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Biotechnology Teresa Lled贸 3潞B

What is the biotechnology?

The biotechnology is use the microorganisms lives for making products: ● ● ● ●

Prevent disease. Used less energy and pollute less. Power station more clean and efficent. Ferment food.

The applications difference. Red biotechnology: is the technology for the salut.

Green biotechnology: is the technology applied to agricultural processes.

Blue biotechnology: is the biotechnology very recent, but expected big results for health, for the cosmetics and products.

White biotechnology: this is used for the industry.

The good and the bad.

THE GOOD: the aliments trasgenic do have less pesticide and pollute, also can produce with more nutrients. THE BAD:the farmers poor that can't log on to those resources, can't compete in the market. a) Environmental risks. b) Risks in the human health.

Sources of information.

http://www.juntadeandalucia. es/averroes/manantiales/BIOGEO/trabajos/AplicBiotec.htm

treball biotecnologia(BO)  
treball biotecnologia(BO)