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The blue filt e rs are us ually not cons ide re d as t he t rue HEPA filt e rs be caus e of t he re as on t hat it us e s a diffe re nt s e t of t e chnologie s t o e liminat e t he pollut ant s from t he air of your home . Le t us have a look on it and it s main diffe re nce s . Be fore we go in de t ail firs t know what HEPA me ans . It is an acronym of High Efficie ncy Part iculat e Air. It me ans if a

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re move approx 99% of air pollut ant from t he air of your home . This t ype of filt e r ke e ps t op pos it ion in t he purifie r indus t ry. You can buy HEPA air filt e rs from www.alle rgybuye rs clubs, an online re t ail s hop for s uch filt e rs . The s e filt e rs ve ry e ffe ct ive ly re move t he polle n, dus t mit e s , dus t part icle s , cat dande r, rag we e d, s kin, s ome virus e s , bact e ria and mold form t he air of your home . You can buy it wit h s ome dis count s by us ing Alle rgy Buye rs Club Coupon.

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If you are an alle rgic pat ie nt and s uffe ring from acut e as t hma, t he n it is s t rongly re comme nde d t o us e an air filt e r s o t hat you will ge t fre s h air but air filt e r mus t having HEPA filt e r s o t hat you will ge t fully purifie d air wit hout any has s le . It is prove d t hat Indoor air cont ains more pollut ant s t han out door air. It us ually happe ns be caus e of conge s t e d build of home which blocks t he fre e flow of air. While building mode rn home s and office s us ually pe ople ignore d t he fre e flow of air and light due t o le s s building are a. It lat e r be come s t he main re as on for dampe d and pollut e d air in t he ir home but now wit h t he HEPA filt e rs it be come s ve ry e as y t o inhale fre s h air like you are in park or ope n fie ld. You can buy t his t ype of filt e rs from alle rgybuye rs clubs ve ry e as ily. You can als o ge t dis count s by us ing it s promot ional coupon which you can find at couponne xt we bs it e wit h t he name of alle rgybuye rs club coupon. Some pe ople ge t us e d t o t he ir air condit ione rs and ce nt ral he at e r s o much t hat t he y us e it all ye ar round and t he s e de vice s are als o re s pons ible for re cycle t he pollut e d air in and around t he home . Howe ve r ge t t ing rid of s uch dange rous pollut ant s of air is ve ry e as y by us ing prope r air purifie r. Firs t you have t o ke e p in mind t hat your air purifie r mus t be large e nough t o ke e p t he air in and around your home cle an wit hout any compromis e . He re t he blue air filt e rs fails be caus e it is not a he pa filt e rs in t rue s e ns e . It doe s not allow much of air and part icle s pas s t hrough it . The blue builde rs us e d a t e chnology name d

int e rnal e le ct ros t at ic ionize rs s o t hat t he ir de vice capt ure s e ve n a s mall part icle . This is re ally good t o provide you fre s h air but s ome t ime s it has s ome e ffe ct on pe ople who have alle rgy is s ue s be caus e of t he air which be come s ionize wit h ne gat ive charge due t o it s t e chnology. Though t he y adde d carbon s o t hat it can re duce t he out put of ne gat ive ly charge d ions by t rapping t he s e ions but it ’s not prove d t hat how much ionize d air t rappe d by t his carbon. That ’s why it ’s s afe t o us e only a t rue he pa filt e r. Als o be caus e t he blue filt e rs us e t he mult iple t e chnique s t o purify t he pollut e d air t he s e filt e rs be come s a lit t le cos t ly. The re are many good purifie rs which us e he pa filt e rs t o purify dirt y air and s t ill cos t re lat ive ly che ap. But what is t he mos t import ant is t o prot e ct yours e lf and your family from t he s e air pollut ant s of your home . The blue air filt e rs are ve ry good in purifying t he air comple t e ly. You have s e e n t hat how a t rue he pa filt e rs is cons ide re d as t he be s t and what is diffe re nce be t we e n a he ap filt e r and a blue air filt e rs . Now you can de cide which one is be t t e r. Charle s E. Lawre nce About t he Aut hor: Charle s E. Lawre nce

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The air pollutants mostly affect the air of congested areas such as schools, offices, shops and public places. These places have more pollut...