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THE 28 LAWS OF THE UNIVERSE. Author: Pedro Villanueva Gonzalez. Intellectual Property Registration 203089. CHILE 1-Law of irregularities. The universe is inherently inconsistent in his way of being, in ways, for example the moon is not round, if we approach that we have uneven surfaces such as craters, mountains and the Earth Ecuador is narrower than a sphere perfect. 2-Law of similarities and classification EACH SPECIES IN PLACE, THERE IS A SIMILAR ORDER AND DIFFERENCES. SIMILAR FORMS ARE FAMILIES. 3-Law of Vibration (The universe is in constant vibration) crises occur when we are rigid. 4-Law of irreversibility. No return, no reversibility in the world we live in the expanding Universe acts as forward. 5-Law of the universe archetypal pattern. If we see that there is always repetitive pattern, as the archetype of the Creation, birth, ATTRACTION, transformation and change, death, the archetype of the cycle as BIRTH, MATURITY AND DEATH, DESTRUCTION Archetype, the Archetype of Transcendence or evolve into new structures and the Archetype of REACTION. (The archetype intervenes in synchronicity and mark these guidelines by seemingly subtle interventions) 6-Law of polarity and duality (Destruction, Rebirth) (GOOD AND BAD) negative and positive. 7-Law of rhythm. EVERYTHING HAS rhythms and cycles, ebbs and flows and advances. 8-Law of cause and effect. When we do something creates an effect of what caused what. 9-Law of scarcity and inequality (REASON FOR THE FIGHT OF SURVIVAL) 10-Law of the generation. REFERRED TO CREATIVITY, PRO-CREATION, FERTILITY, YOU SHOULD ALWAYS THE UNION OR THE SYNERGY OF Opposites JOINING THE NEGATIVE AND POSITIVE ELECTRICITY. 11-Law of hierarchy and neguentropia ALL SIZES ARE ORDERED SYSTEMS simple and complex. Negentropy KEEPS RUNNING ORDER SYSTEMS.

12-Law of diversity (GROUP, IDEAS, SPECIES) 13-Law of return of the movement and curved. Everything moves in circles and spirals, our lives revolve mechanically CIRCLE, BACK TO THE POINT OF DEPARTURE, planets, galaxies, energy. 15-Law of the four cyclical stages Birth, growth, maturity, death. (CIVILIZATIONS AT ALL) 16-Law of Entropy ALL LINES TO DEGASTE. 17-Law of Repetition or recurrent. REPEAT EVERYTHING IN LIFE, AS THE SEASONS, THE YOUTH OF OLD AGE, LOVE. 18-Law of transformation. Nothing is destroyed, or disappear, BUT all matter and energy is transformed. 19-Law of the interaction They are all interconnected, RESULTING CAUSE AND EFFECT. 20-Law of property ALL PROPERTIES ARE THE ELEMENTS AND THEIR ROLES. Interacting with others. 21-Law of models and copies THERE IS A COW AND TOMORROW BLUE GREEN ARE ALMOST IDENTICAL COPIES, THERE IS AN ORDER. 22-Law of uncertainty (ChAOS, TO RENEW) 23-Universal law of logic. Gravity, the laws of chemistry, physics, properties are always maintained. THE SUN ALWAYS WILL BE SUN AND WELL, HE HAS A STRICT LOGIC, THAT IS NO TOMORROW WILL BE THE SUN SQUARE, or that the rockets stop flying. 24-Law of the four states. ENERGY, GAS, LIQUID AND SOLID 25-Law to the complex evolutionary. UNTIL NOW KNOWN 6 STAGES. Energy, matter, PLANT ORDER, ORDER ANIMAL AWARENESS AND CIVILIZATION . 26-Law of average. DESTROY THE UNIVERSE IS ALL THAT END.

27-Supreme law of energy ISSUED WITHOUT POWER suns, stars, the universe becomes chaotic and ceases to exist. 28-Law group. All things tend to cluster.

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