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Okanagan Falls Business Park


A Partnership for the Future

WHEN one reads a recent TELUS report on CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY, one can not help but note the title,

“for today and tomorrow� YES, it is all about our responsibility for the future. WE,the community of Okanagan Falls, the developers, and the communities of the South Okanagan, are excited about our future opportunities, and the opportunity to be short-listed as one of the potential British Columbia sites for the Telus Super Data Centre.

WE are hopeful you will see the entire community of the South Okanagan is excited and willing to work in Partnership with each other and especially to work in Partnership with the Telus Team in being short listed.

WE are committed to working with the Telus Team to turn this opportunity into a reality and together create a Partnership for the Future,

WE look forward to hearing from you on being short listed and should you require any further information please let us know.

Balancing development with sustainable stewardship

Okanagan Falls Business Park A Partnership for the future

Table of Contents Letter from Regional District of Okanagan-Similkameen


The Development


Area Overview


Economic Overview


Growth Strategies


Letters of support


Key contacts

“Many of us remember what it was like to grow up with fields around us and skating ponds and sliding hills, places where we played with critters and lived alongside nature.�


TELUS SUPER DATA CENTRE CHECK LIST Okanagan Falls Business Park A Partnership for the future

The community Okanagan Falls and South Okanagan Fully Supportive

The Land Up to 40 serviced acres available, and competitively priced

Zoning Identified Land already zoned

Electrical Service Fortis very positive and committed

Sewer A new $12 million sewer system 2012

Permitting RDOS committed to “Fast Track�

LEEDS Okanagan College new - Centre of Excellence

Quality of Life Second to None



South Okanagan – Okanagan Falls Business Park • Waste Water Treatment Plant • Sustainablility & Leed Qualification • Zoning • Electrical


Waste Water Treatment Plant In addition to the full package of services currently available on the South Okanagan-Okanagan Falls Business Park site, the Regional District of Okanagan Similkameen is in the process of constructing a new state of the art Waste Water Management Treatment Plant, which will be completed by December, 2011. The new plant will provide sewer service for Okanagan Falls and the surrounding communities of Skaha Estates and Kaleden, and will produce drinking water quality effluent that will meet all environmental requirements and expectations. Further, the Plant will incorporate innovative design techniques and operating processes that will add value to the community and environment. These innovations at the new Waste Water Treatment Plant will include the capturing of green house gas emissions, heat exchangers to capture excess heat that will be used to heat the Sewage Treatment Plant itself and, to heat neighbouring properties and to create power. The technology proposes to use effluent water to rehabilitate neighbouring wetlands; the use of ozone treatment to reat pharmaceuticals with the effluent and the creation of a trail link to the Kettle Valley Trail network.


Sustainability & Leed Qualification Sustainable or “Green� building design has environmental, economic and social benefits for all stakeholders including owners, occupants and the surrounding community. The LEED green building rating system is performance based with five environmental categories: 1

Sustainable Sites


Water Efficiency


Energy and Atmosphere


Materials and Resources


Indoor Environmental Quality

As a relatively undeveloped site with varied zoning in close proximity, the Okanagan Falls Business Park has many inherent qualities that have the potential to provide LEED Credits. Some strategies for LEED certification could include the remediation of the site as well as its potential for storm, irrigation and wastewater management. A new BNR Wastewater Treatment Plant to be built in the community may also provide some creative avenues to improve efficiency. The site offers ways to ensure energy efficient development with potential for geothermal, solar and wind generated power. In conjunction with the adjacent residential, agricultural and business areas surrounding the business park, thermal recovery is another option that could be utilized. Resources and recycled materials available locally may also offer other green solutions in the construction of any new buildings. There are also many ways to achieve LEED points in building construction, and the Okanagan has many local contractors and architects capable of building and designing to LEED standards. New technologies are continually becoming available and the opportunity of building on a completely new and undeveloped site offers many possibilities. Energy and water saving construction techniques and materials have improved drastically, affording many ways to help attain sustainable building design and keep operating costs down.


Zoning & Electrical This property, with its strategic location in the South Okanagan, presents a number of excellent development opportunities. The site is currently zoned for industrial use, and has the potential, of being developed into a thriving light industrial business park. We believe that the market for light industrial space in the Okanagan Valley will support a reasonable absorption of industrial space over time. In addition, given the close proximity of lands planted as vineyards, the property has some potential for intensive agricultural use. The location of the Falls Business Park, which is the location of the proposed Telus Super Data Storage facility, is within Okanagan Falls in the Regional District of Okanagan Similkameen. The proposed site for the Telus Super Data Storage facility is currently zoned I2 - Industrial Two in the Zoning Bylaw for the area. Planning staff at the Regional District of Okanagan Similkameen, have confirmed that the current I2 zoning of the proposed Telus facility site would allow for the anticipated uses that would occur within the proposed Telus Super Data Storage facility. As zoning is in place to accommodate the proposed Telus facility uses, no political land use decisions need to be made to enable the Telus facility to be constructed.

Let’s Committ to a Partnership for the Future


The South Okanagan - Similkameen Region The South Okanagan - Simikameen Region is renowned the world over as one of the most pleasant areas in Canada in which to live. Approximately 4 hours from Vancouver and 1 hour from Kelowna and 40 minutes north of the U.S. border via Highway 97. The area has become a prime destination for residential and business relocations due to the gentle climate, excellent transportation and the availability of World Class recreation opportunities. 1

Ironman Canada has chosen Penticton and the South Okanagan area as its home for the past 26 years. Over 2,600 athletes participate in this annual event, most countries of the world are represented.

Almost every weekend all year round cities, towns and villages are involved in hosting cultural events, festivals, concerts and numerous active activities. In 2008 and at a cost of 78 million dollars the South Okanagan Events Centre opened to the community. This world class facility host concerts and special eventsentertainers such as Brooks & Dunn-Bill Cosby-ZZ Top, attract thousands of visitors to Penticton and area.


There are now over 350,000 people living in the Okanagan Valley with 2,500 of those living in Okanagan Falls. The area includes newer upscale residential neighbourhoods, such as Heritage Hills, Skaha Estates, Big Horne Estates, and St. Andrews by the Lake. Newly built family and retirement lifestyle homes sell in the range of $500,000 to $700,000. The South Okanagan offers all levels of price affordability, from family townhomes starting at $250,000. to highrise condominium suites selling at up to $1.5 million. The Valley’s exploding wine industry has brought world class Winery’s and Vintners to the Okanagan Falls area establishing the region as one of the top wine areas in all of Canada. Nine upscale full-length golf courses are all within a 30-minute drive of Okanagan Falls. Two full mature Ski and Mountain Resorts, Apex Alpine and Mount Baldy offer all aspects of skiing and outdoor winter recreation. Water sports such as sailing, fishing, water skiing and wake boarding, as well a kite surfing and scuba diving complete the full recreation package for all citizens, not to mention Champion Bass fishing is nearby Vaseaux Lake, extensive protected Nature reserves for bird watching, hiking and green space solace. Okanagan Falls is surrounded by ranch lands, vineyards and wineries with Skaha Lake as its jewel centrepiece. A great place to live, work and play in the Okanagan.


Area Overview Okanagan Falls is located at the south end of Skaha Lake in the southern Okanagan Valley. The valley is a northern extension of the Columbia Basin and forms the only temperate desert area in Canada. The Columbia and Cascade mountain ranges surround the valley with elevations exceeding 7,000 feet above sea level. Okanagan Valley Most of the South Okanagan area falls within the jurisdiction of the Regional District of Okanagan Similkameen (RDOS), which includes Okanagan Falls. Highway 97 is the major arterial route that runs north and south through the Okanagan Valley. This highway, along with the Coquihalla Connector to Vancouver and the West Coast, has made the region extremely accessible to the Lower Mainland. Penticton, a 20 minute drive north of Okanagan Falls, is the regional service and market centre for the South Okanagan. It offers a full spectrum of services including professional, commercial, administrative, educational and transportation facilities. Approximately 85,000 people live within a 30-minute commute of Penticton residing in Naramata, Kaleden, Summerland, West Bench, Okanagan Falls and other incorporated regional and rural areas.


Lifestyle Easily accessible, Okanagan Falls is located in British Columbia’s south central region, collectively known as the Okanagan Valley or simply the Okanagan. It is renowned the world over as one of the most pleasant areas in Canada in which to live. Okanagan Falls Approximately four hours drive from Vancouver, an hour from Kelowna, 20 minutes from Oliver and 40 minutes north of the US Border via Highway 97, the area has become a prime destination for residential and small business relocations due to the gentle climate, excellent transportation and the availability of world class recreational opportunities. There are now over 350,000 people living in the Okanagan Valley with 2,500 of those residing in Okanagan Falls. The area includes satellite neighbourhoods such as Skaha Estates and Heritage Hills. These neighbouring communities use many of the commercial and public services available in Okanagan Falls such as its commercial sector, elementary school, library, seniors’ center and recreation center. Okanagan Falls is located at the south end of Skaha Lake in the South Okanagan Valley, British Columbia. Penticton a 15-minute drive north of Okanagan Falls is the regional service and market service for the South Okanagan. It offers a full spectrum of services including professional, commercial, administrative, educational and transportation facilities. Approximately 85,000 people live within a 30-minute commute of Penticton.


Area Map


South Okanagan-Similkameen Regional Economic Overview Vision/Mission: To promote the creation of economic opportunities that foster diversification in a sustainable manner for a resilient and prosperous economy in the South OkanaganSimilkameen.

Goals: • To provide leadership and excellence in economic development for the regions communities, members and partners. • To assist in identifying, pursuing and maximizing economic development opportunities • To provide tools to develop new skills and new business relationships that will lead to increased trade, investment and tourism for the region. • To work with all economic entities to foster the development of sustainable economic, social and cultural well being for the region as a whole. • To ensure economic partners, stakeholders and community relationships are created and maintained. • To cultivate and maintain a business database for the development and attraction of current and new business prospects. • To increase regional collaboration. Core Values: As a region, we embrace the following core values: • Social responsibility and a dedication to building healthy, sustainable and competitive communities. • Cooperation and collaboration. • Diversity, tolerance and equity. • Embracing and enhancement of regional economic development.


Economic Overview Good environmental management is good for business, and good business development can also benefit the environment. Nowhere is this more true than for the Okanagan Region. Regional District of Okanagan Similkameen (RDOS) The population in the RDOS has stabilized as a whole and the strong retirement base has been responsible for a foundation of certainty in the area. The traditional natural resourcebased economy has widened to reflect the widespread movement toward tourism and high tech economies. Solid growth in manufacturing continues to enhance the economic environment to create a diverse and yet stable economic base. The largest growth in new jobs over the past ten years has been in the service and value added industries. Local manufacturers produce a variety of industrial and consumer products for domestic and export markets ranging from recreational vehicles and wood products to modular homes, precision manufactured equipment, clothing, furniture, transportation equipment and software and electronics. The valley’s wine industry is now a major source of revenue and the industry experiences investment annually. Many of the orchards have been turned into vineyards and the wine industry is gaining rapidly in stature. The industry is investing heavily in the area and has added much to the agriculture and tourism sectors. Eco-tourism is becoming one of the leading edge advancements that is particularly suited for the Okanagan Region with its wealth of natural resources.


Growth Strategy Elements of the South Okanagan Regional Growth Strategy The South Okanagan Regional Growth Strategy (RGS), is a long term commitment to manage growth in the South Okanagan-Similkameen. The purpose of this strategy is to “promote human settlement that is socially, economically and environmentally healthy and that makes efficient use of public facilities and services, land and other resources”. The strategy provides the region with a guide as to how the region will grow, change and develop over a 20 year period, and is a regional vision that commits affected municipalities and regional districts to a course of action to meet common social, economic and environmental objectives. The strategy expresses a vision for the South Okanagan that is rooted in sustainability, often defined as, “development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meeting their own needs”. A sustainable community development approach can be expressed as an inter-dependent relationship between economic, physical and social dimensions. The key elements of the long term commitment of the South Okanagan regional growth strategy are:


Economy – promote sustainable economic diversification.


Environment – ensure the health of ecosystems.


Governance – foster inclusive and accountable governance.


Human Settlement – strengthen rural and urban community identity.


Infrastructure – Maximize the efficient use of infrastructure.


Social – create safe, culturally diverse and healthy communities.

The collaboration of citizens, local government and stakeholders is integral in developing the regional growth strategy and is a fundamental ingredient in its implementation.


Key Facts on the Region: Advances in communication and transportation technologies are further increasing the market potential for companies to locate their businesses in areas other than the large urban centres. Major transportation corridors, like Highway 97 provide efficient freight service to the vibrant markets of Western Canada and the United States, also via the Port of Vancouver, to the lucrative markets of the Pacific Rim. Air service is provided through the Penticton Regional Airport with flights to Vancouver every day. The airport has bonded Canada Customs services to accommodate international flights and cargo. The region has land available, low energy costs, access to major markets and a skilled, motivated labour force. Currently, the key economic sectors are in the retail trade, health care, manufacturing, tourism and construction areas. Collectively, these sectors represent 56% of the employment breakdown. Other sectors are public administration, finance, insurance, educational services, waste management, agriculture, forestry, fishing, hunting, professional, scientific, technical services, transportation, warehousing, wholesale trade, mining, oil and gas extraction, utilities and management of companies and enterprises. High tech companies are locating in the region because of the dependable, low cost power supply. It is also the best place to find or relocate professional staff, due to the lifestyle, and new zoning amendments which allow a wider selection of properties for high tech companies. The Okanagan region is the third largest tourist destination in British Columbia, after the Mainland/Southwest and Vancouver Island/Coast regions. The South Okanagan Similkameen region attracts an ever increasing number of travelers from around the world. The lush valleys, stunning mountain areas and warm, freshwater lakes combine to create a beautiful landscape that is cited by visitors as the most unique characteristic of the region. The good climate is the second most frequently cited positive characteristic cited. With the areas diverse range of ecosystems and landscapes, opportunities exist in the region to develop and promote specialty tours associated with ecology, bird watching, historical interpretation, agri-tourism, adventure experiences and recreational sports. The region is reknowned as a vibrant, active area, offering family oriented festivals and events throughout the year. The region hosts the annuallronman Canada Triathlon, the Okanagan Wine Festival and the Fest of Ale to name a few. The newly opened South Okanagan Events Centre is the premier sports, entertainment and convention venue of its size in British Columbia. Other amenities include, a solar-powered Art Gallery, museums, cultural centres, a symphony, theatre groups, a variety of shopping centres and Okanagan College. Live, work, balance is second the none in Canada, but particularly in the South Okanagan-Similkameen of British Columbia.


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Contacts For More information: Annette Antoniak Economic Development Officer Electorial Area D Email : Cell: (250)809.2568



Okanagan Falls Business Park Proposal


Okanagan Falls Business Park Proposal