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jack and Jill mood board, The assignment entailed for an own vision of the nursery rhyme jack and jill for my mood board I chose to have something simplistic yet a dark undertone.

jack and jill

paper and graphite

Storyboarding was an assignment of interpreting a script into illustrations of scenes my mood board was as if it was a halloween story for kids book.

week #9 ClaudiaÂŹTorres Create Album cover

To create own vision of An album cover for a band of choice.

venus fly trapt heart with layered background of tones of black and grey 16x20 canvas, Acrylics, paintbrushes, 45.00 49.5 mi, 58 mins 8.75% 576.87

story boarding

paper and graphite

Teresa Rodriguez

Self care: for this assignment the mood board was based off of what was read about the persons weeks

story boarding

ALCOHOLIC DRINK LABELS: My mood was dark but visually interesting

for the person that likes beer with a kick.

beer labels

ABLBUM COVERS: To create own version of an artist album cover, I

did not feel a needed a mood board for I created something in my heard from the music I heard.

Personal Ilustration: I chose to make something of my dertermination to quit smoking after ten years


75 *UDSKL[


this is my fucking single!!!

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