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8. Léxico: •

substantivo incorrecto

phrase em vez de sentence particular em vez de private (it’s a particular matter) As a singular (em vez de single) young man,...

verbo inadequado

I stayed calm during the accident.

linking word incorrecto

I came to this school why I enjoy... long (= as soon as) she wants...


countrys - factorys prefere - staied - traid - caut wich - whene - were (= where) whit (= with) hollyday tank you difrent - responsable - certanly - sevearly (influência da pronúncia)

9. Ordem incorrecta de complementos: •

tempo-lugar em vez de lugar-tempo

She goes at 8 to school.

lugar-c. directo em vez de c.dir-lugar

Put in the pot the codfish They throw inside the stadium bottles of beer

10. Sujeito: •

omissão da inversão do sujeito

It's OK? What is called the girl? Where you are going? How many pets she has?

omissão do sujeito

Is good to be here. Of course is Mr Jones. - Why is learning English important? - Because is a universal language.


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Trabalho pesquisado e escrito em 1995, mas só agora (Out10) publicado por mim