica Piscis.

This is known as the "measure of the fish". It is a mathematical tool that is powerful, being the closest approximation the square root of three integer. This form will look on many designs of the

cathedrals . Do you ever realize that when you walk into a cathedral, it introduces a giant uterus to return to its source and is reborn again when you leave?

√ 3 = 1.732 0508075688772935274463415059 Phi = 1, 618 0339887...

Phi is a number that has no exact value, approximate value = 1,61803... The Phi ratio is the basis for the Fibonacci sequence 1, 21.34... that is gave it publicity in general, until the year 1200 d. C Phi is a number of very important to mother nature, because a lot of things in nature is related to this issue. In this issue, in the artists it is known as the "Golden number" or the "golden ratio", since they used it in their paintings. The relationship of Phi is also the basis for the Fibonacci sequence . This Fibonacci sequence is a general rule for the plants and animals in the form of grow.

Textbooks of mathematics dealing with the subject, the usual symbol to represent the Golden number was τ of the Greek τομή meaning cut or section. However, the modern name Φ or φ, performed it in 1900 the mathematician Mark Barr in honor to Phidias since this was the first letter of your name written in Greek (Φειδίας). This honor was awarded to Phidias for maximum aesthetic value attributed to his sculptures, property that already is attributed also to the Golden number. Mark Barr and Schooling were responsible for mathematical appendices to the book The Curves of Live, Sir Theodore Cook.

The provision of the petals flowers (the role of the Golden number in the botanical receives the name of Law of Ludwig )).

The distribution of leaves on a stem. See: Succession of Fibonacci .

The relationship between the veins of the leaves of the trees

The relationship between the thickness of the main branches and the trunk, or between the main branches and the secondary (the thickness of one equals Φ taking the upper branch as a unit).

The amount of spiral one pineapple (eight and thirteen spiral), flowers or inflorescences. These numbers are elements of the Fibonacci sequence and the ratio of two consecutive elements tends to the Golden number.


The number of petals in flowers. There are flowers with petals 3, 5 and 8 and 13, 21, 34, 55, 89 and 144. The distribution of cassava leaves and the arrangement of the leaves of the artichokes.

The relationship between the distance between the coils of the coiled interior of any snail or cephalopods such as the Nautilus . There are at least three more or less equivalent logarithmic spirals to Golden proportions. The first one is characterized by the constant ratio equal to the golden ratio between the radiovectores of points in two consecutive scrolls in the same direction and sense. The shells of the Fusus antiquus, the Murex, Scalaria pretiosa, Facelaria and Sun terrace trochleare, among others, continue this type of spiral of growth. It must be understood that in any natural consideration, but involve more mathematically developed, considered science as physics, no relationship or constant which has an infinite number of decimal places can reach the mathematical limit, because on that scale would not exist any physical object. The tiniest elementary particle that you can imagine is infinitely larger than a point in a straight line. The laws observed and described mathematically in organisms do violation them organically.

The sum of all these irrational numbers

PI = 3.141 Phi = 1.618 e = 2.718 √ 3 = 1.732

Born a hipertrascendental number. The 9.209, known as V. number As the first letter of its discoverer Pedro Villanueva GonzĂĄlez in 2012.

The number V = 9.209 may be used as constant, function or calculations concerning everything related to the development of types of developments and processes.

A striking example is the scale Villanueva.

Villanueva focuses, as the hipertrascendental number V = 9.209, determines the evolution of the Earth and of humanity.

Starting from the year 2000, as a point of reference and dividing by V =9.209. The results surprising, because they coincide with the most important processes of evolution. Except when multiplying V = 9.209 in 2000 facing future developments with the result of the number, The year 18.418 d. C Scale Villanueva is divided into 8 stages. As a reference about the evolutionary stages, not as evolutionary theory.

1) A.d. 18.418. (2) 2000 A.d..

3) 217 a.d. 3) 23 a.d. 3) 2 a.d.

4) year 27 BC 4) year 300 B.c. 4) year 3200 B.c.

5) year 35,000 BC. 5) year 380,000 BC 5) year 4000.000 BC

40,000,000 year 6). a c 7) 400.000.000 year. a. C. 8) 4000.000.000 year. a. C.

Starting with the classification of stages. Based on the number 8, life on Earth arose approximately 4 billion years, where arose the first molecules and proteins. Increasingly complex leading to the first known cells.

Number 7, begin the life of plants, fungi, algae, trilobites, molluscs, 400 million years ago

Number 6, occurs the completion the Mesozoic Era, with the extinction of many reptiles and dinosaurs era approximately 40 million years ago and began to reign the mammals and at the end of the Eocene, some terrestrial mammals returned to the sea, giving rise to the whales and dolphins.

Number 5, appeared the first hominid, the first monkeys, makes about 4 million years, as australopithecus africanus Then 380,000 years ago appears homo erectus and more late homo sapiens Approximately 35,000 years ago Neanderthals and Cro-magnons originated.

In stage 4, arises the first civilization of Sumeria and Asia land some 3200 years ago a. C. Pedro Villanueva called it pre-civilizacion because writing, trade, culture and religion is born. Some 300 years. C consolidated Empires in the Middle East, China, India, Persia, etc. The decline of the precivilizacion begins in the year 20 BC

In stage 3 arise more advanced civilizations, Rome and China, where they were developed (the most advanced legal systems) laws, State, politics, the army and the development of urbanism that persisted and remain until the year 2000 d. C.

From this date he began stage 2. The birth of the hiper-civilizacion, with a rapid growth in the discoveries and inventions in areas of nanotechnologies, the birth of the Internet, genetic engineering and planetary globalisation.

Stage 1, the year 18418 begins to appear another stage of evolution, the word civilization and humanity no longer exist. There will be a sudden change still unknown to humans.

Discovery of the hipertrascendente number. V = 9.209  

Discovery of the hipertrascendente number. V = 9.209. XXI.

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