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Specifically, have you advanced infrastructural The immediate host community had paid several courtesy visits development and to what extent in comparism with what to me, this is as a result of my relationship with them. They told you met? me that in the past, nobody knew whether they existed. The One of the major areas where we have recorded great success in visitation panel also mentioned it in the past that the host promoting enabling academic environment is the area of community was ignored but I have corrected that now. The infrastructural development through the construction of new other time when they sensed that there was trouble here and buildings, renovation of existing ones and procurement of people were criticising me in the newspapers, the immediate necessary equipment. host community came out on the streets defending me that I The Tertiary Education Trust Fund has helped us to develop our didn't know anything about the problem and that nobody should infrastructures. We equally reached out to the Central Bank of disturb me because 'the man is helping us'. When I was Dean of Nigeria (CBN) and they have helped us to construct a bridge Students, I never intervened in the student union election, any across Ikpoba River linking Uniben Ugbowo with the other side leader, Vice Chancellor or Dean of Students that intervenes in towards Auchi Road. Unfortunately, neighboring communities student union election is calling for trouble, so it is always good and some villagers have encroached on Uniben land. We have to stay away from their election, let them do their thing, equally reached out to the Shell Development Company and whoever wins is the person you relate with. They chose their they assisted us with a leaders and I allow them to G e o - S c i e n c e s function, for three years now, Laboratory and we have we've not had any crisis from admitted students for post the students, that's because of graduate studies. the way we relate with them. In our bid to strengthen Students are the easiest set of our academic base and to people you can deal with, all be able to compete with you need to do is to make sure other universities they get water, light and g l o b a l l y, w e h a v e general cleanliness of their embarked on bilateral halls, they don't demand relations, academic more than that and we are exchanges and doing that. collaborations. The hostels I met when I This covers staff and came in are not the same now, VC Prof. Oshodin right, Emeka Ogbeide & Sylvester Uyigue student exchanges collaborative research programmes, we've put tiles in all their toilets and made sure the toilets get 24exchange of publications, training opportunities, staff hour attention. If there is any need to increase any charge, we development and internships. We are currently partnering with explain everything to them why we want to increase, for several international universities as well as faculty based example, the maintenance charges for hostel. We don't partnership with a number of institutions. I am aware that a arbitrarily do it, we must discuss with them, you don't sit back in university is built around a quality library and today the your empire and say you are the- master, when you do that, they university under my leadership has acquired books, journals resist you, but, if you discuss with them with facts, they would and other periodicals that will enhance learning and agree, they are also human beings. The relationship with the research.We have also succeeded in installing through the staff unions; ASUU, NASU, SSANU; NAAT has been very support of MTN e-library facilities which provide access to cordial. large volumes of e-books. What was your motivation in seeking office? Ekehuan campus appears to be a sore thumb, what healing I know what was wrong here as a former dean and I have been measures have you put in place? able to make the staff and students happy. Promotion of staff are I have done a lot there as we have renovated the school and a lot done as at when due and it was not so before I came. I met four of people have come to say thank you. We have completed the years promotion arrears and as we speak, we have cleared the Mass Communication building with studio equipment though arrears. Before now the welfare of staffs and students were very, we are waiting for the license to operate. We were given license very low but we have taken care of the welfare of staffs and to test run the equipment. students and I do hope that my successor will continue from What has been your relationship with stakeholders Staff, where we stopped. Students, the immediate host community?


June 2013