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Oscar de la Renta Designer Analysis By: Teresa Evans

History • Born on July 22, 1932 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic • Family owned an insurance business

• At age 18, Oscar moves to Spain to study art and painting at the Academy of San Fernando • Cristobal Balenciaga contacts him and offers him a job as his fashion illustrator

• In 1960, he becomes courtier assistant to Antonio Castillo of Lanolin in Paris • De la Renta begins designing for Elizabeth Arden after moving to NYC in 1963 • By 1965, age 33, he establishes his own RTW collection in NYC

Oscar de la Renta introduces childrenswear collection •

• The above article exhibits Oscar’s strive for perfection, customer appropriateness and high-end aesthetic • Expanding the Oscar de la Renta empire • Increase productivity • Mothers buying designer for their children to match them

• Catherine Monteiro partnered with him to create the line • Made sure the clothes were wearable and not “pageant-like” • Used soft and comfortable (yet luxurious) fabrics such as cashmere and corduroy

• Highlights the importance of designers knowing their customer

Signature de la Renta • Couture • Embroidery • Sequins • Beading • Ruffles • lace

• Color • Rich and Vibrant uses of blue, orange, fuscia, green, purple, red.

• Silhouette • Very feminine flattering • Cinched waistlines, Day suits, gowns

• Prints • Known for his oriental and floral prints

Customer Demographics/psychographics • Demographics: • Women of all ages, but typically older women • Upper class in society, wealthy • Celebrities, royalty, first lady • All religions • All races and ethnicities

• Psychographics: • Ranked in high society • Public figures frequently in media • fashion conscious who appreciate designer quality • Trendy innovators

Price & Size Range • $$$-$$$$ • Garments from current Spring ‘14 line: • $890 “Sleeveless Wrap Front Blouse” • $12,990 “Lace and Tulle Embroidered Gown”

• Sizes: • Gowns run from 0-16 and small-large • RTW line has small-large range

Fiber & Fabrication • Always uses high end, luxury and natural fabrics • Organza • Linen • Tweed • Chiffon • Tulle • Fur • 100% real fabrics raises brand’s quality, prices, and reputation

• Couture • Hand sewn detailing • (applique, crystal beading, etc)

Oscar in the Marketplace • Big name department stores • Bergdorf Goodman’s, Neiman Marcus, Saks 5th Avenue, Barneys NY

• Designer boutiques • Wedding Salons • B. Hughes, Casa de Novia, The Wedding Salon of Manhasset

• Oscar de la Renta Stores • Flaship: 772 Madison Avenue New York, 10065

Oscar de la Renta: Glamour Guru • De la Renta captures everyones attention (especially mine) with his classic garments • They are female-flattering silhouettes, classicly elegant • Always come in eye-catching colors that are beautiful and polished • Impeccable design surface details

• His influence on other designers: • Followers: Jason Wu, Peter Som, and Zac Posen • “…most interested in dressing a kind of rarefied woman, a fashion butterfly who lives an idealized life rather than one with hurdles and hard work. She may be accomplished, but her clothes do not speak of power and authority, ease and confidence…this woman is more of a damsel than a dame.” (Givhan, The Daily Beast)

Historical Influence • Oscar de la Renta has been a growing business from 1965 to today • While trends have changed over the years, he has kept his signature elements, only enhancing them by designing them to be relevant with the current trends • He has always brought his customer back to the classic 1950s, damsel in distress beauty



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Oscar de la Renta