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The United States Military is almost completed with its special invisible aircraft bodies. This will help with preflight inspections, the required safety inspections and routine maintenance to our birds up and running. We have the most prepared military in the world and these carbon nano tubes with their transparent properties make it that much better. It is hard to inspect all parts of the aircraft, for instance the engine compartment, as it is covered up the cowling, it would be wise to make the aircraft cowlings out of transparent Carbon Nano Tube construction. There are endless applications for carbon nano tubes due to their strength and abilities to conduct electricity. In fact due to their lightweight, strength, transparency and ability to hold a charge the uses are truly endless indeed. One excellent use for transparent carbon nano tubes would be to make aircraft wings, windscreens and cowlings out of them for easy inspection and insurance that the engine is in good shape, no oil leaks, cracked manifolds or motor mount bolts lose or broken. It would be nice too if the valve covers were made out of carbon nano tube construction also. Windscreens made out of carbon nano tubes, bird strikes on the canopy or windshield would be irrelevant, as it is much stronger than Plexiglas and not brittle like regular glass, but equally as transparent. Carbon nano tubes are also bullet proof from small arms fire. Wings made out of carbon nano tubes you could insure the structural integrity of the wings and save thousands of dollars and lots of time on Inspections between sorties of blowing up the enemy to smithereens. In the future carbon nano tube construction will be easy and all military aircraft will have many nano tube parts. Additionally those aircraft with non-essential combat duties or mostly for logistics and did not need the transparency could opt for opaque parts, which when hit with a certain frequency from an inspector would set the machine to make it transparent for them to have a look see so they would not need to take them off and re-install simply to check and see if everything is okay. Transparent carbon nano tubes for aircraft parts will be commonplace by 2020, Composite is great, but the combination will be even greater. Think on this.

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