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Tentive Tentive is an ambitious project support organisation that focuses on the use of knowledge and skills to optimise your business processes. Tentive makes knowledge available to their clients in the areas of business consultancy, project management, business control, operations control, financial analysis and financial interim management. As an intermediary we operate in the area between the professional and the client. We take a personal and direct approach in our dealings with clients and professionals. To our customers it is crucial to have access to the right skills at the right time. Our professionals are always looking for interesting projects and the opportunity to increase their knowledge and experience.


Tentive professionals provide the following services : · Establishing Performance Management solutions · Draft and implement financial accounting and internal control · Supervision of business process out· · · ·

sourcing and insourcing projects Supervision and management of shared service centers Support with implementation and migration of software solutions Preparing budgets, forecasts, financial statements Project control and project administration.

Tentive can help in finding temporary and permanent staff


Tentive is decisive organization. Our personal approach makes communication easy. The business objectives of our clients is always our main guideline. Your business is our priority and our consultants give direct added value to your operations. By providing dynamic professionals for your critical business processes, we have helped a solid customer base to function optimally. The name Tentive is derived from the English word "attentive" and stands for listening, interested, attentive and alert . Qualities you can expect from us and our consultants.

Working with Tentive As an an on

a consultant there are many ways of working with Tentive. It’s always possible to enter employment agreement but we find that these days many professional prefer to work as independent contractor. Together we can determine the best approach. This can depend the duration, location and nature of the contract with the client.

We set a high standard for our consultants. The continuity of operations of our customers is of the utmost importance. You, as consultant, need to be fully concentrated on the assignment at the client. It is therefore our job to make sure the 'Tentive environment' is well organised. This allows the consultant to focus on the (often high) expectations of the customer and optimal performance of duties.

Network Tentive has secured a large and solid network of clients and professionals. We secure a firm position in the market via a continuous strong presence and by following all new developments closely.

Tentive operates internationally with a distinctive approach towards clients and candidates. This guarantees the Tentive consultant continuing and interesting projects.

Tentive BV Bavelselaan 1 4835 GP Breda The Netherlands +31(0)76—5658080

Tentive Company Brochure  
Tentive Company Brochure  

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