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Cause Of Mass De-Christianisation; Youths and Parents Accuse Each Other! The elders and the youths accuse each other over the problems of society among which there is inactive participation of the youths in the affairs of the society. As a result, the youths opt out or migrate to other places. Youths, it is alleged, challenge the Church to be more humane, personal and intimate, championing justice, respecting conscience and personality and providing fellowship and community. Christian message gives what appeals to the idealism of youths but the youths need to search and discover it for themselves. A central task of the youth minister is to help them, under the influence of God’s grace, to make these choices. It is difficult to communicate with the youths in matters of religious faith. For many youths, religion appears to be meaningless, impersonal and irrelevant. For the Church to appear in our generation as a loving family of God, a deeper evangelisation is indispensable. Through the ministry of the youths, young people are helped to realise potentials say; social, relational, intellectual, spiritual and apostolic among others, in most profitable way to themselves as well as to the Church and society in general. It should not be forgotten that the youth are growing to self understanding or self-acceptance. …with youth groups we spend more time speaking about human relationships and sexuality…speaking of God’s grace in the context of boy-girl relationships and sexuality can have the greatest effect. All this and more at; By Emma Teps (Read my other works here below) Treatment for skin - Weight loss plans - Easy recipes - Sweating treatments - How can i get girls - The acne - Cell phone tracker - Cures remedies - Diet- Easy recipes - How to tattoo- Cheating - About acne - Apnea - Diet-

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