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PARROT DOUBLE BOWLS add colour to munchies

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Enjoy a good grill on SAGAFORM’S PICNIC RANGE of kettle barbeques

Enough talk about investing in a new kitchen space, it’s time to turn your attention to what comes after. Once you’re comfortable in your kitchen; then starts the process of dressing it up. The floors might need re-tiling, the counters a little more clutter, and those walls more shelves. From exciting party knick-knacks to elegant glasses for an evening drink; from coffee and tea accessories to barbeque bites, there’s no better place to start cooking for kitchen collectibles than at BI&L. Serving up two new collections; with Sagaform from Sweden and Tepandine from Germany, you now have all the ingredients to equip your kitchen with all the fun and chic there is.

Have an appetite for something fresh, fun and perky? The Swedish brand, Sagaform brings chirpy and innovative collections for your kitchen and tables, whether indoors or out. Want to extend a warm welcome to new neighbours? Or simply play weekendhostess to friends? Sagaform has all the antics to have a great time with friends, family and even just you two. Founded in 1994, the brand looks to design all its vibrant ranges of household items in-house. Exhibiting its first collection internationally at the Frankfurt Fair in 1997, the brand immediately shot to fame with its original ideas for common day-today items. Regarded as one of the leading brands for developing, distributing and marketing Nordic design, every product is an interpretation of the Swedish design tradition. Sagaform products most often hold a special place in the lives of people, as it is a reminder of the good times. The Whiskey glasses which also function as drinking glasses for example, are a Roger Persson design and they join in the frolicking with their tilted base. Owing to the pointed base of these glasses they add an element of intrigue to their design when simply put down or left alone on a table. The hand-blown schnapps and martini glasses designed by Matz Borgström can be counted on to be the centre of attention at any party. Planning a relaxed day out in open? Sagaform’s Club Range offers the perfect accompaniments to your lazy afternoon; a Juicy Glass and Juicy dessert bowls designed by Lotta Odelius. These come with matching Juicy coasters, side plates, carafes, a Juicy serving tray and even a Juicy cake plate. Finally if you’re looking to organize a nice, good-old barbeque to enjoy the good weather, Sagaform has that too. Bring home the Picnic range with its Kettle barbeque and all set to grill away. The porcelain enamelled

serving up two new collections; with sagaform from sweden & tepandine from germany, you now have all the ingredients to equip your kitchen with all the fun & chic there is The TEPANDINE BISTRO TABLE is perfect for an intimate meal

bowl and lid come in a variety of colour options; blue, black and green. Planning a camp-out with friends or family? The Pic-Pack range designed by Linda Sjunnesson is a convenient, trendy package that squeezes in washable plastic plates, cutlery and plastic glasses enough for a party of four. Complete your picnic with the Parrot double bowls to enjoy those munchies through the day. Now that you’ve had some fun, let’s get down to serious cooking in the comfort of your home. Tepandine, founded by German engineer and industrial designer Paul Schacht III takes the form of the traditional Japanese Teppanyaki style of cooking. Born from the designer’s love for Asian cuisine, Tepandine recreates the interactive excitement entailed in the particular style of cooking. The brand first started out by fashioning dining tables in highest quality food-grade German stainless steel with a hand-welded cooking centre dipping in the middle when switched on and heated. A quick and efficient way to whipping up a meal, the Tepandine plates reach basic warm up temperature in 1 to 2 minutes and reach suitable cooking temperature in 2.5 minutes. From fresh seafood, healthy vegetables, delicious mixed stir fry, chicken fillets and noodles dishes; with the Tepandine range tables hosting a meal becomes a no-brainer. Having cooked to your heart’s content, a quick spray of warm water around

PORTABLE COOK TOPS PLAN allow impromptu meals at a friend’s or a picnic

the surface gives it a clean sweep after which give your Tepandine an hour to completely cool down and you are good to go enjoy the rest of the evening. In the age of luxurious lifestyles, Tepandine brings a stylish new range of premium foodgrade stainless steel cooking accessories that enhance the experience of true gastronomy. The Tepandine stainless steel Dining tables for example, come in different sizes and seat a party up to ten people. The cook tops within minutes light up the area where cooking can be initiated and with easy temperature controls lets you fire away a sumptuous meal. The Bistro tables on the other hand come with a 90 cm diameter and two versions; with a fixed stand and adjustable hydraulic stand version. Eliminating the use of pots and pans, these cook tops use a spatula to satisfy the needs of consumers through a bespoke service that not only meets specific requirements

of interior designers but also architects, homemakers, restaurateurs and even the owners of yachts. Tepandine’s Built-in Cooktops are another rave at parties, and come in a variety of rectangular or circular shapes. With Rectangular cook tops that are available in four sizes, this range adds a delicious sleekness to your culinary conquests. Another collection worth cooking for is the Tepandine Portable Cook Top that is easy to carry around and about. Enjoying the same features as Tepandine tables and Built-In Cook Tops, they come in two sizes and can be effortlessly transported in a durable carry bag to a friend’s house or an impromptu picnic. With so many reasons to cook, eat, drink and make merry, it won’t be long before Sagaform and Tepandine make a true foodie out of you.

Images Courtesy of BI&L Pte Ltd The JUICY RANGE quenches the thirst for fun


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