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0001 starting point

architecture student portolio

theo svoronos




wall house elevation to the street

The residence is interpreted as a space in which 4 individuals form 1 family. Main goal of the project is to provide a calm and well defined center for the growth of family bonds, where as every member can enjoy the necessary privacy. As a result, the residence is organized in two zones around a patio: common spaces interact mainly with that element, while private spaces are isolated, with a view to the garden behind.

common space

to the garden

section a

a height corridor runs along the atrium. it is both an important common space for the children and the way to all bedrooms


a rotating concrete element transforms the facade into a wall, providing privacy to the atrium or operating as entrance when needed

plan ground level





section b


personal work 3rd semester






the bedrooms looking to the garden

section c

a-farm-ent block

The project proposes a new way of collective housing in urban areas: public spaces invade the building which in this way becomes part of the city.

The desired effect of the green 3d grid as the visitor crosses: frame from comic book “urbicante”.

The block contains 8 apartments, a laundry-mat and a restaurant (that are located on ground level connected to the streets) and 2 public balconies/gardens. The shape of the site is extruded in a large system of hydroponic agriculture. This system wraps both the apartments and the public spaces of the building, and becomes a screen for the urban environment, revealing a new way to see it and live in it. A metallic 3d grid is filled with the boxes/apartments. A central core of vertical movement is connected to all of the boxes as well as with every point of the “screen” with a perimeter outdoor corridor. personal work 4th semester

section a

section b

section c

city center



elevations section a

level +0.00 a

level +3.00


train station train line

level +6.00


level -3.00

main hall

peripheral corridor


entrance ramp to the main hall

mediatheque library other

masses are related with the surroundings by being formed in typical Greek building scale street access underground access

public passage with direct access to certain boxes

3 passages

section b

section c



entrance hall

plan +7.00 entrance level

car ramp

external gallery

opaque glass

museum ramp

glass skin cafĂŠ

external gallery

opaque glass blinds


the way to the entrance frames, between the external galleries, the horizon

view as the visitor enters the city: a strong impression to form a landmark

plan +12.00

plan +15.00

plan +18.00

plan +21.00

plan +24.00

exhibition box 1

exhibition box 2

exhibition box 3

central exhibition hall


entrance of exhibition box from the ramp

section a

section b

entrance slope and parking levels

external gallery, ramp and exhibition boxes

urban design

the w.l.d. The project is the design of an experimental theater complex that could compete with Broadway and refresh the theatrical community. We propose the concentration of the programs in a complex that is wrapped to become the INCUBATOR. In this way we have an urban object with qualities of smaller scale inside. “High line� penetrates this object and introduces it to the public. The 4 wrapping surfaces are equal to the total surface of the site: 4 NY blocks. Manhattan grid becomes 3dimentional: we form a 3D BLOCK The rest of the site becomes a park in which the element of the wavy line is paramount and suggests a hint of urban memory (the site is now a railway overnight storage). The curves of these lines form the theaters. The name implies the different character of the area, the important role it can have as an urban factor and the consistency of its elements.

N.Y. Theater City Competition by Archmedium

team work with: Bounia Katerina Kaspaski Stefania Kourakos Giorgos Tzioras Konstantinos 6th semester

experimental model

urban park A proposal for a deserted environmental park and former fields of almond trees in the heart of Athens. Main idea is to introduce the urban environment in the park and create an atmosphere that is, at the same time, familiar but new to the visitors. Elements as athletic facilities, an outdoor amphitheater, parkour and skate-boarding areas, running/bicycle tracks in the forest, fields that the visitor collects food and pays when he exits, cafes, a large platform infront of the lake and an environmental park are blend to achieve this new way of living the park. team work with: Mourelatos Agis Papadimitriou Maria Kourakos Giorgos 4rth semester

student competition for the recreation of the park “Antonis Tritsis�, 2010

section sequence

pedestrian zone

5th semester

start point visual stimulation

middle point

plan (area zoom in)

moving urban equipment in the plateaux



team work with: Mourelatos Agis Kourakos Giorgos


end point (seafront)

The proposal intends to unify two very important public spaces of Patras: the square of “Alonia� and the seafront lighthouse. The visitor has to define the qualities of the space by different proposed uses. The project is the design of a sequence of spaces that include movable stored urban equipment, accessible to the visitor. This sequel, gradually changes character: at first the element of exploration in a natural environment without visual supervision of space is dominant, while as we approach the seafront, the lighthouse becomes the main element and the environment visually and easily perceived.

gradual opening of the plants/trees. the visitor transcends the exploration stage to the opening of the seafront



Alonia square Visual supervision of the whole project

lighthouse tram station


kozani square The existing square lacks unity of space and cannot be used as a place for great public gatherings or function as a landmark/center of the city of Kozani. The project focuses on a liquid urban factor, protected from the street and connected to a pedestrian zone.

everyday use

The main idea is to combine the two levels of public use: everyday use and annual festivals/events. For this purpose, a thin net is placed above the square, defining its boundaries and bearing equipment (light, sound, boards) when needed. In the two protective green zones that provide permanent seating, shade and some small commercial activity, portable seats are stored, that visitors can place freely in the square and form different density patterns.

masterplan net level

Panhellenic competition, 2010 by the municipality of Kozani with: .27 architects Thessaloniki

plan ground level

great events


Chapter 2:


flow A video-art experimentation on the complex patterns of human behavior. The dance of two people getting to know each other and the flow of their essences.

cities of tomorrow Starting point of the analysis was the iris of the human eye. Experimentation on organic/natural forms and qualities. (sample pages from the final comic book)

experimentation on the qualities of the spaces created by linked forms...

exper. 1: dettached cubes

exper. 2:

plane and sphere

new links... a new composition... exper. 3:

...are constantly developed...

...until the end... ...and back to the begining

...2 planes...


...connected... movement...

both from the inside and the outside... the qualities of the cubic links..

Official entry in: Athens Video Art Festival 2010 A.s.t.o. Video Art Festival 2010

team work with: Mourelatos Agis Lafazani Marina Kourakos Giorgos 2nd semester


...a team work with: Mourelatos Agis Kourakos Giorgos 4rth semester

...and the organic ones...

...are totally different!

Chapter 5:

Chapter 7:



Chapter 6: development units appear...

the network evolves and mutates...

as the network expands...

...from linear... is trivial if the units are located...

...when the surface of the earth is still livable a dump...

...a desert...

mankind created cities in places no one had dreamt before...

and started linking them. ...a metropolis... 1

...or in some unknown city. geography is abolished as a concept.

2 organic...


...a web, that covered the surface of the planet and became the new earth crust

(Sense-Re)sponsive architecture workshop


Workshop theme: “...The next logical step is to put 'sense' to responsive architecture and create a context for the way space performs and the way it learns from the past: a sensponsive architecture.�


Kostis Oungrinis Marianthi Liapi

team 3: traces ceilling

The objective was to visualize the impact of the childrens movement in space in a playful way to trigger the development of spatial perception. We decided to use the movement of the child both as an input for the sensponsive system, and as an output (that interacts with another child)

1. non presence non quality non place

2. movement produces (de)formation of space

3. location of kid above is projected as a moving light to trigger movement

4. speed increases the scale of deformation



ceilling 5. children explore the attributes of the newly formed landscape Chr. Gourdoukis, E. Koumpli, D. Mairopoulos, T. Pankratov, N. Papavasileiou, M. Paschidi, Z. Peari, V. Tsemetzis, J. Zhou

6. older bumps shrink down as new ones are formed

7. short term memory: spatial qualities last for a little while

8. non presence non qualities non space

architectural portfolio 2011 - Theodore Svoronos  

student of architecture - works

architectural portfolio 2011 - Theodore Svoronos  

student of architecture - works