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Interactive Multimedia Project

Tere Regina Medrano Figueroa 6076-09-8654 May 02, 2014

Interactive Multimedia Software vs. Multimedia Project

Interactive Multimedia Project

A multimedia project presents different information through the use of different media such videos, audio etc. whereas an interactive multimedia software project allows the audience to interact and control the information. As it was mention before allowing the audience to interact, it is needed a software control component as part of the project. The function of the application is to permit users the interaction with it in order to display specific content.

Resources Required Essential steps to the success of any project will be followed, emphasizing the importance of people who will take part through the interaction. An interactive multimedia project needs collaboration and communication in a team in charge to develop the project. Project Team Members The project manager, the person who has the responsibility of the project management. o Communication with the client. o Directing the activities. o Creating project plans o Giving presentations. Team Players in charge to develop the project. o Instructional designer, responsible of translating client’s goals in the design.

Interactive Multimedia Project

o Graphics Designer/artist, in charge of the graphics design use to present information. o Software developer, in charge of creating the computer program responsible of control and display the interactive multimedia. o Scriptwriter, responsible of writing scripts for audio and video segments. Equipment Required, different equipment may be required in the interactive multimedia project development. o Computer hardware. o Software tools o Audio and video production equipment. Time Required, many hours of time might be spend in the project development. Special Logistics, different range of skills might be required in the development of a program.


2. Detailed Scoping 3.

Developing an outline for instructional design

4. Developing a Project Plan

5. Creating storyboards

It refers to the meeting with the client in order to learn and know how interactive multimedia is used; taking into account all the objectives established. Working with the Client, where the client established specific decisions and objectives. Draft an Objective, where the objectives are clearly established and analyzed. Reevaluate, with a concise statement of the client objectives in order to begin with the designing. Brainstorming of ideas in order to establish the ways used to represent the content and information using an interactive multimedia software application. A brainstorm of a general plan for the overall design. Design aspects: Method of instructions Style of navigation Types of media that will be used Nature of the interactivity. Approval from Client, it is in intended to explain clearly the design suggested. Project plan Determine team players, having specified the types of media required, it is needed to search for qualified people to work on it. Estimate cost and time. Approval from Client. Storyboards tell the information and content sequence. (Create a detailed specification)

6. Identifying a team 7. Starting Development

8. Full Production

9. Beta Testing

10. Final Testing 11. Packaging and distribution 12. Long-term Support

Using the storyboard created it is time to choose and identify the resources required. Development beginning a) Graphics b) Software c) Develop Prototype d) Approval of client Production of the complete interactive multimedia software application. 1) Project planning 2) The client review 3) Software Development All media have been produced and integrated into the interactive multimedia software. 1. Usability 2. Performance 3. Feedback 4. Approval from client. Its purpose is to verify the quality of the software and media. 1. Verification and quality control It refers to the delivery system in which the software will be made available for users. Software revisions will be required in order to help users with problems that might be appear during the testing steps.

Reference: The Interactive Multimedia Software Project. A planning and Development Guide. Gary Mcauley, February 2000. Pp 1-18

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