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Looking back and looking forward 25,000th vehicle celebrations

Gerard Verdam

On 30 January 2015 we handed the keys to the

Early this year Gerard Verdam, head of Engineering

25,000th Terberg vehicle over to DFDS of Denmark,

and Production, retired from our company. Gerard

one of our long-term customers. This was a

worked at Terberg for 38 years and made a very

memorable and historic moment for all of us, and for

significant contribution to the expansion and success

the Terberg family in particular. On this occasion,

of our business. Gerard always had a clear vision,

we looked back to the past and appreciated the hard

practical approach and great commitment. Three

work done to get this far. Terberg has a long history

years ago he was appointed Knight of the Order of

of vehicle production. That started in 1966 when we

Orange Nassau and his contributions to our company

built the first Terberg 6x6 truck for groundworks

and society in general were underlined. Gerard was

and construction industry operations. Terberg

not only very professional, but also a great colleague

trucks always stood their ground in the competition

to work with. Fortunately he will remain available as a

with the large manufacturers, but over time the

consultant for special projects, such as the expansion

market became more difficult for the smaller brands.

of our plant at Benschop.

Fortunately, in the niche market for terminal and RoRo tractors Terberg distinguished itself clearly


from the competition by providing customised

This magazine again presents many applications of

vehicles and excellent after-market support. In the

our vehicles in ports, logistics and distribution, and

1990s, the realisation that terminal tractors were

heavy industry all over the world. We hope that it

the right product for us was accompanied by a

gives you a good impression of the international and

significant increase in the number of these vehicles

dynamic dimension of our company, and how we

we produced. In that period the use of shipping

manage to provide a diverse range of customers with

containers increased greatly and logistics operators

vehicles and support which meet their needs.

realised that terminal tractors were the perfect choice for shifting dock and road trailers. We managed

We hope you enjoy reading this magazine.

to develop a professional, worldwide distribution network in a short time, enabling us to offer our customers an excellent service, anywhere. The delivery of the 25,000th vehicle was accompanied by celebrations which the family, employees, distributors and customers all joined in. It was a great day, as you can see in the photo report elsewhere in this magazine.


George Terberg / Director


In this issue

C E LE B R AT I N G T H E 25 . 0 0 0 t h V E H I C LE

Foreword 2 George Terberg 6

Terberg Special Vehicles division 4 Terberg Benschop and international subsidiaries


Celebrating the 25,000 th vehicle


Celebrating the 25,000 th vehicle 5 Terberg People 8 - 10 Looking back on 38 years at Terberg Interview – Gerard Verdam


Looking back on 38 years at Terberg

Steel Special 11 – 13 Moving heavy loads in industry Terberg Tractors Americas 14 – 16 Miami welcomes Terberg Tractors Americas Growing demand for rented and leased tractors 17 – 18 Terberg DTS UK 19 - 21

Gerard Verdam, our former head of Engineering & Production, retired after 38 years with the company – a period during which he saw, and initiated, many changes. Gerard joined Terberg in 1977 as head of the mechanical workshop. He soon modernised the workshop and developed machines to increase efficiency. Terberg’s management noticed his ingenuity and soon transferred him to the Development department. In the evenings he studied for a degree in mechanical engineering. After six years, Gerard was promoted to department head and later joined the management team.

Left to right: Ronald van Zoelen, Manager Engineering, Gerard Verdam en Theo Rosendal, Manager Production



Looking back with Gerard Verdam


Terberg Tractors Belgium 22 – 23 Special – Terberg Nordlift Germany 24 – 29 “I have been with Terberg Nordlift from the start” Interview – Arno Ortlieb


Technical Focus 30 – 31 Low Entry Tractor


Doing business on the Arabian peninsula

Terberg Middle East 32 – 35 Doing business on the Arabian peninsula

Rental growth for Terberg in Saudi Arabia New distributor Al-Iman in Dammam Terberg expands into Saudi Arabia with Al-

will transport payloads that consist of solid

Iman for Contracting & Trading (Al-Iman),

plastics (e.g. elastomers) or liquids (e.g.

who will provide 16 Terberg YT182 Yard

butyl). For both Al-Iman and Terberg, the

Tractors to Almajdouie De Rijke Logistics

partnership with MDR and SADARA is a

(MDR) for their operations at the SADARA

signature project that highlights customers’

project in Jubail, Saudi Arabia. SADARA is

trust and quality awareness in the Middle East.

a joint venture between Saudi Aramco and

Furthermore, the deal was secured also due to

the Dow Chemicals Company, which will

Al-Iman’s flexibility to accommodate customer

commence production in Q3 2015 and has an

requirements in a 5-year rental contract, which

estimated budget of $20 billion, thereby being

includes complete maintenance and repair.

one of the largest chemical plants in the world.

Terberg Middle East (TME) is based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. This subsidiary supports both customers and distributors in the Middle East and Africa.

Terberg Tractors Malaysia 36 – 39 Amongst the biggest in the world VDL Nedcar chooses Terberg 40 – 41

The project boosts Al-Iman’s overall rental MDR is SADARA’s contractor for the

& leasing fleet size to close to 900 active units

operation of mobile equipment, which will

in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Since 2014,

be supplied and serviced entirely by Al-Iman.

Al-Iman has supplied 51 Terberg tractors to

The Yard Tractors are designated to be used

domestic customers who see equipment

in conjunction with 4 Reach Stackers, also

rental as a growing trend.

supplied by Al-Iman, in order to manage SADARA’s container marshaling yard and


Terberg Middle East



Southern Europe 42 – 45 Innovation and development 46 – 47 Fully electric drive Corporate information 42 - 47 Distributors Terberg Holding Group companies

This magazine is a publication of Terberg Special Vehicles COPYRIGHT:

Text and photographs may only be reproduced with permission from the Communication Department of Terberg Special Vehicles. SEPTEMBER 2015



Terberg Benschop and international subsidiaries The main plant is at Benschop, the Netherlands, where our tractors are designed and built to customer specifications. The division has six international subsidiaries to bring us closer to our customers. Some of these subsidiaries also supply and support other makes of equipment.

Terberg DTS

Terberg Nordlift

Terberg Tractors Malaysia




In addition to

This subsidiary

This company is

the full range of

supplies tractors to

a joint venture of

Terberg tractors,

the German market,

Terberg Benschop

Terberg DTS also

where quality and

and Sime Darby

distributes terminal

durability are highly

Industrial Sdn.Bhd.

and industrial

valued. The company

In Malaysia, Terberg

trailers, special Alisdair Couper

airport vehicles and

emphasises flexibility, Arno Ortlieb

to ensure that

tractors are produced Boo Wei Ching

locally for the markets

Zagro rail shunters in the UK and Ireland.

customer expectations are not simply met, but

in Asia and the Pacific.

The company has a fully-equipped servicing

actually exceeded.


workshop and a large rental fleet.



Terberg Tractors Belgium

Terberg Middle East

Terberg Tractors Americas




This subsidiary

This subsidiary is

Our latest subsidiary

supplies our tractors

located in Dubai

is based in Miami

to the Belgian market

and supplies our

and serves North,

and undertakes

tractors and spares

Central and South

scheduled inspections

throughout the

America and brings

in accordance with

Middle East and

us closer to our

local requirements. Pieter Sanczuk

Many of our units are

Africa and provides Andrew Partridge

after-sales support.

customers in these Ron van Arkel

regions. TTA offers

operating in the busy port of Antwerp. Terberg

Our vehicles have proven to be fully capable of

our full range of tractors.

Belgium also supplies Still fork lift trucks and

dealing with the demanding climate conditions


other equipment.

in these areas.





The 25,000th vehicle 5

C E LE B R AT I N G T H E 25 . 0 0 0 t h V E H I C LE




Looking back on 38 years at Terberg Gerard Verdam, our former head of Engineering & Production, retired after 38 years with the company: a period during which he saw, and initiated, many changes. Gerard joined Terberg in 1977 as head of the mechanical workshop. He soon modernised the workshop and developed machines to increase efficiency. Terberg’s management noticed his ingenuity and soon transferred him to the Development department. In the evenings he studied for a degree in mechanical engineering. After six years, Gerard was promoted to department head and later joined the management team.


Left to right: Ronald van Zoelen, Manager Engineering, Gerard Verdam en Theo Rosendal, Manager Production





volumes. Of course, we also kept developing

Gerard: “I’m particularly proud of having

the RoRo tractors. I think we were the first

worked with so many good people. When

manufacturer to give more attention to design

“I got a real surprise in 2012, at a

I joined the department it was quite small,

and ergonomics. RT drivers now benefit from

reception to celebrate my 35th year

only eight people. Now there are almost

a better view around the vehicle, and greater

at Terberg, when I was appointed

thirty. In the last fifteen years, electronics

comfort and ergonomics, which makes

Knight of the Order of Orange Nassau.

and computers have become much more

them more productive. Moreover, they are

That was in recognition of my work

important, so now we don’t just have

proud to drive our vehicles. By continuously

at Terberg and voluntary work in

mechanical and automotive engineers but also

monitoring the market we have managed to


software specialists and project engineers.

stay in the lead.”

The most important thing is to have a good team. So when we interview someone who


encourage people to take responsibility, and

wants to join the department we set them

“Terberg Benschop is a great company.

support them so they can do their job well.”

a technical challenge and assess how they

I think that’s the result of the excellent

deal with that. That’s worked really well.

cooperation within the business: sales, product


New engineers first spend four weeks in

development, documentation, after-sales,

“The Terberg family has always been very

the Production department. That way they

service and spare parts. Essentially, everyone

focussed on customers, they don’t like to say

get to know the people who will be building

works together in a big team. We also

“no”. Hence we have long offered extensive

the vehicles designed by Engineering. It also

options for customisation. By basing our

encourages them to visit Production later to

vehicles on modular designs it’s relatively easy

discuss the designs they are working on.”

to modify modules to customer requirements. I think we are the only shunting tractor


manufacturer offering this much flexibility.”

“In 2007 I was also put in charge of the Production department. That was a really


interesting time, our production volume had

Much as I’ve enjoyed my time at Terberg,

grown over the years and we planned to

I decided it’s time to retire. I’ve handed

build a second plant. However, when

over my job to Theo Rosendal, our new

the economic crisis hit in 2008 the

Manager Production, and to Ronald Van

sales volume dropped temporarily and

Zoelen, our new Manager Engineering.

that gave us enough breathing space

They both know our operations and our

to completely overhaul the plant at

customers’ needs inside out. I’m really

Benschop instead, and implement an

looking forward to going travelling with

efficient and ergonomic assembly line.

my wife, seeing more of my daughters and granddaughters and doing voluntary


work. I’m grateful to the current and

“Our products have changed a lot

previous generations of the Terberg

over the years. Around 25 years

family for having confidence in me and

ago our RoRo tractors were selling

giving me the opportunity to have such a

well, but there was also a demand

great career. I would also like to thank my

for more basic, cheaper tractors. That

former colleagues for all the good times we

resulted in the development of the YT

have had at work, and the products we have

yard tractors which we now build in large

developed together.”




Terberg RT and YT tractors have found their way into steelworks where their robustness and reliability are highly valued. They are well suited to 24/7 operations in these demanding industrial environments. Our range includes the RT403 which is designed for the heaviest applications, up to a maximum GCW of 375 tonnes.

Moving heavy loads in industry 11





NLMK Group is Russia’s largest and one of

Product supplies demanding customers with

coils from the production area to the storage

the world’s leading steel companies, with

hot-and cold rolled as well as surface-coated

location. The Seacom chassis are equipped

production facilities in Russia, Europe and the

steel strips.

with three coil beds with restraining fingers that retain even oiled coils when the tractor

US. The company produces a wide range of flat and long products, including hot rolled, cold

NLMK La Louvière has been operating for

makes a turn. This safety feature is an

rolled, galvanised, pre-painted and electrical

more than 160 years from its location in the

invention of NLMK. The total weight of the


heart of Belgium where it produces hot rolled

coils is around 80 tonnes. The units make

(black and pickled) and cold rolled steels.

around 3000 running hours a year. NLMK La Louvière has relied on Terberg for internal

NLMK Europe specialises in the production, further processing and distribution of high-

This site uses two Terberg RT283 tractors

quality steel products. The Business Unit Strip

with special Seacom chassis for transporting


materials handling for over 20 years.

Confab BRAZIL Confab is a manufacturer of steel pipes based

in five YT182 tractors for on-site pipe handling

base with spare parts warehouse close to

in Pindamonhangaba, in the province of Sao

operations. According to Mr. MĂĄrio Gentile,

Confab and can therefore provide support

Paulo, and forms part of the Tenaris group, a

Logistic Senior Assistant, Terberg was the

and maintenance at short notice. Rimac has

leading supplier of tubes and related services

only company that was able to meet their

been our exclusive distributor in Brazil since

for the oil and energy industries. Confab

requirements in full.

2009 and has since supplied over 100 Terberg

manufactures steel pipes ranging from 4 inch

The tractors were supplied by Rimac, our

tractors of various types to customers in the

to 85 inch in diameter. The company invested

distributor in Brazil. They have a service


Bis Industries AUSTRALIA Bis Industries is a world leader in logistics solutions for the world’s largest mining and resource companies, operating at sites across Australia and Asia. The company has developed a range of special road trains and other equipment to transport minerals more efficiently. Bis Industries is the safest and biggest company to build specialised infrastructure and solve big problems for resource clients including the specialist Dual Powered Road Train technology. Bis Industries handles the on-site logistics at key client OneSteel’s Whyalla steel mill in South Australia and recently invested in three Terberg RT403 tractors for this site. They are used with four different trailer types (lift

recycling and have a much higher payload

trailer, bin trailer, tipping rock body trailer

capacity than the vehicles they replaced,

and tipping trailer), all custom-built to Bis

thus improving efficiency. The robust RT403

Industries specifications, in close consultation

tractors, supplied by our Australian distributor

with Terberg. These trailers are used for

Clark Equipment, are the perfect choice for

transporting steel scrap and materials for

this demanding operational environment. 13



The Port of Miami - Photo: mariakraynova / Shutterstock.com


Miami welcomes Terberg Tractors Americas Once we had decided to set up a subsidiary in the Americas, the big question was where to base it. Just as with our other regional offices (e.g. the Middle East office based in Dubai) this office would have to have good connections by air. After an analysis of the locations of our current and prospective customers and distributors we chose Miami as our base. The city has excellent connections to both North and South America and provides a good business environment. When looking for an office and business services providers we received a lot of help from the Beacon Council (Miami-Dade County’s official business development partnership) and its members. In December 2014, at the Key ceremony to recognise businesses which have contributed to the local economy, Christabelle Arguello and Ron van Arkel accepted the “key” on behalf of Terberg Tractors Americas. We are certain that Miami is an excellent base for our new subsidiary and we are looking forward to increasing Terberg’s presence in the Americas.





The close contact between both companies has resulted in an order for 5 Terberg YT182 tractors for Palermo in Baranquilla, Colombia. Palermo Sociedad Portuaria is a new multipurpose terminal located in the north of Colombia on the Magdalena River. It combines an excellent geographical location with a broad range of services. Colombia is a new market for Terberg. A combination of fast delivery time, being able to adapt to the special hydraulic requirements, for the special tipping trailers, and the tractor lay out and ergonomics, have


been deciding factors for the customer to place the order with Terberg.


In June Terberg appointed Global Port

managing director of Global Port Equipment

Frank Wouters: “It was essential to have

Equipment Americas (part of Forkliftcenter)

Americas: “In the past I have been closely

quick feedback to secure this deal. This order

as official distributor for Panama. Like

involved with Terberg and therefore I know

would be difficult to secure without Terberg’s

Terberg, Forkliftcenter is a Dutch company

the products and people behind them very

regional head office in the Americas. Given our

with regional offices in different parts of the

well. Terberg fits perfectly into our expansion

close cooperation, I am certain that this will be

world. The company offers a range of new

plans and the benefit is that we know each

the first of many orders from this region.”

and used port equipment. Frank Wouters,

other and the products.”


Vessel Operations, explained why he had

local operation in the USA. The fact Terberg


chosen Terberg vehicles: “I have been using

is closer is a great help but the availability

Terberg tractors since I started working in

of spare parts in the country is of course the

Pasha Hawaii, headquartered in San Rafael,

the business 19 years ago. I wouldn’t switch

biggest benefit for us.”

California, USA has taken delivery of 9

their tractors with any other brand. I tried

Terberg tractors (4 RT283 4x4 and 5 TT223

experimenting with it twice and I ended up

4x2 units). Pasha Hawaii offers containerized

regretting both times. Terberg is a top-notch

and roll-on/roll-off transport between the

manufacturer of terminal and RoRo tractors.”

West Coast of the US and Hawaii for a wide range of vehicles, yachts, heavy machinery,

Our new subsidiary, Terberg Tractors

oversize and other cargo. Pasha Hawaii is

Americas, located in Miami, means that we

an independent operating subsidiary of

can now offer customers such as Pasha an even

The Pasha Group. The Pasha Group, with

better service by keeping more spare parts

operations at 6 terminals, was established in

in stock locally and reducing the time zone

1947 and, like Terberg, is family-owned.

differences. Mr. Zanellato: “Of course it is

Mr. Antonio Zanellato, manager of Pasha

a great advantage that Terberg started their


Growing demand for rented and leased tractors Many customers rent or lease Terberg tractors, either directly from our subsidiaries or from specialist plant hire companies. The reliability and ease of maintenance of our vehicles make them an attractive choice for rental operators, especially as they also have a good resale value at the end of the rental period.


multinational companies rented them. However, in recent years the market has changed significantly and rentals are now an important part of our operations in Belgium. Most of our customers rent vehicles for five years, after which we provide them with a new tractor. Maintenance is undertaken by the customer’s own mechanics or by Terberg as part of an all-in package. Terberg Belgium’s rental fleet mostly consists of 4 x 2 tractors,


Terberg DTS has a large rental fleet. Many

is normally carried out at the customer’s site

with a growing number of road/rail tractors

customers have multi-site operations and DTS

to optimise the availability of the vehicles.

which have been well received in this market.

analyses the operations at each site in detail

Customers appreciate the fact that they get a

to offer the best equipment package. Some

new tractor every five years, without having

Pieter Sanczuk, Sales Manager, Terberg

customers prefer to maintain the vehicles in

to worry about selling or trading in their

Tractors Belgium: “The growing interest in

their own workshops, while others opt for a

old unit. Terberg Nordlift recently set up a

renting is due to the tax advantages and the

contract including all repairs and maintenance.

new office in the south of Germany, to get

fact that customers are increasingly focussing

Many operators supplement their long-term

closer to customers in that area. In addition

on their core business. Furthermore, many

hire fleet with vehicles on short-term contracts

to the full range of Terberg vehicles, Terberg

customers are finding it difficult to find

to cover peak periods.

Nordlift’s rental fleet also includes Liftec

qualified maintenance personnel and prefer to

Translifter trailers.

include maintenance in the rental contract. So we are looking forward to further developing

Robin Johnson, Head of Rental: “At Terberg DTS, flexibility is the key, acting upon our


customer’s needs, as well as responding

Traditionally, most customers in Belgium

to economical and marketplace peaks

preferred to buy vehicles and only large

and troughs. Showing commitment and understanding towards our customers business’ helps us pioneer solutions for every operation.” GERMANY

In Germany, rentals are particularly popular with large international companies and Terberg Nordlift now has a rental fleet of around 200 units. Practically all rental contracts include vehicle maintenance or a premium service package and even insurance, hence customers have certainty about the operating costs of their fleet. Maintenance 18

our rental operations.”



Asda takes delivery of DT183LE #1 In a world exclusive, ASDA Stores, Skelmersdale has taken delivery of the very first Terberg DT183LE – the culmination of a three-year journey involving close end-user consultation and extensive research and development. With the ever changing UK distribution and

Initially, a full scale mock-up was built and

pin and an improved driver environment.

logistics sector placing increased demands

tested before the world class engineering

Only by listening to its customers and using

on drivers, plus an even greater focus on

team at Terberg Benschop in the Netherlands

its unrivalled engineering and manufacturing

operational procedures and health and safety,

started the process of designing this state-of-

expertise were Terberg able to develop the

Terberg DTS undertook a detailed review of

the-art vehicle. A DT183LE prototype was then

ground breaking DT183LE.

the market before designing and developing

put into production and demonstrated at user

an all new, market specific, distribution tractor.

group meetings for evaluation.

Following the successful introduction of the DT183LE to ASDA’s Skelmersdale site, ASDA

With drivers spending more time outside

This purpose-built vehicle now positions

have also expressed an interest in sourcing

their cabs due to new trailer designs featuring

the driver and cab closer to the ground for

a number of additional DT183LE’s to work

barn doors and side park brakes, superior

greater ease of access and operator safety,

across their UK operations over the next

ergonomics, vehicle access and innovative

and new operational dimensions provide

twelve months.

safety features were key considerations.

greater front and rear visibility to the trailer 19




Culina UK AND IRELAND Culina offers high-quality, integrated supply chain solutions (warehousing, transport, packing, etc.) with a network of strategically located sites across the UK and Ireland. The company has around 300,000 square metres of warehouse space at 17 sites. They are specialists in food and drinks logistics and provide multiple-brand deliveries to supermarkets and other outlets. Culina recently received the Temperature Controlled Operator of the Year award at the Motor Transport Awards. The company focusses on quality in all aspects of its operations, which is clearly demonstrated by their impressive facilities and the premium equipment they use. Over the past six years Culina has replaced all its shunting tractors with

strong brands that can offer the support it

By listening closely to Culina we developed a

customised Terberg YT182s.

expects. The strong working relationship with

customised tractor which improves both safety

Jim Hancock of Terberg DTS, who understands

and operational efficiency at their distribution

Mark Matkin, Group Fleet Manager, Culina:

what is needed to keep productivity high, is


“I am responsible for 1,000 road-going

much valued.”

units and 1,000 pieces of equipment in the warehouses. Working with strong partners, like Terberg, ensures maximum uptime and productivity across our 24 hour a day

The Malcolm Group



Culina’s YT182 tractors and trailers have a

The Malcolm Group is a successful distribution

The Malcolm Group: “For us, product quality

soft docking system: the tractor and trailer

company with 11 sites and around half a million

is the key reason behind the success of the

brake automatically when positioned against

square metres of warehouses. The company

Terberg marque in the Malcolm fleet, with

the distribution centre gate. Mark: “This is a

has been working with Terberg equipment

reliability and versatility of operation making

great system, a valuable feature on all of our

since 2002 and has grown significantly during

them truly indispensable. We also really

Terbergs, we wouldn’t be without it. It has

that period. Their entire shunter fleet of 21

appreciate and take note of the feedback from

not only dramatically reduced damage to the

units was supplied by Terberg DTS. Many of

our shunter drivers, who continually praise the

trailers, but also to the buildings themselves.

their sites operate 24/7 and the tractors can

Terberg vehicles. Driving a shunter requires

And, looking at it from an all-important safety

clock up 1600 hours per year. The average age

high levels of skill and attention to detail:

perspective, the unit will stop if a pedestrian

of the fleet is less than two years, making it

the versatility of the Terberg trucks makes it

happened to be behind a reversing truck. It’s

one of the youngest in the UK.

much simpler and easier for them to operate

a real benefit for keeping equipment running and in top condition. Culina likes to work with 20

effectively, especially in the tight spaces of our Allan Campbell, Group Technical Engineer,

distribution warehousing sites. Any long-term

relationship is built on strong foundations and the relationship that The Malcolm Group has with Terberg DTS is rock solid. With 13 years of hands-on, day-to-day operational experience, we really do appreciate the quality, reliability and versatility that we get with our Terberg distribution tractors, all of which is backed up by a proven support operation. They literally cannot do enough for us to ensure that we minimise the downtime of our fleet.”



Seatruck Ferries operates three routes on

The company bought its first Terberg tractor in

Ray Dawson, Operations Director, Seatruck:

the Irish Sea, connecting Ireland and the UK.

1996, an RT22 which is still going strong after

“We use Terberg tugs because, quite simply,

The company specialises in unaccompanied

operating 24,000 hours. With the delivery

they are the best 4x4 RoRo tug on the market

freight and offers transport companies the

of another 5 RT223s, their fleet of 35 units is

today, with their durability, reliability, low

benefits of efficiency and a young fleet of

now 100% Terberg. These new tractors are

chassis and excellent product support. In

12 vessels. As Seatruck Ferries only carries

operating at their Dublin terminal and featured

2010 we introduced SAT trestles to two of

freight their operations are not affected by

in an article in Seatruck’s corporate magazine.

our vessels and went to Terberg for advice

the peak periods of the passenger market,

Because the trailers on the ferries are not

on how our tug fleet could be modified, and

which helps to offer customers a reliable

accompanied by tractors, the RoRo tractors

again we received all the support and advice to

schedule. To reduce carbon emissions,

at each of the four terminals are absolutely

successfully complete the modifications.”

there is a dedicated Ship Energy Efficiency

essential to loading and unloading the ferries

Management Plan for each of the ferries.

efficiently. 21




C.RO Ports BELGIUM, NETHERLANDS, UK CLdN RO-RO provides RoRo ferry services

­­­RO-RO frequently uses ­double-stacking

between Belgium, the Netherlands,

which allows a tractor to transport two ­20-

Scandinavia, Portugal, the UK and Ireland.

foot containers at a time, enabling a quick

The company also operates six RoRo terminals

turnaround of the RoRo vessel.

in the UK, the Netherlands and Belgium. C.RO Ports has been using Terberg tractors

Willeke Duits, Director C.RO Tech: “We’ve

for well over 20 years and currently has a fleet

had an all-Terberg fleet for a long time now.

of around 150 RT tractors.

We use the tugmasters for loading and unloading our own vessels, as well as those

Many of these units are used extremely

of other shipping companies. We’re really

intensively, operating 3000 or even 4000

convinced of the quality of the tractors.

hours per year. To increase throughput, CLdN

Our drivers are also very happy with them.”







“ I have been with Terberg Nordlift from the start” In 2007 Terberg acquired Nordlift, then our distributor in Germany. Terberg Nordlift has since expanded from a staff of 8 to 40 and is now the clear market leader in shunting tractors in Germany. The company is based in Hamburg, Germany’s second-largest city, in the north of the country. Both Hamburg and Lübeck nearby have major ports.


Director Arno Ortlieb told us more about the

We also supply TTS Liftec trailers and

a rental fleet of around 200 units. Of course,

company: “I have been with Terberg Nordlift

cassettes which are a perfect combination with

we also service the tractors we supply and we

from the start, just like my colleague Sven

our tractors. These units are used both in ports

have recently set up a new office in the south

Langbehn, our Sales Manager. In addition

and heavy industry.

of Germany, in Bad Rappenau, to get closer to

to Germany we also cover Austria and

our customers in that area.”

Switzerland, so an area with a population of

Our customers want to reduce their

around 100 million people.

environmental footprint and that means that Germany and Switzerland are important markets for the electric version of the YT


tractor. There are quite a lot of these YT202EVs in use with leading car manufacturers. We are also involved with the Green Logistics project in Munich. Many international companies in Germany prefer to rent equipment, and we now have

Premises Terberg Nordlift in Hamburg

In our markets, the RT tractors are particularly in demand. About half of them are used for RoRo operations in ports and the rest in heavy industry. We have customers in the paper, steel and wind turbine industry, but also in civil engineering. That’s because RT tractors, with their small turning circle and swivelling seat, work really well in tunnels. Of course, we also sell all other models, and Body Carriers, for use with swap bodies, are commonly used here and in the surrounding countries. Swap bodies are much lighter than ISO containers and their dimensions are optimised for European pallet sizes. Another great advantage is that body carriers and trucks with adjustable suspension can easily load and unload them, without the need for large, expensive container handling equipment.

HAMBURG Hamburg has long been a centre of international trade. The city formed part of the Hanseatic

Terberg has an excellent reputation in

League, a trading alliance which, from the 13th to 17th century, ran from the North Sea to the

Germany, because of the high quality of the

Baltic. Although Hamburg is located 110 kilometres inland, the River Elbe allows even large

vehicles. Our customers love the extensive

vessels to reach the port which handles close to 10 million TEU of containers every year. There

options for customisation, so they get a tractor

are also many industrial companies in the area, such as shipyards and the final assembly line for

that’s just right for their application. And that’s

Airbus airplanes. Finally, Hamburg is an important centre for tourism.

something our competitors can’t offer. 25




Left to right: Kurt J.F. Scherm, CEO of the SCHERM Group, Hermann Bohrer, Head of the BMW Group Plant in Munich, Ilse Aigner, Bavaria’s Minister for Economic Affairs and Media, Energy and Technology, Jürgen Maidl, Head of Logistics at BMW Group and Jens Röver, city council of Munich


BMW/SCHERM GERMANY BMW is renowned for designing and producing high-quality cars offering drivers and their passengers outstanding performance and comfort. SCHERM Gruppe, a leading international systems service provider, transports automotive components used at BMW’s plant in Munich. As both companies aim to reduce their environmental impact they are always looking for opportunities to reduce carbon emissions. Hence SCHERM invested in a Terberg YT202-EV fully electric tractor to transport components between their warehouse and the BMW plant. The two-kilometre route is on public roads and the tractor will make eight round trips every day. Compared with a vehicle with a diesel engine this will reduce CO2 emissions by almost 12 tonnes annually. Noise and particulate emissions will also be greatly reduced. Hermann Bohrer, manager of the BMW Group Munich plant: “This fully electric truck shows that we are always working on innovative solutions and also set ourselves challenges in logistics. Hence we are looking forward to cooperating with SCHERM Gruppe.” Rainer Zoellner, e-truck project leader at SCHERM Gruppe: “After a long search we have now found an e-mobility solution for transport operations. We are certain that, together with the BMW Group, we will gain valuable experience from this pilot project.”





Two transport modes, one tractor


Gestamp GERMANY Gestamp is an international group specialising in the design, development and manufacture of metal automotive components and has almost 130 production plants. The company’s plant is located in Bielefeld and has approximately 1,400 employees and produces pressed steel parts for VW, BMW and Daimler. Gestamp recently purchased a RR222 4x2 tractor for this plant. The unit is mostly used for handling wagons (rail mode) and Seacom roll trailers (road mode) carrying coils of steel, and also for shunting conventional trailers. In rail mode (20% of operations) the tractor can handle around 800 tonnes of wagons and in road mode it handles trailers with payloads up to 70 tonnes.




New solutions and applications Terberg DTS closely monitors developments in the distribution sector in the UK. Due to new inspection regimes and changes in trailer designs, drivers at distribution centres now frequently have to climb in and out of the cabs. This inspired us to develop the DT183LE low entry distribution tractor which you may have read about in last year’s Terberg Magazine. The first units have now entered service and are helping fleet operators to reduce driver fatigue and risk of injury, while also improving efficiency.

After the introduction of the vehicle we were pleased to discover that it is also an attractive solution for aircraft refuelling and catering applications. Furthermore, we have received inquiries from markets which are currently using low entry tractors intended for highway applications and where our DT183LE might be a better choice. We are very excited that the results of our hard work are so well received. The interest in our low entry tractor also proves, again, that listening to our customers pays off! The low entry design, and the low noise and vibration level in the cab, significantly improve the driver’s workplace conditions and also promote efficiency. 30

The driver can enter or leave the cab on the right or the left.

Fifth wheel lifting capacity up to 36 tonnes.

Large side access steps with anti-slip surface integrated in chassis. The upper step can be folded back.

The cab floor is only approx. 0.5 m above the ground.




Doing business on the Arabian peninsula Terberg Middle East (TME) is based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. This subsidiary supports both customers and distributors in the Middle East and Africa.


Rental growth for Terberg in Saudi Arabia New distributor Al-Iman in Dammam Terberg expands into Saudi Arabia with Al-

will transport payloads that consist of solid

Iman for Contracting & Trading (Al-Iman),

plastics (e.g. elastomers) or liquids (e.g.

who will provide 16 Terberg YT182 Yard

butyl). For both Al-Iman and Terberg, the

Tractors to Almajdouie De Rijke Logistics

partnership with MDR and SADARA is a

(MDR) for their operations at the SADARA

signature project that highlights customers’

project in Jubail, Saudi Arabia. SADARA is

trust and quality awareness in the Middle

a joint venture between Saudi Aramco and

East. Furthermore, the deal was secured also

the Dow Chemicals Company, which will

due to Al-Iman’s flexibility to accommodate

commence production in Q3 2015 and has an

customer requirements in a five-year

estimated budget of $20 billion, making it

rental contract, which includes complete

one of the largest chemical plants in the world.

maintenance and repair.

MDR is SADARA’s contractor for the

The project boosts Al-Iman’s overall rental

operation of mobile equipment, which will

& leasing fleet size to close to 900 active units

be supplied and serviced entirely by Al-Iman.

in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Since 2014,

The yard tractors are designated to be used

Al-Iman has supplied 51 Terberg tractors to

in conjunction with four Reach Stackers,

domestic customers who see equipment

also supplied by Al-Iman, in order to manage

rental as a growing trend.

SADARA’s container marshaling yard and




After Sales support in the Middle East and Africa SPARE PARTS

With the sale of a tractor comes the responsibility of supporting it. This is a responsibility Terberg takes very seriously, and the reason for setting up Terberg Middle East FZE in Jebel Ali, United Arab Emirates in 2009. This subsidiary focusses on providing comprehensive sales and after sales service to our customers and distributors in the Middle East and Africa. We are unique in the industry in having both an office and a spare parts warehouse in the region. As the number of Terberg tractors in the region has grown, so have we. Today we hold significant stocks: around 11,000 parts, ranging from nuts and bolts to engines, transmissions and complete drivelines. We mostly hold fast and medium moving items, specially selected for the tractors operating in the region and the requirements of our

The throughput of our warehouse has grown

and distributors, backed-up by our colleagues

customers. Our location in Jebel Ali, in the

steadily over the years, based on our growing

in Europe. We also provide local and remote

same region and time zone as most of our

market share and positive customer feedback.

support for all vehicle servicing operations

customers, means that we can deliver most

Additionally, we can supply all parts, including

and in the UAE we offer vehicle servicing

parts within 48 hours. This also saves on

filters, consumables and original components

contracts. Some contracts even cover

freight costs, compared with supplying

for tractors from other brands at competitive

vehicles based on cargo vessels, as our trained

parts from outside the region. Our central

prices. This gives our customers the

mechanics, supported by extensive stocks of

warehouse in Benschop, the Netherlands,

opportunity to simplify their supply chain.

spares, can respond quickly and fit in with tight sailing schedules.

can ship specialist and slow moving items at short notice, either to Terberg Middle East or

Terberg Middle East provides technical

directly to the customer.

service and warranty support to customers



Terberg Middle East wins Excellent Performer award from DP World Dubai

Terberg Middle East FZE, a subsidiary

of just 20 to receive the prestigious award,

Presenting the awards from DP World

of Terberg Special Vehicles has for the

and one of the few to be classed as a

UAE Region were Mr Masoud Al Noori,

second consecutive year been awarded

“Critical Supplier”.

Director – Human Capital, and Mr Esam Khoory, Director – Procurement,

top honours by DP World UAE Region The award is given to suppliers who

Contracts & Material Management.

provide exemplary performance and

There to receive the award for Terberg

From over 1000 suppliers that the Dubai

ongoing contributions to the success of

Middle East were Andrew Partridge,

based port operator dealt with in 2014

DP World UAE, and is evaluated across

General Manager, and Daniel Gambba-

Terberg Middle East was selected as one

the complete supply chain process.

Jones, After Sales Manager.

through their vendor awards program.




Amongst the biggest in the world Our joint venture with Sime Darby Industrial in Pasir Gudang produces terminal tractors for the Asia Pacific region. The YT320 (6x4) tractor is a very popular product in TTM’s markets where they are mostly used for Double Stack Trailer (DST) operation.


Clark Equipment, Terberg’s Australian distributor, recently supplied 10 YT220 tractors in a special version for onroad use. These units are customised to meet the strict Australian requirements for road vehicles, including ADR compliance. Hence they are fitted with anti-lock braking and mechanical steering and can reach speeds up to 80 km/h.





Terberg fleet increases rapidly at PSA Singapore PSA Singapore is a major operator of YT320 units and other Terberg vehicles. They currently have a fleet of 80 YT320 tractors which can handle a GCW of 110 tonnes and have proven to meet PSA’s strict demands. TTM recently delivered another 190 YT220MKII tractors to PSA whose fleet now consists of 567 of our tractors – the largest Terberg fleet in the world. All these tractors were produced at TTM’s plant in Malaysia. The PSA terminals in Singapore have a total of 57 berths and handle well over 33 million TEU every year. The large volumes passing through the port are the result of the city’s role as a hub between East and West and the port’s capacity is scheduled to increase to 50 million TEU per year. Singapore is connected to 600 ports, with daily sailings to every major port in the world. PSA was voted Best Container Terminal (Asia) for the 25th time at the 2014 Asian Freight & Supply Chain Awards and received the Port Operator Award at the Lloyd’s List Asia Awards for the 13th time in 2014. Tourism is also important and one of PSA’s terminals is adjacent to the Sentosa Island holiday resort.



A little help goes a long way As part of the TTM corporate social responsibility programme we organised an event at the AlFirdaus orphanage in Sham Alam, Selengor Malaysia.

The orphanage wat set up in 2010 and

Westports Malaysia

provides a home for 36 children, aged 2 to 12 years. Some of the children are

Westports is a multicargo port on the Straits

confidence in our products. This contract is

orphans while others have parents who

of Malacca with a capacity of 11 million TEU

the first ever lifecycle contract in Malaysia

cannot look after them due to illness or

per year and ambitious expansion plans. A

where TTM is taking the responsibility to

poverty. As the home does not receive

key element in the company’s strategy is

maintain the fleet throughout the expected

funding from the state other organisations

optimising the number of containers handled

lifecycle of the equipment. We believe this

in society have to support it. We visited

by each crane per hour, to offer container

new concept will be a market trend-setter as

this Muslim orphanage at the time of the

vessel operators a shorter turnaround time.

it provides peace of mind to the port operators

Islamic new year.

This strategy is supported by a matching

with qualified and reliable support from the

investment programme, to become a top 10

Original Equipment Manufacturer.” The new

During the visit, our staff learned about

port in the world.

units will be added to the fleet of 180 Terberg

the children and their lives, and had the

tractors which Westports currently operates.

Iftar meal with them and the carers at a restaurant in the area. All the children

Westports Malaysia, the leading terminal operator in Port Klang, recently ordered 104

In addition to the container terminal, Westports

received gifts of colour pencils and

YT220 MKII tractors, expanding the fleet to

offers marine services (tugs and pilots), liquid

crayons and we organised a colouring

200 units. Boo Wei Ching, General Manager

and dry bulk terminals, a break-bulk terminal

competition for them. TTM also made a

of TTM: “The contract reflects Westports’

and a range of value-added services.

donation to the orphanage to support it. 39




VDL Nedcar THE NETHERLANDS The history of the car assembly plant at Born, in

includes a large press shop, robotised body

the South of the Netherlands goes back to the

shop, paint shop and final assembly line. As

1960s. Over the years the plant has produced

the cars are individually built to customer

a range of cars, for different manufacturers.

requirements, VDL Nedcar uses Just-In-Time

Since 2014 production has been fully dedicated

and Just-In-Sequence systems.

to the New MINI Hatch for the BMW Group. VDL Nedcar has five YT182 tractors to VDL Nedcar’s 2,300 employees and 1,200

operate its Warehouse-on-Wheels concept.

robots work together closely in the highly

The company’s drivers appreciate the good

automated plant, which has a maximum

steering, ease of manoeuvring and good view

capacity of 200,000 cars per year. The site

around the tractor.

VDL Nedcar facts & figures 927,000 m² site 330,000 m² buildings 26,000 m² press shop 1.5 km final assembly line One of the most advanced press lines in Europe Certified to ISO9001 and ISO14001 Supports thousands of indirect jobs in the region





Trieste Marine Terminal ITALY The strategic geographical position of Trieste, in the northern part of the Adriatic Sea, and a water depth of 18 metres, make Trieste Marine Terminal the perfect gateway for cargo in this region. The terminal also benefits from excellent rail connections and is located in a Free Port zone. In July 2015 the monthly throughput reached a record of 47,044 TEU. Trieste Marine Terminal has been using Terberg equipment for around ten years and recently purchased 15 YT182 tractors from our Italian distributor Manuport and their partner Vecar. The tractors are fitted with dedicated Michelin X-terminal tyres and LED headlights to give drivers a better view and make the units stand out more in the dark. Vecar will undertake all maintenance and repairs. 42

Samer & Co Shipping ITALY Samer’s history goes back to 1919 and has been

strength for the special work we do. The

operating under its current name since 1985.

double-stacking of containers for RoRo-

The company offers a broad range of services

operations works really well thanks to the

related to shipping and operates a terminal on

RT223s: we can do it safely and save time.

the Riva Traiana in Trieste. The terminal can

The driver’s cabin is really well thought out

accommodate three RoRo vessels at once and

and the special swivel seat is also a help for

has an open storage yard of 150,000 square

the driver for speeding up the operations.

metres. Samer operates 15 RT tractors of

Finally, the tractors are really robust and easy

various models for RoRo operations, as well as

to understand.”

four YT182s. Samer’s fleet of tractors was supplied by Vecar, “We were looking for a special machine that

a partner of our Italian distributor Manuport.

combined comfort for the operator with real 43



Piraeus Container Terminal GREECE PCT is Greece’s largest container terminal, with a throughput of 1.6 million TEU per year. It is a subsidiary of COSCO Pacific Limited, a world-leading container terminal operator. The company operates both YT182 and RT223 tractors which they selected because of the overall price/performance ratio and good support by Terberg’s distributor, Sarantopoulos. Ioannis Chamos, PCT’s purchasing officer, commented: “We like the robust construction of the vehicles, availability of spare parts and the spare parts e-tool, good technical documentation and their smooth operation.”

Asyaport TURKEY Asyaport is a sophisticated greenfield

Uniquely, all tractors at this terminal will

After consultation with us and our Turkish

container terminal located in Turkey,

be powered by LNG (Liquefied Natural

distributor, Portunus, Asyaport decided

developed by Terminal Investment Ltd SA

Gas). Asyaport chose this fuel as it

to invest in 40 YT222 tractors, which were

(TIL). The deep water site is strategically

eliminates particulate emissions and leads

recently delivered. Servicing and support

located as a transhipment hub for containers

to much lower NOx emissions than diesel.

will be provided by Portunus. One of the

destined for the Black Sea. The terminal will

Furthermore, in Turkey LNG is considerably

deciding factors was that we had proven our

handle vessels carrying up to 18,000 TEU

cheaper than diesel. A local LNG distributor

capability by supplying a fully operational

and will have an annual capacity of around

supplies the fuel to the 60 m³ filling station

LNG-powered tractor for the GreenPort

2,5 million TEU.

located on the terminal.

project in Valencia, Spain. TIL also ordered 38 Terberg tractors for their terminal at Lomé in Togo, West Africa.



Sanofi Pasteur FRANCE Sanofi Pasteur is the largest human vaccine company in the world. The company needed a vehicle for their site close to Lyon to transfer products between production and storage buildings. As the area is very dense, with many delivery locations, it was important to have a highly manoeuvrable vehicle which gave the driver a clear view of the area around the vehicle. Low fuel consumption and easy maintenance were also important factors. After a careful consideration of the options, Sanofi Pasteur selected a YT182 with a 4,750Â mm wheelbase combined with a box body from a local supplier. They commented that the tractor contributes to safety on the site and has a low noise level, and also praised the effective cooperation between Terberg distributor Francetruck and the body builder.


The IJsselstein Run is an annual event. This year’s run, the 33rd, was held on 23 May 2015. The event raises

New born Terberg supporter

funds for two charities, Aktie voor Aktie and MakeaWish. Aktie voor Aktie supports children in a shelter

Elena Fiorenzuola, daughter

in Igaci (Brazil), to give them better prospects for their future. Every year, MakeaWish makes the wishes

of Fabio Fiorenzuola

come true of over 500 children aged between 3 and 18 with life-threatening illnesses. Terberg Benschop

(Manuport Italy).

participated had three teams in the run: one team in the 10 km run and two teams in the 21 km run. 45


Fully electric drive EV tractor helps customers reduce their carbon footprint The Terberg fully electric YT202-EV tractor has been well-received by customers aiming to reduce their CO2 emissions as part of their corporate social responsibility objectives. The reductions in particulate emissions and noise are also very welcome when operating indoors or in city centres. We are also supporting electric mobility research efforts, such as the Sea Terminals project.


Sea Terminals project in Valencia SPAIN

The EU is promoting projects to reduce CO2 emissions related to transport. Sea Terminals is an ambitious project which covers an optimised terminal management system, low-emission transport equipment and dynamic terminal illumination. As part of this project, Terberg will supply a

The Sea Terminals project includes public

fully electric YT202-EV tractor to the Noatum

demonstration days and will result in a report

container terminal in Valencia where it will

on the emission reduction options.

be tested extensively. It will be used for routine container handling operations and be

Terberg is pleased to contribute to this project

subjected to a strict monitoring programme.

as it fits in well with our Corporate Social

By now this tractor has proven itself both

Responsibility objectives. Some time ago

at distribution centres and in local delivery

we provided an LNG-powered tractor for

applications. We are therefore confident that

another project in Valencia, also to reduce

it will also perform well in terminal operations.

CO2 emissions from port terminals.

Sea Terminals The Sea Terminals (Smart Energy efficient and Adaptive port Terminals) project in Valencia is a TEN-T project. The project incorporates the lessons learned during the earlier Greencranes project (which Terberg was also involved in) and aims to develop further options for improving energy efficiency in ports. It covers both management aspects, port equipment (gaining experience with LNG and electric port equipment) and dynamic terminal lighting. Tests will be carried out at the ports of Valencia (Spain) and Livorno (Italy) and a partner in Estonia is also contributing to the project. 47


EUROPE Austria Terberg Nordlift GmbH Hamburg terberg-nordlift.de Belgium Terberg Tractors Belgium BvbA Oostakker terbergtractorsbelgium.be Cyprus Alexander Dimitriou & Sons Ltd. Nicosia dimitriou.com Czech Republic Linde Material Handling Česká republika s.r.o. Praha linde-mh.cz Denmark N.C. Nielsen A/S Balling nc-nielsen.dk Estonia Willenbrock Baltic OÜ Harjumaa willenbrock.ee Finland Sigma Trukit Oy Helsinki sigmatrukit.fi France Francetruck S.A. Goussainville francetruck.com Germany Terberg Nordlift GmbH Hamburg terberg-nordlift.de Greece D.F. Sarantopoulos S.A. Athens sarantopoulos.com.gr Hungary Toyota Material Handling Hungary Kft Budapest toyota-forklifts.hu Israel David Czapnik & Sons Ltd. Rishon Le Zion Czapnik.co.il Italy Manuport s.r.l. Genova manuport.it 48

Latvia SIA Alwark Marupes Novads alwark.lv Lithuania UAB „Alwark” Vilnius willenbrock.lt Malta Motherwell Bridge Ltd. Hal Far mbmalta.com The Netherlands Terberg Benschop B.V. Benschop terbergbenschop.nl Norway N.C. Nielsen A/S Balling nc-nielsen.dk Poland Toyota Material Handling Polska Sp. Z.o.o. Jaktorow toyota-forklifts.pl Russia AO Konecranes St. Petersburg konecraneslifttrucks.eu Slovenia Okovje D.O.O. Podnart okovje.si Spain Alfaland S.A. Madrid alfaland.es Sweden N.C. Nielsen A/S Balling nc-nielsen.dk Switzerland Terberg Nordlift GmbH Hamburg terberg-nordlift.de Turkey Portunus Port spares & services Istanbul portunus.com Ukraine LLC Trans-service KTT Odessa transservice.com.ua

United Kingdom Terberg DTS Ltd. Elland, Halifax terbergdts.co.uk

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AFRICA Algeria Sarl K.Om Algerie Ain Taya Benin Francetruck S.A. Goussainville francetruck.com Cameroon Francetruck S.A. Goussainville francetruck.com Chad Francetruck S.A. Goussainville francetruck.com Congo-Brazzaville Francetruck S.A. Goussainville francetruck.com


Congo-Kinshasa Francetruck S.A. Goussainville francetruck.com

Nigeria Paterson Simons & Co (Africa) Ltd. Brighton, East Sussex patersonsimons.com

New Zealand Clark Equipment Sales Pty. Ltd. Hornsby clarkequipment.com

Côte d’Ivoire Francetruck S.A. Goussainville francetruck.com

Senegal Francetruck S.A. Goussainville francetruck.com

Pacific Islands Clark Equipment Sales Pty. Ltd. Hornsby clarkequipment.com

Djibouti Francetruck S.A. Goussainville francetruck.com

South Africa Eqstra Pomona, Kempton Park eiegroup.co.za

Egypt Kabadaya Co. for Specialized Equipment Cairo special-equipment.com

Togo Francetruck S.A. Goussainville francetruck.com

Equatorial Guinea Francetruck S.A. Goussainville francetruck.com

Tunesia Dalmas Sidi

Ghana Paterson Simons & Co (Africa) Ltd. Brighton, East Sussex patersonsimons.com


Guinea Francetruck S.A. Goussainville francetruck.com Liberia Paterson Simons & Co (Africa) Ltd. Brighton, East Sussex patersonsimons.com

Canada Terberg Tractors Americas Inc. Miami terbergtractorsamericas.com USA Terberg Tractors Americas Inc. Miami terbergtractorsamericas.com


Lybia Sunrise Int. Trading & Service Co. Valletta sunrisetrading.en.alibaba.com

Argentina A.G. Pruden & Cia S.A. Martinez, Buenos Aires agpruden.com.ar

Mali Francetruck S.A. Goussainville francetruck.com

Brazil Rimac Importacao, Exportacao e Representacoes Ltda. Sao Paulo rimac.com.br

Mauritania Francetruck S.A. Goussainville francetruck.com Morocco Groupe Premium – SRM Industrie Casablanca Lissasfa groupe-premium.com Niger Francetruck S.A. Goussainville francetruck.com

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FAR EAST China, Hong Kong Sui Hing Machinery Suppliers (Hong Kong) Ltd. Shenzhen suihinghk.com India Portrucks Equipment Pvt. Ltd. Chennai portrucks.com Indonesia PT. Towin Innoven Jakarta Korea (South) Portro Co., Ltd. Busan Malaysia Terberg Tractors Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. Selangor Darul Ehsan terbergtractorsmalaysia.com.my Pakistan Karsaz (Pvt) Ltd. Karachi karsaz.com.pk Philippines Pink Armour Corporation Manila pinkarmourcorporation.com Sri Lanka Termss Global (Pvt) Ltd. Colombo Taiwan Accumulator International Inc. Taipei accumulator.com.tw


Thailand (Laem Chabang) Yasith Co. Ltd. Bangkok

Australia Clark Equipment Sales Pty. Ltd. Hornsby clarkequipment.com

Vietnam CICA Vietnam Ltd. Ho Chi Minh City cica.com.vn





































The Terberg company was founded in 1869 and is still fully family-owned. The group






now includes a number of operating companies serving various parts of the vehicle-related market. All Terberg companies aim to serve their customers in accordance with our core values: • ENTREPRENEURIAL SPIRIT • INNOVATION • QUALIT Y • FLEXIBILIT Y • CUSTOMER FOCUS • INTEGRIT Y



SPECIAL VEHICLES This division includes Terberg Benschop, its main factory in the Netherlands, and its subsidiaries in the Netherlands and abroad. ENVIRONMENTAL EQUIPMENT This division manufactures waste handling equipment such as waste bin lifts as well as related hardware and software. TRUCK MODIFICATION This division modifies trucks by installing special equipment (e.g. for container and skip handling), modifying the chassis, etc. The workshops also undertake truck repairs and statutory vehicle inspections. CAR AND VAN MODIFICATION This division modifies cars and light commercial vehicles. The modifications span a wide range: for wheelchair users, police forces, mobile offices, maintenance contractors, etc. TRUCK-MOUNTED FORK LIFT TRUCKS This division produces truck-mounted fork lift trucks. LEASING This division is the largest independent car leasing and rental operator in the Netherlands.


Terberg Special Vehicles P.O. Box 2 3405 ZG Benschop The Netherlands Tel. +31 348 45 92 11 info@terbergbenschop.nl


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