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The Pain Management Benefits Of A TENS Machine TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. This technique of pain management

is used and supported by virtually every hospital in the UK. Pain Clinics, Maternity units, Physiotherapists, Post Operative Wards, Macmillan Nurses etc. TeNS can be used wherever pain is a major issue. TeNS is easy and pleasant to use. There are no side effects and you can use it alongside any other medication without fear of interference. (People fitted with a cardiac pacemaker are advised not to use TeNS unless under medical direction). It is completely portable and will not interfere with your normal activities. A 30 minute treatment can provide many hours of significant or total relief of even the most chronic pain. How does a TENS machine work? A TENS machine is a battery operated electronic device. It generates a tiny but very special electrical impulse which, when applied to the skin (usually around the area of pain), stop the transmission of pain signals to your brain. No pain signals - no pain! TENS machines also have a secondary function by encouraging the release of endorphins in the body. Endorphins are the body’s natural pain relief chemicals. They interact with pain receptors in a similar way to pain relief medication (but without any of the side effects).

What sort of pain is a TENS machine effective on? TENS machines can significantly reduce and in many cases eliminate both chronic and acute pain from almost any cause including (and in no specific order):

post operative pain

Arthritis and joint pain

Back pain

Muscle pain

Pain resulting from sports injuries



Menstrual Pain




……..and many more

Benefits of a TENS Machine If you have persistent and severe pain then you could should always talk to your doctor about the benefits of using a TENS machine. TENS machines offer a number of benefits including:

Non- invasive – TENS machines are easy to use and do not require any special training. They are a non-invasive and manageable way to relieve pain and can be used with total safety alongside any drugs you may be taking.

Portable – TENS machines are portable, handheld devices. You can use them anywhere in almost any situation whether at home or travelling. Being small and lightweight they can be stored away easily when not in use.

No side effects – TENS machines no side effects and are perfectly safe to use at home independently or as part of any other therapy you may be using.

Self management – patients that suffer from chronic pain cannot rely on medication alone. Continuous use of pain medication can result in serious side effects and sometimes dependence. TENS machines do not have any side effects or addictive properties. They encourage patients to self management their symptoms and avoid heavy reliance on drugs.

Cost effective – it is much more cost effective to use TENS machines for pain relief than expensive prescription medications.

The use of TENS machines is encouraged for people suffering from chronic and acute pain. This form of electrotherapy can help to prevent the need for powerful pain-killing medication. You can use a TENS machine effectively as part of a pain management system.

The Pain Management Benefits Of A TENS Machine  

A TENS machine is a battery operated electronic device. It generates a tiny but very special electrical impulse which, when applied to the s...