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Te Ranga Primary School Term 1, 2013 Draft Overview





Feb 4 - 8 April 1- 5


8 -12April


Monday Buses Run First Day Back

Tuesday Swimming starts

Wednesday Waitangi Day


Friday Yr 7 & 8 students start technology

Kiwi Can Programme 1.30 Assembly

Bus Warden Training

Start practices for the Top School Events Year 5 - 8

11 - 15Feb


15 -19April



Managing Self and Relating to Others


18 - 22Feb


March 4 -8 March 1Feb 25 –



29March 25 - March 18 - 22 11 - 15March


Parent Meeting about trips and camps


Meet the Teachers Whanau/Family BBQ

Goal Setting conferences

B.O.T Meeting, 6.30pm

Teddy Bears Picnic Supporting Plunket Te Puke

Comvitas Top School Event on Sunday 17th March

B.O.T Meeting, 6.30pm

Good Friday Easter



Work sample books go home

B.O.T Meeting, 6.30pm

Funky Fun Day Year 3’s

Work sample books returned

Funky Fun Day Year 4’s

Extravaganza Day

Please Note: These dates may change over time and other activities are to be confirmed. More information will be sent out closer to the event. We really appreciate and need volunteers to help take sports teams, transport children, being involved with the P.T.A and help with activities. If you know of any great learning experiences happening please let us know, so they can be considered for each term.

Number of half days - 102

“A school above the Rest” Our School Targets 2013 Reading and Writing Programmes set up to accelerate learning to improve reading and writing. According to the Ministries National Standards. Numeracy Focus on basic facts, mental strategies to solve sums according to the Ministries Numeracy Project and National Standards.

Key Competencies There are 5 Key Competencies (1) Relating to Others, (2) Managing Self, (3) Using Language Symbols and Texts, (4) Thinking, and (5) Participating and Contributing we will focus on some of these each term. School Values Talk to your child about what these values mean and demonstrate the importance of these. We will be focusing on these during the Kiwi Can programme Integrity - by keeping to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character. Honesty - the importance of telling the truth. Excellence - achieving high standards but understanding that learning takes time and has to be nurtured. Accountability - taking responsibility for our own actions and that there are consequences to these actions. Respect - show regard or consideration toward others. “Respect others and others will respect you.” EXPLANATION OF EVENTS AND ACTIVITIES




3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

Welcome Assembly – We welcome our new students to our school. Meeting in the Te Matai Cove Bus Warden Training – Whole school bus meeting and senior’s trained to be bus wardens by Constable Sarah McKenzie at 1.15pm Swimming – Swimming can be every day, please make sure your child has their gear. Weekly Assemblies – This is a time when we celebrate the great successes we have had at school. The students will be involved in a variety of ways including class singing, music, presenting awards, certificates and fun. All welcome Assembly – In Kowhai Class Wake Up Time (whole school fitness, singing and notices) – Every day from 8.30 – 9.00 Top School Events Practice – Senior students Year 5-8 will practice some of the Top School Events, including cheer leading. We will be running our own Top Team events from Monday to Thursday from 1.45 – 2.20. Heaps of fun, but could get messy so please send children with old clothes or change of gear. (We also need help with the teams if you are free, especially the Cheer leaders) Meet the teacher and camp meetings – Parents to meet the new teachers, have a family BBQ and play sports. A chance to talk about trips r Newsletter – First Newsletter for Term 1 Assembly – In Rimu Class BOT Meeting – This is at school, starting at 6.30pm. All welcome to attend these meetings, and an agenda is up in the staffroom before each meeting and in the community newsletter. If you would like something to be considered for the Agenda please ring the School. Goal setting conferences for Student Action Plans. This is for teachers, parents and children to discuss goals for the term, to share information and set up good communication between school and home. This is a very important aspect of reporting student achievement as this will help us focus on specific areas with the students. Please make this a priority to attend. Assembly In Pohutukawa class Assembly – In Totara Class Teddy Bear’s Picnic: Bring your favourite Teddy Bear to school. Gold coin donation to Plunket. Assembly - In Kahikatea Class Assembly - In Kowhai Class. Comvita’s Top School Event – At Paengaroa school on Sunday 17th March for the Yr 5 – 8 children. Please go and support Te Ranga. BOT Meeting – At school, starting at 6.00pm. Assembly - In Rimu Class Assembly – Pohutukawa Class Assembly – Totara Class Work Sample books – Sent home for you to look through and make positive comments on. Assembly – Kahikatea Class Work Sample books – These books need to be returned by Wednesday Last Day – Extravaganza - This will get messy so please send children with extra clothes. Everyone invited!!!

Newsletters Weeks 2, 4, 6, 8 & 10 please have information for the newsletter by the Tuesday of each week. Class Assemblies 1.20 – 2.20pm (Dates on term Overview) Gary Veysi

Term 1 2013  

newsletter overview

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