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Welcome to the first edition of the TEQ\Sparks newsletter. We have pulled together our favourite and most interesting ideas to showcase some of the new trends and technologies that are available to us – as well of some things we just love

iPad Magazine

Packaging ideas

Gadget friendly jeans

Touchscreen skin

Music philosophy

Brands of the world

Interactive magazine example – “Wired Magazine” on iPad.

Who else wants a full refund every time your tube journey is delayed?

Pop-up stores

Gap focuses on fitness for a month in their pop-up store.

Access to self-training through Follow the picture above to get to the different courses available.

iPods, iPhones, USB sticks and more can all be accommodated in these high-tech jeans.

Well known lyrics set as graphical typography.

New ways to promote and display our clients products.

Tapping your forearm or hand with a finger could soon be the way you interact with gadgets.

Download vector logos of well known brands.

You Tube goes to Carnaby Street - Property Week

Sustainability Valuation Case News Legal Case News Legal Reports Property Law Professional Advice APC APC Advice Global Blog Jobs

Adium chat

Adium is a free messaging application that can connect to AIM, MSN, Jabber, Yahoo, etc.

Barcode extras

Attach photos, videos, music, text, pdfs, zips, etc. to any barcode.

Design your own dog food Lets its customers design the food they buy for their cats and dogs.

Free products for bloggers

Invitation-only event that gives influential bloggers free samples of new products.

Colour matching

Useful complementing colour palettes for design.

Search for a job TimeOut London PW freelance TV

Be upjobsto date with the latest About events and guides in London. More PW Video

Hand made fonts

Specially designed original You font sets.

YouTube goes to Carnaby Street

Tube goesshop to Carnaby Street Interactive front.

12:58 | 18.12.09 By Laura Chesters

Carnaby Street is hosting a street-level interactive ad from You Tube as part o

The linked LCD-based digital display on the busy corner of Carnaby Street an from one of five programmes from 4oD; Father Ted, Derren Brown, The IT Cro

Once a segment is touch activated, the system transforms into a screen displa Carnaby Street is owned by landlord Shaftesbury.

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CG textures

Every texture you can imagine at a decent resolution.

Vintage wallpaper

Original and vintage designs to inspire you and to use.

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