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Well I think it started as far back as I can remember, playing on the streets, you know, because I had nothing else on my mind than to become a Footballer, even though I never knew that maybe I could earn a living through playing football, so I was playing football, just playing on the streets every day. It was hard for my family and parents to get me off the streets, to stop me from playing football, I even forget to eat sometimes because of football, so it wasn't me that recognized that I had the talent in me but the people watching me back then, they could see that the way I play and dribble, the way I play my own football was a bit different from that of other kids, they were the ones that started saying I think we have something special here and that was how it all started and I started believing it myself. I was just like any other poor kid growing up in Nigeria, from a very humble family, you know then we could only ask for three square meals a day and 'nothing more, and for me then that was the ultimate, food to eat, never At PSG thought about nothing else, never thought about getting toys or whatever indulgences children of wealthy folks get, because we were not that rich, it was just survival, so I grew up just like any other kid in Nigeria whereby food was just the only thing we cared about and of course we got to work for your mum, my mum had a shop so I used to work a little bit to sell things after school to keep the family going and at the end of the day I guess the game of football changed all that. For me I never ever wanted to settle for second best, even at that early stage, even at that level so I was a bit stubborn because I believe that I was good enough to be in any team in spite of the fact that I was still a teenager because I really joined Rangers International immediately I 56

finished secondary school, but the amazing thing was that I had started playing top football for Clubs even when I was still in secondary school so for me when I look back, I can say that was when I realized that yes, I am really talented to get to the very top, that I realized yes, the potentials are really here like everyone had observed, that must really be so good to have been able to sign for a top side while still in secondary school. The interesting thing was that my Germany trip was never planned, it was never really a planned trip, it was a friend of my brother Emma who brought the invitation letter for my brother and my brother was as at that time playing for the National team and already had his own plans to travel, so when the invitation came he passed it on to me and that June 2013

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