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5. Substantivos: •

plurais irregulares com -s

childrens mens

singular + -s em vez de plural

foots - tooths

irregular sem -s

childs mouses

apóstrofo com plurais

girl’s lot’s of things thank’s a lot

6. Falta de concordância entre: •

sujeito e predicado

Many people defends American English. It are important to keep fit. You doesn't need to go yet.

there be e substantivo

There is certain rules... There were a feeling of disappointment.

determinante demonstrativo/posses-

This shoes are expensive.

sivo e substantivo

In this English classes... All this things... Yours menu...




Much things in this comic strip are funny.

substantivo •

sujeito e respectivo determinante

He starts her day at 6.30 a.m.


He has their own car. The English fans didn't like the defeat of your team.


Reflexões sobre a problemática do erro  

Trabalho pesquisado e escrito em 1995, mas só agora (Out10) publicado por mim

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