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Short & Sharp We started banking reform, the first thing I heard was that in Urhoboland, that there will be a curse of the ancestors. I said they(ancestors) would not answer.They said why? I said how many factories did Cecilia Ibru build in Urhoboland? So why will the ancestors of the Urhobo people support her. We talk ethnicity when it pleases us. You said elections were rigged in 1959. Obasanjo and Maurice Iwu rigged elections in 2007.Was it a southern thing? It was not. CBN Gov Sanusi Lamido Sanusi For total and stable national transformation to take place in any country there is need for the people to be happy and the need for government to provide adequate power supply, construct new roads, evaluate polio, ensure job creation and do other things that make life meaningful. Former British PM Tony Blair

Assuming that we have 1.7 million that have sat for the examinations (JAMB) and we have 520,000 spaces, what are we going to do with the remaining 1.2million candidates? We cannot expand our carrying capacity simply to accommodate the remaining students without the expansion of our facilities. Our facilities as of today are basically for 520,000 students. Prof Ruqayyatu Rufai Minister of Education. Since el-Rufai takes pleasure in reporting what ordinarily should be private conversations let me also take liberty to report that he admitted to me on April 28, 2013, that what he wrote about me were the “impressions” he was given. That for me summed it up. My advice to el-Rufai is that you don’t collect some hair dressing salon gossip, hear say “impressions” and wild imaginations. All intentionally designed to damage others and bind them into a book without cross checking the facts that is intellectual fraud . Former CBN Governor Prof Chukwuma Soludo


As we join christians in the celebration of Easter, may we seminally and clinically reflect on the quintessential modus vivendi of Master Jesus the Christ who peregrinated this eulogiseable selfabnegation,mental magnitude, Spartan discipline, altruistic effusions, hierophantic candour and puritanical excrescence, the very qualities that have become a desiderata for our national resurgimento. Hon. Patrick Obahiagbon Chief of Staff, Govt. House Benin City

We hear all kinds of special words used, misappropriation, misapplication, even the word embezzlement doesn't mean much really, say it, stealing! Ole!. John Cardinal Onaiyekan

June 2013