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Mudi's Success Factors In a rare but frank confession on the motivation that made him move mountain to set up the biggest fashion/style edifice in Nigeria, and one of the biggest in Africa, Mudi Africa is up with facts never alerted in prints months after the opening declaration of the MUDI AFRICA PLAZA, by the Lagos State Governor, Raji Fashola SAN, Mudi told THE EMPOWERMENT POST that: 'In truth, I was motivated when I saw what some other people that have not got two heads did in their chosen industry '' I saw what men like Nduka Obaigbena did to the media industry, how he changed the game of newspaper business in Nigeria to became multi billion naira business, I was marveled, I also saw what men like Tony Elumelu and Jim Ovia did to the banking world, turning it over from tally number days to a prestige and pretty bride like item. And I told myself with determination , I can do same for the style business by bringing more style into it, and to the glory of God, that is what I have done today, it is men like Nduka and Elumelu that spurred me to achieve my big goal'' HOW DETERMINATION DID IT · Things are not always easy as they seem, but to get things done, you must have a dogged determination, not to retreat once you get started, such is faith that saved MUDI PLACE · Determination keeps you going , it you resolve to keep going in spite road block that lay before it is your wake up call to

Accra, Ghana


human will, with no determination, no MUDI PLACE · There is no excuse not to win in your chosen passion, its determination that you really need, not negative talk, our creator has deposited talent in all of us, our lack of determination is the reason why many failed in their line of profession · ANY man can fall at first attempt, it is like falling on water, you are down if you stay there, what to do is stand and try again, I fell many times while building MUDI, I almost sold it for lack of money, rather I sold my other land to set up my dreams · Above all, money or no money, everyone must be class conscious, by that you will not want to compromise on quality, aim for the best and you get the best , for as a man thinks, so he gets.

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Lagos, Nigeria

June 2013