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Healthy Vending Over the last 3 decades, obesity has tripled in the us, and if no action is taken today's children would be the first generation in recorded history to get less healthy than their parents. Hundreds of lifestyle and culture changes have aligned to effect this variation, and hundreds of action steps must be taken to combat it. One important step should happen in schools. Many children eat two daily meals in class, and others visit least one. They deserve the best, and schools are merely beginning to recognize that. Although some districts are completely overhauling their school lunch program - Boulder, Colorado among them - others not have the resources to produce such big changes so quickly. Installing healthy vending machines can solve both problems at the same time: an amazing and immediate change that generates revenue for bigger changes in the future. What's more, healthy vending machines in schools may help students build life-long habits and learn about healthy lifestyles. Selecting the best Snacks In addition to hot lunches, most schools provide a quantity of other snack options to students via vending machines and snack bars. This can be to aid the institution earn money, but should such enterprises be done at the expense of student health? Nachos, candy bars, and cookies are hardly fair for supper, but kids have no idea any better; when in the option, each goes for what tastes good. Even adults are doing that, so no person would expect more self-denial from kids. However, recent brain research suggests that even into the teen years the frontal lobe negligence the brain that regulates self-control and judgment - has re-structured and developed. Which makes it even harder for teenagers to resist the need to experience a candy bar as opposed to to have an average adult. Therefore, it's much more critical that responsible grownups make important options for students that will assist them eat right now and learn how to choose to do so later on. A healthy vending machine in the school building is a sure way to get started on that process. Filled completely with nutritious options, kids can learn that "healthy" doesn't mean "gross" and can are coming to take advantage of the taste and outcomes of fueling their health with something substantial. That is a lesson which will pay dividends through out their lives. Multi-Media Health Education Today's youth really are a technology generation, with no doubt about this. Texting, gaming, online community, and YouTubing all comprise the language kids speak, however foreign that language is to parents. To educate them effectively, anyone with a communication for young students has to communicate you might say they understand. No person would guess a vending machine could make it happen. Some innovative healthy vending machines include LCD screens that include educational information both on the snacks inside machine and also on healthy tips generally speaking. With state-of-the-art technology and bold graphics, these machines market themselves to the younger generation, but instead of deceiving consumers into buying something they don't really need, they encourage them to get the best possible choice with regards to snacking at school.

Healthy Vending  

The reason that healthy vending is changing every aspect of the vending machine industry is because with skyrocketing obesity rates

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