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Can Mitt Romney Beat Obama in 2012 It seems the real question now is can Mitt Romney beat Obama in 2012? Romney is the only candidate who has statistically had strong support throughout the primary process, and he also is going to get more support from liberals. Here are some reasons why I believe Romney can beat Obama in 2012. Senior citizens are worried they aren't going to be able to get the healthcare that they need when they get sick, as Obama Care seems destined to drive many doctors out of medicine and into other careers. Romney is going to get the majority of the independent voters to vote for him. Mitt Romney - You Can Win After his Florida win he could be on his way to a nomination, maybe. To this point Mitt Romney has spent a lot of money trying to destroy his most significant opponent Newt Gingrich and it seems to have worked. Wait a minute, we the people like a good fight but enough is enough. Mitt Romney's personality does not fit will with these attacks. Of all things said of Mitt Romney ‌ Mitt Romney Bain Capital Problem - Could This Derail His Campaign I did not think that the Mitt Romney Bain Capital controversy could derail his campaign. Republicans are supposed to be about the free markets. Conservatives are supposed to be for capitalism, entrepreneurship, and freedom.

Can Mitt Romney Beat Obama in 2012  

Romney similarly reversed his reformist views with regard to gay rights. After declaring...

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