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NOVEMBER 2017 ’Tis the Season to be Thankful!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Color of the Month


We’re so thankful for each of your children! They’re creative, silly, and thoughtful (they even ask about their classmates when someone’s absent). It’s a joy to see their personalities blossoming and friendships being formed. This month, we will be focusing the topic THANKFULNESS. And on that note, please remember that we will be closed Thanksgiving week!

Questions? Please contact Mrs. Barry directly at

You can also reach Casey Zollinhofer at or on the preschool line at 804-741-6562 ext. 12.

Shape of the Month


IMPORTANT DATES IN NOVEMBER: Wednesday Book: Brown Bear, Brown Bear
 Chapel Book: Let’s Be Thankful Chapel Book: The Busy Little Squirrel Chapel No School! Book: Jesus is Here! Chapel

Friday 1

Brown (Paint Day!)

3 Bible Lesson




Triangles (Paint Day!)

Preschool Community 
 Feast - 11am No School!

29 NOTE: Please bring one toilet 
 paper roll for a craft project 
 by Wednesday, Nov. 8th!


Talking To God: 
 We can talk to God and He hears us



THANKFUL Bonus Topic Thankfulness

November Newsletter 2017  
November Newsletter 2017