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Terence Chek

| Profile | Terence Chek

Male Singaporean 18 21.1.1995 +65 - 92256777

| CV | Education Singapore Polytechnic Diploma in Architecture | 2012 – Current Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Secondary School | 2008 – 2011 Yang Zheng Primary School | 2002, 2006 – 2007 Garden International School, Kuala Lumpur | 2002 – 2005

Experience Sportslink, Retail Assistant | Dec 2011 – Mar 2012, Feb 2013 – Mar 2013

Technological skills BIM Revit software | AutoCAD | Google Sketchup | Adobe Photoshop | Microsoft Office Suite

Language proficiency English | Spoken and Written | Chinese | Spoken and Written |

Interest Drawing | Yoyoing | Dancing

Reference Leong Yiat Yam | Singapore Polytechnic Senior Lecturer Jaslyn Ye | Causeway Point Sportslink Manager

| contents |

Fibonacci’s Cryptex

The Cavern


The Ascension

Fragment Residences

| Fibonacci’s Cryptex | Light pierces the window into the depths of abyss Entrancing shadows


Selected 212 portion from A2 group’s drawing


Density | Depth

| Process models |

The models reflect the density and depth from the compact planes and gaps between them.

There is depth as seen through the opening from the top plane.

The sticks were placed upright and volumes were lower so that there would be better structural stability.

| Final model |

The final model clearly shows the aspects of density and depth as the translucent material chosen reveals a greater depth.

There is a rhythm in the 3 planes as they are in a step design. The volumes makes the model closely resemble the 21 x 21 framework.

The sticks were made of metal and the sticks were pierced through the planes, making the stick be less mobile and the model more stable.

Isonometric model in sketchup

Axonometric drawing of final model.

| The Cavern | To design a pavilion that consist of spaces and circulation, that manipulates light and materiality to provide the user with shelter and to heighten the user’s senses.

| Postcard |

The postcard shows half a wilted tree and a Christmas tree with a person sitting below the wilted tree and a person walking away from the Christmas tree. The person walks towards a mailbox.

That then gave rise to these keywords: Sadness Reflection Happiness Hope

| Site Analysis |

| Parti |

| Massing models |

| 1st Storey Plan |

| 2nd Storey Plan |

| Section A-A |

| Elevation |

| Exterior |

| Interior |

| Stackarang | To recreate a designer chair with a purpose (stacking).

| Thought process |

From the Boomerang Chair to Stackarang. The original chair has a straight rod protruding out, making the chair unsuitable to stack. By bending the rod and tilting the chair inwards, it is able to be stacked.

| Process model |

| Exploded view |

The whole chair is made of plastic to make it lightweight. The legs are joint by welding.

| The Ascension | By using an inventor’s invention to inspire the concept for the inventor’s house.

| Masterplan | -Interlocking of squares.

Site analysis of plot 6.

| Archimedes’ Screw | The design concept revolves around the keywords: hollowness, displacement, flow and elements. It was the idea of the displacement of water from the Archimedes’ screw that led the design into a house that displaces volumes along an axis.

| Sketchup massing | From the sketchup massing, the design revolves around 3 volumes of different sizes and placing them together.

| 1st Floor Plan |

| 2nd Floor Plan |

| Section A-A |

| North-East Elevation |

| Section B-B |

| North-West Elevation |

| 1st Storey Part Plan |

| 2nd Storey Part Plan |

| Part Section |

| Final model |

| Rendered images |

| Fragment Residences | To build a multi residential housing by interpreting Kampong Glam context to generate concepts and strategies.

| Site Analysis |

| Design concept & strategies | To give unobstructed views to the users. To retain the modules of shop houses and recreate them in the modern era. To allocate different views to units as the views of the shop houses are very minimal.

| Views | Nearby surrounding views: Shop houses with small park next to Malay Heritage Centre. Views further away: Concourse, high rise buildings.

| Concept sketches |

| Parti |

| Massing models |

| Site plan |

| 1st Storey Plan |

| 2nd Storey Plan |

| 3rd Storey Plan |

| 4th Storey Plan |

| 5th Storey Plan|

| Section A-A |

| Section B-B |

| South-West Elevation |

| Rendered images |

| Thank you for your time and consideration. |

Architecture portfolio  

Older Portfolio | Terence Chek

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