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==== ==== Slow Computer Driving You Crazy? Then Check This Out ==== ====

Are you wondering "why does my computer run slow"? You must have a computer that is running very slow right now, and you are frustrated by it because you cannot complete what you want quickly. I knew I used to have a computer that slowed down, and after researching on the causes for a computer to slow down, I was finally able to restore my computer back to its original speed. This article will explore the main reasons for a slow computer, and how to fix the problem easily. 1. System Registry Errors This was my main problem when my computer started running slow. Many computer users have no idea about what a computer registry is, or how to maintain it. The registry keys in the registry are just as important as any other part of the system. They contain instructions that tell the hardware or software in your computer how to run. Over time, your computer's registry entries can become very messy, because the computer does not always restore the default settings after running the programs. Over time the problem becomes worse, and your programs will take a very long time to find the instructions to run properly. I was finally able to speed up my computer after cleaning out my computer registry. If you suspect that you might have errors in your computer registry too, you can visit my website link at the end of this article to learn more about the top registry cleaners. 2. Virus Your computer could be infected with a virus if you download files from the internet regularly. This is another reason why a computer may run slowly. If you do not have an anti-virus software installed on your computer, you can download an antivirus software by doing a Google search for it. In the case that the viruses on your computer become impossible to remove, you may need to install Windows on your computer again. Remember to back up your data too if you decide to reformat. 3. Insufficient RAM Insufficient RAM is also one of the reasons why your computer may be running slow. If this is really the main cause for your computer to run slow, you will need to upgrade the RAM on your computer. If you have purchased your computer yourself, you may already be anticipating this problem if you know that the RAM is low.

For a Windows XP computer, any amount of RAM lower than 512mb is probably insufficient to provide a good user experience. To check your own computer RAM, you can go to the "My Computer" icon, right click it and choose "Properties". 4. Spyware and Adware Your computer may be infected by too many spyware and adware. These files cause your computer to slow down. This is another reason that is very frequent amongst computer users who visit many free download websites on the internet. These spyware are meant to sit on your computer and track your browsing activities. They then send back the information to their main sites. To remove all the spyware on your computer, you can download a spyware cleaner from their internet and it should be able to detect and remove all of the spyware and adware.

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==== ==== Slow Computer Driving You Crazy? Then Check This Out ==== ====

Why is My Computer So Slow?  

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