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64 keys raised

104 keys raised

128 keys flat

2x 38mm thermal

1x 58mm thermal

1x 80mm thermal

Speed Cutter Paper journal E-Journal

20 lines/s no yes yes

20 lines/s optional no yes

20 lines/s yes no yes


LCD 2 lines 16 characters

LCD 8 lines 128x64 graphical

LCD 16 lines 320x240 graphical


VFD 1 line 7 segments 11 digits

VFD 1 line 7 segments 11 digits

VFD 1 line 7 segments 11 digits

Technical Specifications



Memory Interface

4 MB, dynamic allocation Standard

Cash Drawer

2x RS232-5V (RJ45), 1x LAN (Ethernet), 1x USB-device (Fullspeed), 1x SD-card-slot internal 4 bills / 8 coins

OPTIONS Interface


4x RS232-5V (RJ45) on second level, 1x magnetic card reader

Fiscal Memory


Clerk Lock

Magnetic key (DALLAS i-Button)

Performance, flexibility and customization are the key elements on which the QMP 5000 cash register series is built. Fully loaded with hardware features that other manufacturers only offer as options, the QMP 5000 simply delivers superior value. Moreover, the great customization possibilities allow you to configure your hardware with the keyboard, printer, and display that best suits your business. Even the POS software is already included. These attributes elevate the QMP 5000 to the most cost effective POS management solution available in the market today. QUORiON Data Systems GmbH

QMP 5000

An der Klinge 6 99195 Erfurt-Stotternheim Germany Phone Fax

+49 362 04 542 0 +49 362 04 542 12

Internet E-Mail

QMP 5000


Features - full complement & interfaces

Easy of Use


Choose from a selection of keyboards, printers, and displays to configure your QMP 5000 to the exact specifications you need. Taken together with the flexible QMP software, you receive a cash register that tailors everything to your own preference. Forget about paying for features and hardware you do not even require.

The QMP 5000’s great value derives from its substantial hardware capabilities. It now holds 4 MB of FLASH memory storage to help you manage larger inventories as well as take advantage of advanced QMP software features. The FLASH memory ensures greater data security and abolishes the need for buffer batteries. In addition, the QMP 5000 includes all the latest POS interfaces such as LAN and USB, as well as internal expansion ports for fiscal memory or other extensions. Besides versatility and performance, the QMP provides the speed you need for fast customer processing. The 32-Bit processor handles multiple tasks with ease, whereas the built-in printer prints receipts with up to 60 mm/s. Naturally, we have added the Easy-Load mechanism, so you can quickly reload paper rolls with no hassles. Fast, quiet, efficient. QMP 5000.

In order to continue our philosophy to make the operation of QUORiON cash registers as easy as possible, the QMP 5000 series comes with the popular QMP software. No need to learn a whole new feature set. Use what you already know and get started with your enhanced performance right away. It is backwards compatible to previous QMP models in order for you to easily incorporate the QMP 5000 into your existing QMP networks and deployments.

The included QMP POS software makes available a variety of cash register parameters, which you can customize to achieve an exact fit to your business requirements. Dynamic memory allocation lets you control, which parameters such as PLU text, taxes, condiments, etc should receive the most resources. As a result, you forgo wasting valuable memory storage on settings you do not need. Why waste system resources on E-Journals, when you do not even use them? Furthermore, the QMP software provides all the functions you need to manage your retail store or restaurant. To illustrate, use condiment tables and modifiers to generate additional retail sales by offering supplemental goods or more expensive ones in the same category. As a restaurant owner skillfully manage table occupancy and utilize the latest mobile ordering terminals.


Memory 4 MB, dynamic allocation Cash Drawer 4 bills / 8 coins Phone +49 362 04 542 0 Fax +49 362 04 542 12 Internet E-Mail sa...

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