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Web traffic is the life blood of businesses with a URL for an address. The amount of web site traffic that you get is one of the major determinants of how well (or how bad) your business online will fare. The more traffic your web site gets, the more potential customers you have; and the more potential customers you have, the more sales you can generate. It is clear then, what you have to do if you want your online business to be successful: you have to increase web traffic to your website. Let this web traffic guide teach you a web traffic secret which, correctly done, can lead to massive web traffic for your web site. The Secret to Acquiring Massive Web Traffic The web traffic secret itself is deceptively simple. It goes something like this: if you want to increase web traffic, you have to make your target visitors want to come to your web site. As you have been warned, this strategy seems very simple, probably not one you'd label as "the" secret to acquiring massive web traffic. Even so, it is definitely "the" secret to getting massive traffic on your web site. This is harder to execute than it appears on the surface. First, you need to do some market research. What would your target customers - the customers who fit your customer demographic profile - find interesting? You really have to conduct this research. Otherwise, your efforts to post interesting content on your web site may all be wasted. You can't simply post a viral video the likes of which you see on YouTube because millions of viewers will see them. Remember that you want to attract potential clients and customers - not millions of people who would like your content but have no need or interest in your products. After finding out what sort of content your target customers will find interesting, you must collect and gather such content. This can be composed of articles (which are great for SEO purposes) but you should also throw in some easy-to-load images (with Alt Text for SEO) and video content for variety. After that, employ all kinds of effective yet affordable internet marketing strategies - submit your URL to search engines, submit articles to article directories, submit your site to social bookmarking sites (StumbleUpon is a great choice), write a press release for press release sites to pick up, participate in forums and leave comments in blogs then and use your URL as a signature or as part of your comment or forum post, do some internal optimization or hire an SEO professional to

do it for you, do some email marketing, pay for some banner ads and PPC advertising, submit your site to free and paid online directories and, yes, do post your interesting but carefully selected videos in YouTube - then watch the web traffic pour in.

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Web Traffic Secret - How to Acquire Massive Web Site Traffic  
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