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۩ EMILECTICA. method PHILOSOPHY XXI. EMI comes from the Greek prefix meaning "middle". The emiletica is a method of thinking that is positioned in the Middle; Unlike the dialectic that moves in the thesis and anti-tesis as two opposite positions to reach a synthesis. The story evolves through the dialectical processes that go in the direction towards increasingly complex concepts. Emilectic thinking helps to clarify many positions and manages to go beyond the vision creating new forms of consolidations of thought and consciousness of being human or social development. The emilectic observes the dialectical process and analyzes the commonalities in different opposites or positions to reach a middle position as a form of evolution of thought. Emilectic thought is mainly supported by two methods. -Hermeneutic analysis of common points that underlies the opposite poles or positions. -Use of Eidetic semiotics, which goes to the Eidetic reduction of Phenomenology to be applied in semiotic study as analysis of chains of signifiers and meanings of the eideticos elements of the different polar opposites. Diachronic and synchronic study of Poles opposed to the development of thought. The emilectica is a new term used by the thinker and artist Pedro Villanueva González; that has also written other articles can be found on the Web; like the transestructuralismo, the semiotic sincronistica, social postconstruccionismo, neoexistencialismo after Sartre and others. © Punta Arenas. Chile. Year 2012. 214122 Intellectual property.


Emilectic. PHILOSOPHY XXI. By Pedro Villanueva. More Info Website: Centro de Pensamiento Pedro Villanueva

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