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Next time you go to a movie, look at the opening credits. How many executive producers and producers do you see? They represent the deal - the investors who are part of the film and the money it took to put it together. Sometimes it's a big crowd. When a film is in the planning stage, the executive producer has obtained the rights to the property, such as a novel or play. The executive producer might have only the job of acquiring the investors but won't be involved further. Let's assume it's a man, although certainly not always. He might then hire a line producer to cover the day-to-day activity. In the pre-production stage of a film, the only crew consists of the executive producer and the casting director. Very quickly, they have to get the costume designer involved. The designer makes all the clothes and costumes and designs the fabrics, colors and sizes. So far that's the only person who might be in the running for an Oscar. Then it's time for the director, and when filming begins, the director is the boss. He is responsible for how the film should look, how the actors should perform, and what the audience will get out of the film. Directors vary widely in their styles. Christopher Guest and Judd Apatow encourage improvisation. Steven Spielberg and James Cameron take control of a project and give instructions that must be followed to the letter. You already know that Woody Allen, Spike Lee and Tim Burton are both writer and producer of their movies. The Coen brothers may be director as well as cinematographer. Often, one has produced and the other has directed. Some directors are a oneperson film crew, like David Lynch and John Waters. Clint Eastwood is one who's been called an "actor's producer." He's known for keeping a film on time and within budget. He doesn't demand take after take, and filming ends at a decent hour every day. Clint Eastwood, Quentin Tarantino, Spike Lee, Tyler Perry, Kenneth Branagh and Woody Allen appear in their own films. They're just a few of a much larger list. Others create their own musical scores, such as Clint Eastwood, David Lynch and John Carpenter. In the United States, they usually join the Directors Guild of America. Canadians are in the Directors Guild of Canada. In the UK, it's the Directors Guild of Great Britain. Directors can make or break films. Was it boring, moving along slowly? Blame the director. Was it tight and engrossing? Credit the director.

Who says you have to be an expert in movies? Do you think you're watching the most popular TV shows? Is your favorite book the perfect one for the book club? What goes into the production of a TV show or movie? We'll talk here about what's new or even vintage. Why not revisit a favorite movie? Or maybe you'll want to buy the DVD to enjoy over and over. What's the most talked-about book these days? Are you the first on your block to read it? Isn't that the best of cocktail party conversations? Or, if you're like me, you'll read a vintage favorite over and over.

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