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hit. And I knew huge turn and when you are called you will have to wait for some specific instructions on how to move. You know initially I just got in and when it was not working, I had to leave and God gave me some instructions and when I followed it wow it was something else.

workers challenges, you see some times they disappoint you. You have the piracy that is one of the biggest challenges today. It is part of the word which is an abomination to the market and it is doing so well before you know it, somebody starts dubbing and selling them, you that wrote the song and the person that does all the production will end up getting peanut. That is one of the What is your advice for upcoming gospel artists challenges we have today. Thank you very much for that wonderful question Another challenge is effective workers. No committed because a lot of people are confused today because they and dedicated workers, but nevertheless God helping us don't really know what is happening and they don't really we are managing it by His grace. know how it is happening. My advice to the gospel singer is that any person that wants to sing gospel songs should How are you tackling piracy That matter is a very big problem and at this point I want take note of the following: to appeal to the Federal government to help us put some You must wait upon God for your line of music. You don't mechanism in place to help us check piracy because with just say because Sister Naomi is already there you too the increase of knowledge like the gadgets that are being want to go there, no that may not be your area of calling. invented today like computer and all other machines that Some are given the position of are invented is really making prophet, some are pastors, some piracy too to be high today. Even are evangelists some are miracle You must wait upon God for with your laptop you can be workers that is what the book of your line of music. You don't playing songs in your room and I Corinthians tell us. But today just say because Sister Naomi is wonder how we can check it, everybody wants to be an because each time I travel already there you too want to go outside apostle but it is not everybody the country to any part of that can sing that is given a gift to there, no that may not be your the world, I see our music over head a band. God may have area of calling. Some are given there. given you a gift to be a backup the position of prophet, some People just copy them from the singer or to write songs. You laptop, copy them from the web may not be a good singer but you a r e p a s t o r s , s o m e a r e site and get whatever they want can be a song writer. Then you evangelists some are miracle and at the end of the day we are can write song and there are workers that is what the book of left with peanut. So we want to people who can sing well but this opportunity to appeal to Corinthians tell us. But today use they cannot write. the government to help us check everybody wants to be an apostle piracy if possible. To my fans my advice is for them to find out where they belong but it is not everybody that can You at a point did dance drama because we have the head, eyes, sing that is given a gift to head a in your music but it is no longer there leg nose, mouth, hand which band. make up the whole part of the That concept was for evangelism body. The leg cannot do the you know a lot of people want to function of the hand, and the head cannot also do the see this thing practicalised in form of drama as it helps us function of the legs. So the problem a lot of people are drive home the message to our audience and it was really facing today is that they don't know where they belong, helping but you know we are at the consuming end, and it they want to do it because someone else is doing it. So my is what the market demands that we do. advice to them is that they must discover where God want So at a point most of our customers were complaining that them to operate. I am not talking of secular music here, am is not a drama and when the complaint became so much, I talking of the gospel music because for the gospel music it had to prayerfully, withdraw and give them exactly what has to be God, if it is about you, you want to do it because they want. somebody else is doing it, you might not make it there. So I want to advise every upcoming artist to go back to God How do you spend your spare time in prayer, find out what exactly God wants them to do so I am still a teacher and outside my music when I am not performing I read a lot of books and read my bible, I do a that they will not become frustrated in life. lot of research about the word of God. Another advice for them is that they should be patient and I read Christian literature and stay with my family, staying prayerful. Let them hear properly from God before they at home with my husband too. Sometimes I run out of the move. That is my advice. country to go and relax. Some people want to say madam come here, so I love holidays going outside the country What are the challenges having some beautiful time around the place. There are lots of challenges today. You know we have the 50

June 2013

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