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Communications Technology


Audio Engineering


Live Sound Technology


Video Production


Remote Productions

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Media Studies

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Marketing Communications

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Radio Broadcasting

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Sports Journalism

22 - 23

Entertainment Production

It’s Different Here If you’re interested in an exceptional career in communications, consider honing your talents in NESCom’s specialized learning environment. Here, you get hands-on experience in your future career, at a surprisingly affordable cost. Become part of a tight-knit, creative community of students and dedicated instructors. You’re not just another student. NESCom isn’t just another school. The New England School of Communications is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC). We offer you a non-traditional approach to learning, while our affiliation with Husson University gives you all sorts of opportunities for extracurricular pursuits, from joining an intramural sports team, fraternity or sorority, to special interest clubs and events. Most of all, we want you to leave with more than just a degree.

24 - 25

It’s Different Here NESCom’s building is open 7 days a week. This allows you time to work on projects.

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Building Hours MONDAY thru FRIDAY

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About NESCom

In Communications Tomorrow’s Technology At Your Fingertips Today With a low student to equipment ratio, you’ll get plenty of hands-on training in digital TV, film, web, and video production for live events, starting your first year. Use the latest industry standard programs to create stunningly realistic – or out of this world – media. Experience working with soundboards that can tweak audio into pure artistry. Take what you learn on the road with NESCom Mobile Productions, our 32-foot remote unit that covers concerts, as well as local and state sporting events. Fine tune projects in one of NESCom’s high-definition surround sound, post-production edit bays. Over time, you can build an impressive and dynamic portfolio of media projects to help make you stand out to prospective employers.

It’s Different Here Get your hands on the latest industry standard equipment on a regular basis.

Develop Your Unique Style, In Or Out Of The Spotlight Thrive in the world of professional communications by learning what it takes in NESCom’s real life environment. Chase down local or regional news, then broadcast it on the NESCom Broadcast Network (NBN). Create dynamic, award-winning public relations campaigns for real clients. Provide play-by-play commentary for a live sports event on our campus station WHSN 89.3 FM. If you’d prefer to direct, aim the camera, or manage the sound, at NESCom you learn the key aspects of production. You’ll have four years to find and develop your own voice.

About NESCom


Scott Traylor

Director of WebMedia

Rodney Verrill

Executive Director of Video Production


Bachelor of Science Degree in

Communications Technology

Technology Real Pros. Real Accessible. At NESCom, teachers bring decades of awardwinning expertise and passion to the classroom. Learn the field from professionals who live and breathe it, including real news anchors, journalists, videographers, audio engineers, radio station managers, web designers, and marketing communications professionals. Just like NESCom’s student to equipment ratio, you’ll benefit from our small learning setting, as few as eight students per instructor in some classes.

David MacLaughlin

Executive Director of Audio Engineering

Career Possibilities Audio Engineering > Acoustic Consultant > Audio for Video Post Production > Foley Engineer > Forensic Audio Specialist > High End Broadcast Sound Reinforcement > Music Direction and Production > Pro Tools Editing and Mixing > Recording Studios for Music > Sound Editor > Studio Management > Voice-Over Recordist ... and much more Live Sound Technology > A/V Techs in Conference Facilities > Broadcast Truck Technician > Concert Sound Production > Corporate or Educational A/V Specialist > Cruise Industry Audio Technicians > Monitor Mix Engineer > Sound Reinforcement Technician > Sound Systems Installation > Stage Technician ... and much more Video Production > Cinematographer > Digital Filmmaker Director > EVS Operator > Jib Operator > Lighting Director > Live Event Camera Operator > Live Sports Producer > Motion Graphics Designer > Music Video Producer > Photojournalist > Producer > Streaming Video Content Provider > Video Editor ... and much more WebMedia > Flash Designer > Search Engine Marketer > User Interface Designer > Web Designer > Web Developer > Web Marketer > Website Content Manager > Website Project Manager ... and much more 3

Your Passion... Engineering

Pro Tools


Training Location

Pro Tools certification gives you an edge as you enter your professional career in the audio industry.


Recent Internships

NESCom Alumni are working at

The Cutting Room, New York City, NY

Ocean Way Nashville Recording Studio, Nashville, TN

Sea Legs Studio, HI

Soundtrack, New York City, NY

Cove City Sound, Glen Cove, NY

Parsons Audio, Wellesley, MA

The Big Blue Meenie, Jersey City, NJ

Studio Center, Miami, FL

Studio Metronome, Brookline, NH

Soundtrack, Boston, MA and New York City, NY

Blackbird Studio, Nashville, TN

Bachelor of Science Degree in

Communications Technology Alumni Going Places

Stephanie Dufresne ’05 Engineer Ocean Way Nashville Recording Studios

Bachelor of Science Degree in Communications Technology

Audio Engineering

A career that can travel at the speed of sound. Audio Engineering can take you into the studio with famous artists, equip you to tweak audio for big budget movies, or even put you in charge of mixing sound on a luxury cruise ship. If you’re obsessed with music and are looking for a highly creative profession, look no further. As an Audio Engineering student at NESCom, you can study many aspects of the recording profession. This concentration can also give you hours behind our industry software and audio consoles, learning how to color and affect sound to amazing dimensions. Critical listening classes give you a clear sense of how audio sounds in different systems, from an iPod to an automobile. You’ll also enter your career with a knowledge of music theory. After all, to be a true pro in this field, you need to understand how to read music – and how musicians think. This is a customer service business, where both a good ear for sound and interpersonal skills are in demand.

“I chose NESCom because it is a small school with small classes and a very personal approach to teaching. It also has professional industry equipment and instructors who have worked in the industry and know all the ins and outs of the equipment and the business.”

It’s Different Here Seniors can get up to 15 hours a week to themselves in the studio.

OUR EXPERIENCE. Audio Engineering


Your Passion... Technology Experience

the Thrill

Of Being a Roadie

Work the sound for your favorite band or set up the acoustics for a live musical production.


Recent Internships

NESCom Alumni are working at

Maine State Musical Theatre, Brunswick, ME

Carnival Cruise Lines

Spilled Milk, Bangor, ME

Sound & Light Creation

Mark’s Music, Brewer, ME

AVW-TELAV-Presentation Services

Bachelor of Science Degree in

Communications Technology Alumni Going Places

Eric Martel ’08 Headlight A/V & Carnival Cruise Lines

Bachelor of Science Degree in Communications Technology

Live Sound Technology

It’s a packed house and as the person in charge of sound, all ears are on you. You’re on! At NESCom, you can learn the technical and artistic skills to mix sound for a variety of events and venues. The Live Sound Technology concentration focuses on giving you broad exposure to mixing sound for concerts, theatre productions, sporting events, and live recording sessions – just to name a few. Study core fundamentals, including Audio Recording, Digital Recording for Live Sound, wireless microphone systems management, and tuning live array systems. In a live setting where anything can happen, courses like Electronic Troubleshooting and Stage Wiring can also give you the knowledge you need to make things right.

“I didn’t realize how amazing my education was from NESCom until I actually entered the workplace. I am ahead of the game compared to other people, and the biggest part is the education and training that I got from NESCom. When you have been taught by industry professionals it’s easy to become one yourself. I can’t imagine spending my college years anywhere else.”

It’s Different Here Live Sound Technology students have a second home at one of Maine’s newest theatres, the gorgeous Gracie Theatre located on campus.

OUR EXPERIENCE. Live Sound Technology


Your Passion... Production Technologically



NESCom houses 56 edit stations, 6 edit suites, and 4 High Definition post-production suites.

Recent Internships


Columbia Tristar Productions The Young and The Restless, Los Angeles, CA

All Commercial Television Stations, Bangor, ME

ESPN, Bristol, CT

WMUR-TV, Manchester, NH

NESCom Alumni are working at


ESPN, Bristol, CT

Maine Public Broadcasting Network, Bangor, ME

Paramount Pictures, Hollywood, CA

3B Media-Content Production for NESN, Boston, MA

EVS Broadcast Equipment, Fairfield, NJ

Lone Wolf Documentary Group, Portland, ME

The Sportsman Channel, Milwaukee, WI

Kenzo Digital Media, New York, NY

Bachelor of Science Degree in

Communications Technology Alumni Going Places

Aron Gaudet ’96 Independent Filmmaker - 8 Telly Awards

Bachelor of Science Degree in Communications Technology

Video Production

We’ve all seen a great movie, riveting TV news story, or documentary that stayed with us for days. Maybe you keep mentally replaying that perfect camera angle on the gamewinning home run. Now think about a career creating such visually compelling stories. Whether it’s a fast-paced digital film, a live televised event, or a breaking news story, all depend on masterful video production artistry. Plus, get ahead of the game in our newly redesigned Full High Definition TV Studio, packed with the technology being used today in most major markets around the country! A school for visual storytellers. Imagine hours of time to yourself in an edit facility perfecting your projects with the latest generation of industry standard high-definition software and hardware. As you progress through your education you can have access to an inventory of high-end equipment within our Equipment Distribution Center, including field equipment, jibs, dollies, and SteadiCam systems. Video Production students also have regular use of more than 50 high-definition video cameras and high-powered light kits to capture stunning content. Your mentors are among the most passionate professionals in the industry. NESCom teachers are active in the field, shooting live sporting events and producing video for national outlets like NBC and ESPN. In turn, NESCom graduates are building their careers at places like the Discovery Channel, ESPN, and Carnival Cruise Lines.

“NESCom helped lay the foundation I’ve built my career on in television and film. The faculty opened doors within the industry and helped jumpstart my career — while I was still in school. My degree allowed me to get my foot in the door at my first television job, and the hands on experience I had gained at NESCom put me in a position to succeed and move forward in a competitive industry.”

It’s Different Here

NESCom courses are unbelievable and very current with the needs of ESPN.

Joe Franco National Recruiting Manager, ESPN Productions

OUR EXPERIENCE. Video Production


Your Passion...




On the Road

Field Experience Cover off-campus productions in NESCom’s fully digital 32-foot remote production facility, NESCom Mobile Productions.


NESCom Mobile Productions Facility:

Other Mobile Equipment at NESCom:

48 input Grass Valley Kayak digital switcher


4-channel EVS digital server replay system

Chyron LEX3 dual channel character generator

Euphonix Max Air digital broadcast audio console

Bachelor of Science Degree in

Communications Technology Alumni Going Places

Brandon Gassett ’09 EVS Broadcast Equipment Inc.

NESCom Mobile Productions Take what you learn in the classroom on the road! Take what you learn in the classroom on the road! Cover off-campus productions in NESCom’s fully digital 32-foot remote production facility, NESCom Mobile Productions. You don’t need a TV studio to get a unique, one of a kind experience broadcasting sporting events, concerts, political debates, late night variety shows and more on the road. With a 48 input Grass Valley Kayak digital switcher, a 4-channel EVS digital server replay system, Chyron LEX3 dual channel character generator, and a brand new Euphonix Max Air digital broadcast audio console, it’s no surprise that NESCom Mobile Productions and our students have been used by local stations WABI, WVII, WLBZ and Maine Public Broadcasting, as well as national and regional networks ESPN and NESN. NESCom is taking experiential learning to new levels, bringing together students from multiple concentrations to work on one broadcast, thanks to NESCom Mobile Productions.

“NESCom prepared me by creating a professional and real life environment. Because of NESCom, I found a full time job within a year after graduating. From there, thanks to NESCom’s training, I was sent to Frankfurt, Germany for a month to work on the Women’s World Cup for EVS Broadcast Equipment. I would not be where I am today without the help of NESCom’s faculty and staff.”

It’s Different Here Students from multiple concentrations work on one broadcast, taking experiential learning to new levels.

OUR EXPERIENCE. Video Production


Your Passion... Media

Channel Your


And Imagination

Learn about visual design, content, structure and navigation, functionality, and interactivity.

Recent Internships


NESCom Alumni are working at

Sephone Internet Solutions, Bangor, ME

Google, Mountainview, CA, Bar Harbor, ME

Saga Communications, Portland, ME

Active Studios, Kent, WA

Sephone Internet Solutions, Bangor, ME

Bachelor of Science Degree in

Communications Technology Alumni Going Places

Spenser Pontbriand ’09 Marketing and Design Coordinator Downeast Toyota

Bachelor of Science Degree in Communications Technology


Have a fascination with “how things work” on the Internet and how to make them work even better? Think about what you can do on the web today that you couldn’t five years ago – YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Pandora, Netflix, you name it. Think about WHERE you use the web today, wirelessly and mobile with phones, tablets and netbooks. The web is changing and you can be sure it will be different five years from now. If you like thinking about this change, then a career in WebMedia might be your natural calling. Learn how to create dynamic, highly functional websites that blend engaging design, audio, video, animation, and more for today’s consumers. Not only will you learn XHTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP from the ground up, you have the opportunity to learn dozens of industry-related software applications such as Adobe Flash, Photoshop, Fireworks, and Dreamweaver. Just as important, we can verse you in fundamental concepts that are here to stay – no matter how much the web changes. You can learn about color theory, usability, search engine marketing, scripting, and why things are where they are on websites. Your journey in this ever-evolving career begins at NESCom.

“Because of my experience at NESCom, I have been able to handle everything my job throws at me. Thanks to the range of knowledge I gained through NESCom, I’ve become the ‘go to’ guy at the office for just about every media project you could think of - Flash, Video, Photography, Web design, Print Design, Audio and Video editing, Marketing plans, you name it, I’ve probably done it.”

It’s Different Here NESCom is one of the few schools to offer Social Media and Search Engine Marketing within its curriculum.



Studies Mark Kelley

Director of Journalism

Mark Nason

WHSN 89.3 FM Station Manager


Bachelor of Science Degree in

Media Studies

Career Possibilities Journalism

Real Pros. Real Accessible. NESCom instructors combine technical skills and professional accomplishments with enthusiasm for their mastery. Each student is given individual and personal attention both in and outside the classroom. NESCom instructors adapt curriculum to the current needs of the job market – keeping you ready for what may be around the corner.

Nancy Roberts

Director of Marketing Communications

> Foreign Correspondent > General Assignment Reporter > Magazine/Newspaper/Web Editor > Magazine/Network News Writer > News Anchor > News Director > News Producer > News Reporter > Photojournalist > Public Affairs Program Host ... and much more Marketing Communications > Advertising Executive > Business Development Specialist > Campaign Director > Communications Specialist > Event Planner > Graphic Designer > Market Researcher/Analyst > Marketing Director > Media Planner/Relations Specialist > Public Affairs Specialist > Social Media Marketer ... and much more Radio Broadcasting > Broadcast News Reporter/Anchor > Commercial Production Copywriter > Correspondent > Music Director > On-Air Announcer > Promotion Director > Public Affairs Director > Station Manager > Talk Show Host > Voice Talent ... and much more Sports Journalism > Sports Anchor > Sports Director > Sports Editor > Sports Information Specialist > Sports Play-by-Play Announcer > Sports Reporter > Sports Show Host > Sports Show Producer ... and much more 15

Your Passion...

Report for the

NESCom Broadcast Network Or the Campus Radio Station

Report a breaking news story live on air or write a thought-provoking article.

Recent Internships


CBS TV, New York, NY

Commercial Television & Radio Stations, Portland & Bangor, ME

WLWT-TV, Cincinnati, OH

NESCom Alumni are working at

Penobscot Times, Old Town, ME

Penobscot Times, Old Town, ME

WABI-TV, Bangor, ME

Bar Harbor Times, Bar Harbor, ME

WLBZ-TV Bangor, ME

WLBZ-TV, Bangor, ME

Bachelor of Science Degree in

Media Studies

Alumni Going Places

Ryan Olderman ’08 Production OPS, Field Reporter & Producer - ESPN & 3B Media

Bachelor of Science Degree in Media Studies


What better way to meet a community’s movers and shakers than as a top-notch journalist? Most importantly, you can provide valuable information people might not otherwise get. That’s why at NESCom we don’t just teach you how to report the news. We can teach you how to find and craft it into compelling pieces, whether for print, TV, or online. As a NESCom journalism student, you can even learn how to shoot and edit video. A typical day as a NESCom journalism student could include heading out with a mobile team to interview community and campus leaders; writing up a piece for the online campus paper; or reporting your story live on the NESCom Broadcast Network (NBN) or campus radio station WHSN 89.3 FM. Courses are led by passionate professionals who can teach you the skills every serious reporter needs today, including Radio/TV News Writing & Reporting, Video Production, and Web Reporting.

“From my teachers, I learned about some of the realities to going into this business. My internship experience at 3B Media helped me get the position I now have at ESPN. I feel the smaller school environment with the teachers who have worked successfully in the industry gave me an edge above only book knowledge I may have gotten elsewhere.”

It’s Different Here At NESCom, you get plenty of one-on-one attention from instructors, critical for developing your unique style as a journalist.



Your Passion... Communications

Design and Create



With a hands-on approach, plan and create effective communications strategies using a broad range of mediums. Recent Internships


American Honda Motor Co., Inc., Torrance, CA

MOB Media, Foothill Ranch, CA

New Breed Marketing, Winooski, VT

Northern Michigan Regional Health System, Petoskey, MI

Greater Bangor Convention & Visitors Bureau, Bangor, ME

Community Health & Counseling Services, Bangor, ME

Packard Judd Kaye Strategic Marketing Group, Bangor, ME

NESCom Alumni are working at

Sutherland Weston Marketing Communications, Bangor, ME

Dynamic Marketing Resources, Huntington Beach, CA

Pulse Marketing, Bangor, ME

Carnival Cruise Lines

Bachelor of Science Degree in

Media Studies

Alumni Going Places

Danielle LaFontaine ’08 Dynamic Marketing Resources

Bachelor of Science Degree in Media Studies

Marketing Communications Your creativity plays an important role in your future place of employment. Few professions offer you such a variety of ways to apply your creativity than Marketing Communications. That’s because few products and services are successful without a solid marketing or public relations campaign behind them. If you can prove yourself a versatile, talented marketer, expect to be in demand in this challenging, yet rewarding field. NESCom’s Marketing Communications students are exposed to the dynamic elements of crafting winning marketing campaigns. With training in advertising, PR, graphic design, social media, even video production, expect to be ahead of the curve when you graduate. Starting your first year at NESCom, you’re immersed in real life marketing settings. You can leave with a diverse portfolio of marketing campaign projects to show for it.

“Coming from Southern California I had a lot of choices when it came to colleges. I toured several schools in California but when it came down to whether I wanted a big flashy school or a small hands-on learning environment the choice was very clear. The demand for excellence, teamwork and handson training that I was given at NESCom has been invaluable to me in the work place.”

It’s Different Here Marketing Communications students conduct research, design publications, and create social media campaigns for real companies and clients as part of the curriculum at NESCom.

OUR EXPERIENCE. Marketing Communications


Your Passion... Broadcasting Real Life



WHSN 89.3 FM, NESCom’s alternative rock radio station, broadcasts 24 hours a day. Recent Internships


NESCom Alumni are working at

Clear Channel Communications

Cumulus Media

WVMJ, Conway, NH

Clear Channel Communications

Cumulus Media

Citadel Broadcasting

WZON, Bangor, ME

WRED, Portland, ME

Bachelor of Science Degree in

Media Studies

Alumni Going Places

Gino Devaney ’09 Radio Producer - CBS Radio & KROQ 106.7FM Los Angeles

Bachelor of Science Degree in Media Studies

Radio Broadcasting

Radio has been a constant source of entertainment, information, and education for over a hundred years. With the changing roles of radio professionals, it’s no longer just about “the voice” – today you need different skills, in addition to a good set of pipes. You can learn them at NESCom’s campus radio station WHSN 89.3 FM. Run by NESCom students, our alternative rock station can expose you to the real life of the exciting, evolving radio profession. Expect to spend hours there each week, starting your first year. As you advance, you can play an active role in the management of the station. Small classes led by radio veterans also prep you for essential aspects of radio, not just how to sound good on the air. It’s your opportunity to learn the skills that turn wannabes into real radio professionals, from production and programming, to media sales and promotions. You can even learn key elements of web media and video production, as radio stations strive to create more interactive content for their listeners.

“NESCom, for me, was all about the hands on experience. From the state-of-the-art equipment to the knowledgeable and talented staff, NESCom has all the tools for making your college experience worthwhile. NESCom is a great choice to explore and develop your skills and further your love and passion for all things Communication.”

It’s Different Here When NESCom radio broadcasting students aren’t on the air, they’re out in the community - interviewing a band, reporting from a live event, or tracking down a news story.

OUR EXPERIENCE. Radio Broadcasting


Your Passion... Journalism

Sports News

At the Top

Of Every Hour

Be an on-air, on-air play-by-play play-by-play commentator for WHSN 89.3 FM.


Recent Internships

NESCom Alumni are working at

WZON, Bangor, ME

Bangor Daily News, Bangor, ME

WVII, Bangor, ME

Fox Sports Net New England, Woburn, MA

WABI, Bangor, ME

51 Sports Racing, Concord, NC

Lewiston Sun Journal, Lewiston, ME

Bachelor of Science Degree in

Media Studies

Alumni Going Places

Elgin Traylor ’03 Sports 51 &

Bachelor of Science Degree in Media Studies

Sports Journalism

Make a ball game come to life as a sports journalist. This concentration can give you what it takes to thrive in this competitive, exciting environment by giving you the opportunity to learn how to do research, interview subjects, write effectively, and nail your deadlines. Use your passion to capture your audience through play-by-play commentary. You can cover the football, baseball, and basketball games at our sister institution Husson University, and local high school football and hockey games through TV, radio, and print. Using our TV station, radio station, remote production units, and campus newspaper, there’s more to sports journalism than lively commentary. We can also give you a solid grounding in news reporting, writing, radio production, and even video and editing skills. In this real life setting, you can graduate with a portfolio of writing and on-air performance samples. It’s a competitive field – and you can gain a competitive edge at NESCom.

“The skills that I learned in my first few years at NESCom allowed me to work in the Sports Broadcasting field before my graduation date. Nothing was one sided either — I took radio, TV, and several computer courses to capture a wide range of knowledge. Working with instructors who were currently working in the field was an opportunity to gather information to be ready for the next level.”

It’s Different Here Sports Journalism students play an active role in reporting for and hosting “This Week in Sports” – NESCom’s twice-weekly radio sports program that highlights national and state sports headlines.

OUR EXPERIENCE. Sports Journalism


Your Passion...

re e g e D ng w e N f fe r i O


Take Your Skills

Behind the Scenes

Of Events and Performances

The Gracie provides an experiential learning environment for students.

The Gracie Theatre The Gracie provides a hands-on, experiential learning environment for our students ­— a core value behind a NESCom degree. Located on campus, the newly constructed 500 seat Gracie Theatre boasts integrated audio and video suites, full stage house, fly system, contemporary lighting and audio equipment, load-in & construction facilities, dressing rooms and rehearsal hall. 24

Bachelor of Science Degree in

Entertainment Production The Director

Ken Stack EP Program Director

Bachelor of Science Degree

Entertainment Production Who doesn’t love to be entertained? Whether in a live theater performance with amazing sets, a concert with incredible sound or a laser light show on the deck of a cruise ship, the Entertainment Production program is designed to educate students for careers that exist in the many fields of the entertainment industry. The curriculum focuses on professional design, technology and management skills that are needed “behind the scenes”, with a taste of acting for those interested in both sides of the curtain. Technical and management skills associated with theatre and the performing arts are utilized by many other communications industries throughout the world in a variety of venues, for example: design and construction techniques used in theatre are employed in everything from trade shows to shopping malls, fashion shows, exhibits and even political rallies.

“A successful career in the Entertainment Industry demands the ability to effectively sweat the small stuff.” Ken has worked for most of the theatre organizations in central and eastern Maine and has appeared in over 400 professional productions as well as directing over 250 plays and musicals.

It’s Different Here

The Entertainment industry requires skilled designers, technicians and managers who can blend the artistic tradition with current technology.

The NESCom Entertainment Production Degree program fills the need for a handson, industry-wide training program in these exciting and creative fields.

Brave Williams MFA EP Instructor

OUR EXPERIENCE. Entertainment Production


Admissions APPLYING FOR ADMISSION NESCom has a rolling admissions policy, which allows applications to be reviewed as the applicant’s file is completed. Because we have limited enrollment, students are urged to apply early. You can either apply online or print out an application and mail it to us. To get started, visit As part of the admission requirement, every student who applies is required to have an admission interview, either in person or by phone. This helps us learn about your goals, interests, and concerns so we can better guide you. Once your application has been received, we will notify you by mail about the specific time of your interview appointment.

1. Visit a representative from NESCom at a local college

fair or at your high school. You can find the fall travel schedule at

2. Attend one of NESCom’s Open Houses. See the campus

2. Official high school transcript

3. Two letters of recommendation

3. Apply now. We have limited enrollment, so the earlier

ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS 1. Application for admission

4. College interview including placement test 5. Official SAT or ACT scores will be considered advantageous to the application process if submitted. Please include NESCom’s college code when registering for the exam.

SAT College Code: 3101 ACT College Code: 1651

Transfer Students - Must also submit official college transcripts from institutions attended. International Students - Must also submit appropriate immigration paperwork.


Next Steps

as well as the facilities and all that NESCom has to offer while speaking to faculty, staff, and students. For a complete schedule and to register, visit

you apply, the better. You can apply online or print an application by visiting

4. Check us out on Facebook and Twitter. Follow NESCom

and everything new that’s happening with the school, campus, concentrations, programs, and social activities.

The Details

It’s Different Here

Financial Aid

Hire Me is NESCom’s searchable talent database for employers, and lists the credentials and skills of participating NESCom seniors.

Financial aid is available for those who qualify. And since we understand that the application process can be confusing and a little intimidating, our staff is here to help you every step of the way. Some of the types of aid you might be eligible for include: Federal Pell Grants, Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants, Federal Stafford Loans, State Grants, Alternative (or Private) Loans, and Federal Work Study. To learn what aid you might qualify for, you must first complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), preferably between January 1-April 15 of the year you plan to enroll. The closer to January 1 you complete your paperwork, the better your chances are of receiving your maximum aid. To get started, visit

Career Services The Office of Career Services can work with you to jump-start your career. This can include finding internships, crafting compelling cover letters and resumes, developing online job search strategies, and even sharpening your job interviewing skills. The help doesn’t end when you graduate; numerous resources are always available to alumni, too.

FAFSA code: 016619

YOUR FUTURE. The Details


Student Life

Student Life

It’s Different Here Small enough to feel like a family, with plenty of opportunities for extracurricular interests.


Since NESCom is affiliated with Husson University and shares its campus, our students get to take advantage of all the amenities of a larger university. That includes getting involved in NCAA Division III athletics, intramural sports, as well as student clubs and organizations on campus. You’ll also have free access to the fitness and rec facilities, so you can work out on the cardio and nautilus equipment, use the free weights, or even dive into the competitive size swimming pool.

NESCom’s location makes a great base to see it all, from the mountains to the ocean. There are always groups of students organizing off-campus outings to go snowboarding, whitewater rafting, camping, and similar adventures. At NESCom, we want our students to be both happy and healthy.

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10 3


16 Theatre • Audio Suite • Video Suite

15 New England School of Communications Business Office • Admissions • Audio Facilities Video Production Facilities • WHSN Radio Station

13. O’Keefe Softball Field 14. G. Peirce Webber Campus Center 15. George E. Wildey Communications Center (NESCom) 16. Beardsley Meeting House & Gracie Theatre 17. Boucher Soccer Pitch 18. Practice Football Field 19. Furman Student Center 20. President’s House 21. Hillman Farmhouse

The Mountains, the Ocean, the Views


NESCom is located in Bangor, Maine, a historic New England city

Bar Harbor

with lots of cool little places to grab a bite to eat, catch a show, shop, or just hang out. And we’re only one hour from Acadia National Park, one of the most jaw-droppingly beautiful parks in the country. Take a short road trip with your friends and you can go hiking, camping, kayaking,or biking— surrounded by the best nature has to offer. When the winter comes, you’ll be near some of the best snowboarding and ski slopes on the east coast.

• Boston


George E. Wildey Communications Center

Campus Key 1. George F. Peabody Hall 2. Robert O’Donnell Commons 3. O’Donnell Parking Lot 4. William P. Newman Athletic Complex 5. Hart Hall 6. Carlisle Hall 7. Bell Hall 8. Dickerman Dining Commons 9. Richard E. Dyke Center 10. Pi Rho Zeta Bell Tower 11. Winkin Baseball Complex 12. Tennis Courts


Beardsley Meeting House & Gracie Theatre

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For Open House Dates & Times check out or call 1 - 8 8 8 -8 77-1 8 76 for more information

Bangor, Maine

Video Production


1 College Circle Bangor, ME 04401-9942

(207) 941•7176 or toll free (888) 877•1876

An affiliate of Husson University, the New England School of Communications is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges. The terms “NESCom®” and “New England School of Communications®” are registered trademarks of the New England School of Communications.

Email Year of Graduation

Phone High School


l Journalism l Marketing Communications l Radio Broadcasting l Sports Journalism

Bachelor of Science in Media Studies

l Bachelor of Science in Entertainment Production

l Audio Engineering l Live Sound Technology l Video Production l WebMedia

Bachelor of Science in Communications Technology

Concentration Interest (Please pick concentrations of interest.)





Please send me more information about the New England School of Communications.

I’m Interested in NESCom!

New England School of Communications Viewbook  
New England School of Communications Viewbook