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The success of a commercial web site depends on the quantity and quality of "traffic" in just the same way a brick and mortar business depends on traffic. Parking for instance is a huge factor when dealing with physical foot traffic. Neighborhood location has everything to do with the quality of the traffic a business can expect. When you start your Internet business you will have the same concerns only mutated a bit, people don't have feet on the internet. Web traffic is defined by Wikipedia as the amount of data sent and received by visitors to a web site. It is a large portion of Internet traffic. This is determined by the number of visitors and the number of pages they visit. The Internet is an "Information Highway". The first thing to adjust to when moving your business on-line is that web traffic is generally interested in information. The Internet culture demands more information about your product than customers ever have before. They trust the salesman less and they want to see some content and social proof. Lets look at increasing web traffic with metaphors from our previous example. You want web traffic to stop and "park" at your website, long enough for you to give your pitch. This is where content generation comes into play. They more you can inform your prospect about the benefits of your service or product the more interested they will become. Web traffic moves very quickly. To succeed you must be able to get them to stop and then you must keep their attention before they move on to find the "answer" to their problem. Mark Joyner in "The Irresistible Offer" says we have three seconds to make our offer...this is true in business, but even less forgiving on the Internet. Ewen Chia and Jo Han Mok, "Web Traffic Giants", have shown the basic strategies on how to stop traffic and then direct that traffic to your sales pitch in their one hour teleseminar given in Autopilot Traffic Machine Elite. The older more common techniques of increasing web traffic are given by the Wikipedia and include placement of a site in search engines and purchase of advertising, including bulk e-mail, pop-up ads, and in-page advertisements. Web traffic can also be increased by purchasing nonInternet based advertising. These methods have lost a great deal of effectiveness in the last few years and does not build "REAL" web traffic.

The more cutting edge technology of using social networks, blogs, articles, and participation in niche forums is outlined in newer systems like Autopilot Traffic Machine Elite. This is a tried and true way to stop web traffic at your website and direct them to your sales pitch. Chia and Mok call them "Feeder Pages". The feeder page is the employee who greets the customer asks them about their day, shares the news, tells about a new product and only when the customer is ready to make the purchase does the employee discuss payment and make the up-sell. Your "Feeder Pages" are the reason traffic continues back to your site. It is like the pretty waitress who inspires you to stop at the small diner and drink crappy coffee and greasy eggs for breakfast everyday because she always has a interesting story, joke, or a bit of gossip that you can use at the office. A place to stop. A place to park your butt. Claude Hopkins in his book "Scientific Advertising" makes it clear from the very beginning of advertising history that your sales copy (Feeder Page) is your "salesman in print". The second metaphor is location or neighborhood. In a brick and mortar business location is everything. No one wants to buy expensive stuff in the slum. The Internet is all the same street? Nope. Very much like the grid of roads that criss cross in a city the Internet is built up of a giant matrix. Instead of buildings we have web sites. Some collaborative websites like group blogs web out in many many different directions. These networks are now organizing along what are called Social Networks. Individuals are being defined by the quality of the information that they are known for. Good sources of info are shared between friends and this builds connections to that good source of info. With Social Networks like MySpace the individuals who are connected to these sources have spawned entire communities. It is called Social Proof. To be taken seriously and trusted in the market place you must belong to a network of individuals who will validate your information. Much the way location is evidence of Social Proof so is position in the "Social Network" crucial to real business success on-line. When you can pay the rent to operate on 5th Avenue in New York it shows that you have some clout. It shows that you are a member of the "High Class" community. To build quality traffic to your business you must be known in your niche as a competent and helpful individual by as many competent and helpful individuals as possible. With all this you still have one website that you are promoting. There is another level altogether that you may not have suspected. Modern Internet technology makes it easy to create what is called an affiliate network with services like ClickBank. To build real traffic to your product promotion you need dozens of websites promoting you. You would never have time to create and manage all these sites. Many web entrepreneurs have thrown their hands up in disgust at how much work was required to sell on-line. Autopilot Traffic Machine shows you how to create and pay a network of sales persons, all with their own website and skill set, who will promote your product for a portion of the profit. It is pure geometry. If you spend your time and energy and sell three packages in a month and make $ 300.00 you are wasting your time, when if you spend that same energy and time and sell

three affiliate packages who in turn sell three affiliate packages you have made $450.00. Chances are you can attract someone with a network and they may sell 10 packages to prospects that you would have ever been able to reach. To build real traffic you have to build a real web traffic system such as an affiliate network. Much of it has been made easy by ClickBank, at least the technical scripts and the payment system. Attracting and training affiliates is more of a challenge but offers wonderful opportunities to keep in contact with your potential prospects. You create more places to park and you access private neighborhoods that don't allow outsiders to solicit when you build your Autopilot Traffic Machine better know as an Affiliate Program.

Chris Titan is currently promoting Autopilot Traffic Machine [] Chris Titan is very interested in web traffic systems as they relate to Affiliate Networks and is currently engaged in spreading the gospel of the independent individualism of self employment.

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