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about me I called Wendy Elizabeth Javier Ramirez I am second basic, I am patient, caring, happy, little crazy, my strengths, I like electronic music, I like Bruno Mars, my goals, graduate, have success in life,

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This is an example of a quipu. This shows you how the knots and ropes work. Use this example to help you with the questions below. The dots represent knots.

a) How is the arrangement of knots on each cord related to the number below the cord?

b) How is zero represented on the quipu? Represents abig empty space after placing the knots c) How is the number on the top cord related to the numbers on the three pendant cords? Is the sun of the 3 or 4 cords

2. Write the numeral shown by the knots on each cord. #1 #2 #3 #4

3. Draw knots on the top cord in the picture below to show the sum of the numbers on the three pendant cords. Try to do the addition mentally. Then check by writing the numerals and adding them. Was your mental addition correct?

4. Two quipus are shown below. Each quipu has three cords attached to the main cord, but one was accidentally torn off. Luckily the top cord gives the sum of the number on the three cords. Fill in the knots on the missing cord (shown by an empty black line). Try to do the work mentally. Then check by writing the numerals.

5. On a separate piece of paper, draw a quipu having four cords hanging from the main cord. You might want to have each cord be of a different color. By placing one number on each cord, draw knots to show these numbers: 341, 87, 172, 634. Using the pattern of quipu place value, draw knots on the top cord to show the sum. Compare your quipu with that of a classmate. Do they agree? Are they easy to read? Discuss with your classmate what these numbers might stand for. Once you have your quipu created on paper and have discussed what is might stand for, come up to the front to get the supplies to make a yarn quipu. You will recreate your drawn quipu using different colors of yarn and putting the knots on the yarn where appropriate. You have now become an Inca Quipucamayu (this is a keeper of the quipu, an accountant).

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