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Libya is home to several cultural sites such as Ghadames, Cyrene, Sabratha, Leptis Magna and rock art paintings of Tadrart Acacus mountainous series. Libyan Government has taken several crucial steps for helping to encourage travel and tourism services in Libya. If you are looking for a new destination, that is not for every traveler, you might want to consider Libya. The description of several important developments done in country for attracting more and more overseas visitors is given below. Airlines, Coach and sea charter services Libyan government owns Afriqiyah Airways that connects entire African Continent. From their official website, the visitors can get the exact idea about their timetables and destinations. Almost in every major city, international airports as well as national airport have been set up for the expediency of overseas vacationers such as Tripoli International airport.   Guides, tours and travel Here is given the list of all popular travel agencies that offers best services for visitors.

Arkno Tours: - It organizes cultural and tourism trips throughout the country. ABC Tours: - It introduces the classic range of trips to popular desert and other cultural sites of Libya. Medusa Libyan Travel and Tourism: - It introduces its services for individuals or group tours in Libya. Azar travel and Tours: - It specializes in Group and Individual tours. Sea Desert Tours: - This travel agency is dedicated for adding in comfort and ease of visitors within Libya and also arranges tours to Sudan and Egypt. Middle East Travel: - It provides the users information about accommodations in Libya, sights and cities, travel information and addresses of different restaurants. Shati Zuara Travel and Tourism: - It specializes in different fields of tours such as cultural tourism, Archeological tourism and Sahara Tourism.

Wessam Touring Services: - It organizes tours to almost all tourist destinations of Libya and also provides some useful tips for trip to the vacationers. Badran Tours: - It is mainly dedicated to expeditions of adventures and tours of Sahara Desert. Hostels, inns, hotels and resorts For providing a relaxed and comfy environment for the residing of visitors, several high quality hostels, resorts and hotels have been established in the country. The most popular is Tripolis Apartments that is made available for short term rent at very reasonable prices; it is constructed basically for attracting overseas vacationers. Other hotels are Zumit hotel, Conrinthia Bab Africa hotel, Sabratha restaurant, Al Badawin restaurant and many more. Several hotels have been also established in the country for the comfort of visitors.   Travel tips and health Libya is an extremely safe place for visiting; however incoming visitors are required to keep their first aid box with them. The water is drinkable, though the water bottles sold at hooks of streets should be avoided. For getting a complete idea about the visa and passport requirements along with weather conditions, one can contact their embassies.   Libya is a wonderful country retaining a splendid golden times and memories of several civilizations. So visit Libya and get acquainted with some astonishing facts of Libyan history and its incredible sites.    

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Libya - A New Travel Destination  

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