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3. Preposições: •

at em vez de in

at London at Hamburg

by em vez de on

by foot

for em vez de to

Same for you. Good morning for you, too.

in em vez de φ

in next Christmas I entered in this school...

in em vez de on

in May 20 in TV be in holiday

of em vez de φ

aged of 10

of em vez de on

That depends of you.

on em vez de in

on June on class

to em vez de φ

went to home

with em vez de φ

John married with Mary.

4. Pronomes: •

pronome pessoal complemento

We understand they. I'll take it (com respeito a shoes). It's an exotic country. Going there, I have the chance to know him better.

pronomes indefinidos: •

nothing + afirmativa

I don't know nothing.

another + plural

There are another entertainments...

other + singular

It's other person.

all em vez de every(thing)

I know a person who saw all. I don't study all days (= every day).


Reflexões sobre a problemática do erro  

Trabalho pesquisado e escrito em 1995, mas só agora (Out10) publicado por mim

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