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Drugs and comments Dolores Janney Rivera Cocain; when she was Savedraa young she begin using drugs because of the stress about his childs and problems

Guadalupe Savedraa

Rivera Cocain; when he begin using drugs was in stage of tennagers and begin using it becayuse of the stress and the friends he had

Juana Judith Bustos Marihuana; she begin Ahuite to use it because she was tired of that type of life

Carmen Campuzano

Macho Cocain; she use to fill well and the best of the best

Luis Miguel Gallego Cocain; because of his Basteri friend he had he begin to use the drug

Alejandra Gabriela Marihuana; she use GuzmĂĄn Pinal drugs because of the type of music she sing and all that typesof things

Juan Carlos Osorio

Marihuana; because of the use of the drug he need to be operate of the nose because of the drugs

RaĂşl Araiza Herrera

Heroin; he use it because his dad also use it when he was young

Roberto Badeaux

Palazuelos Marihuana,cocain; he use drugs because of the pressure

Alberto Valadez

Aguilera Cocain; he use for support all the work he had

Britney Spears

LSD; she used because of the stress of being a famous girl

Paris Hilton

Ecstasis; used because of the pressure

Lady Gaga

Cocain, all types of drugs

The Beatles

Marihuana; was teh time taht the drugs begin to use

Justin Beiber

Marihuana; he used because of the pressure

Courtney Love

Heroin; peer pressure

Justin Timberlake

Marihuana; because the pressure to be a goog singer


Metanphetamins and cristal; teh pressure of singing

Naomi Campbell

Cocain; to be the best one of the world

Emy Winehouse

Marihuana; famous



list of people who use drugs  

is a list of famous people in Mexico and USA

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