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Legal Recruitment News - Careers Newsletter April 2011 Sponsored by Ten-Percent Legal Recruitment - supplying permanent and temporary lawyers & legal support staff since April 2000. Contents: Interview Training Online - new for April 2011 The Ultimate Training Contract Pack - save £100 - new for April 2011 Interview Question & Suggested Answers x 4 - New Series for April 2011 Salary Reviews Available Online Legal Career Coaching - Tuesday 10th May, central London Legal Job Market Report 9th April 2011 Online Interview Training Pack for Lawyers Ten-Percent Legal Careers have released a new Legal Interview Training Pack. Available immediately, this pack includes 105 minutes of online video, over 25 interview questions with sample answers and feedback/advice, 3 pre-interview written exercises and 300+ sample interview questions to practice. Suitable for law graduates, paralegals, solicitors, barristers, executives, in house legal staff and support staff attending interviews with law firms, in house legal departments and other employers. Particularly suitable for training contract interviews, pupillage interviews, work & vacation placement interviews and qualified lawyer interviews. The Course includes 13 short films covering a range of different interview questions including: Questions about academic grades, personal questions, competency based interview questions, questions to ask at the end of the interview and legal problem questions. There are over 25 interview questions with sample answers/feedback and 3 written exercises with sample responses and feedback. For further details please click the link below. The Training Contract Pack Save over £100. The Training Contract Pack includes training and advice on making job applications, preparing a CV, completing application forms, attending interviews and assessment days. The pack includes our Interview Training Pack, CV Writing Pack, Assessment Day Training Pack & Application Form Advice. Legal Career Coaching, London 10th May We still have a couple of appointments available on the above date. You can get advice on changing careers, changing fields of law, advancing your careers, interview practice, career assessments, advice on progression, training contract applications, starting out in law, and many more. We have been providing this service since 2011. You can get further information about our career coaching at We offer a special hourly rate on this date or alternatively you can order the full package. For further details please visit our Legal Careers Shop, email or go to Interview Questions and Suggested Answers - New Series We are due to be publishing a new guide to over 250 interview questions with suggested answers and guidance. As we work towards completion of this project we will include sample questions here. Interview Question – Why haven’t you had many interviews?

This question will have followed a previous one discussing the number of interview applications you have made. You will probably have given an answer to say that you have applied to lots of places. The best way of giving you advice on this is to take a step back and go to the previous question which in all likelihood you have probably answered incorrectly by giving away that you have applied to lots or places. However, if you find yourself in this situation the best way of answering it is probably to dig yourself out of the hole and concentrate on something positive about the interviews you have had or if not to get the conversation back to the interview you are currently having. For example “I have a number of applications outstanding at present and anticipate a response in the next few weeks. However I am very keen to progress my application with your company and hope that you think I am a good fit.” Or; “It is a difficult market at present and I am very grateful for you giving me the opportunity to be interviewed here. I think that my skills and experience fit the job description you have and I hope you see this as well.” There is no right or wrong approach to this question as it is one asked when you have gone down the wrong route by revealing the number of interviews you have had. Try to deflect any attention away from the number of interviews you may or may not have had and onto the present interview. Interview Question – Are you going to take the job? (in response to previous question about being offered jobs elsewhere). This interview question is again one that has followed on from a previous route that you probably were not best advised going down by revealing that you have been offered jobs elsewhere informing companies that you have been offered positions can be a double edged sword. on the one hand it demonstrates to a company that you are someone who is going to be in demand, yet on the other hand it almost makes it look as if you are really not bothered whether the current company offer you a job or not. Be very careful how you word this. An example would be; “I want to consider all options before making a final decision. I feel it important to have all the cards on the table so to speak before I come to a final decision, and I am very keen to progress my application with your company.” Or; “I think it is important to have something in reserve in case I am not successful with your company. I am obviously very keen to progress my application with you in the first instance.” Interview Question – Why do you think you haven’t been offered a job as yet? (in response to a question about the number of interviews you have had already). This is a presumptuous question and it is important not to get taken down the route the interviewer is obviously wanting you to go down. Think like a politician – you do not need to give a completely honest answer and you can deflect the question away to a certain extent. A potential response could be;

“I am waiting on a number of interviews and it will be nice to think that I will have a couple of offers on the table to consider, although obviously I am extremely keen on your firm or company as a first choice.” If you have had a number of interviews and were rejected then before you go for your next interview it is worthwhile making an application somewhere else and hoping that this is not considered before you attend your next interview. It means that you are able to give a response to this question or similar ones to say that you currently have applications or matters outstanding and that you are awaiting a response from them. This means that you do not need to deliberately mislead the interviewer and can be completely honest when you give this answer. Another response would be; “I am waiting to hear from a couple of applications but I have been very targeted and tried to apply to companies specifically dealing with x. I think it is important to have back up options but I am very keen to join your company as my first choice .” Interview Question – Are you a leader? This is a very difficult question to respond to if you have not prepared thoroughly and researched the role you are applying for. Too many people tend to assume that everyone is looking to recruit leaders or future potential leaders when very often this is completely untrue. Most companies are looking for somebody to fill specific roles and if that role involves management or leadership then you need to give a positive response to this question. If however you are applying for a team player position or a role at a junior level, you need to avoid giving a fully positive response. After all, if you were a manager looking to recruit members of our team would you really want someone who claimed to be a natural leader working for you? It is highly unlikely that in this scenario you would be asked this question with the expectation that you gave an affirmative response. So your answer has to depend very much on the job you are applying for. Typical answers are; “Yes. If I need to be a leader I have demonstrated my capability on numerous occasions in various roles. These include (e.g.) managing a team of five with responsibility for a budget of x and receiving leadership and management training to enable me to do this over a 5 year period, culminating in an MBA.” “If a role demanded it I am capable of providing good leadership, as demonstrated by x, but similarly I work well as a team member under a manager and am quite willing and able to perform tasks delegated to me.” “No and I do not expect to be in the future. I have always worked well as a member of a team under the guidance of a manager and my managers have always appreciated the input that I am able to give them working at that level.” Legal Job Market Report 9th April 2011 from Ten-Percent Legal Recruitment Hello and welcome to the April edition of Legal Recruitment News. In this edition you will find our monthly legal job market report, a selection of candidates registered in the last 4 weeks and articles on website robots, a business opportunity providing bolt-on legal services and the duty solicitor transfer window. We are now extremely busy after a slow start. The recruitment market is a little like the housing market - it follows world events and the weather fairly closely. When the Japanese earthquake hit, recruitment stopped. The nuclear leak similarly slowed us down, together with the initial uprisings in Libya. The same happened back in 2003 when the Gulf War started, despite it being a boom

period and lots of interviews arranged etc.. The outlook for 2011 remains positive. The recent Report on Jobs from the REC and KPMG indicates that salaries are now at an 8 month high and availability of candidates has declined. Certainly we are seeing a good number of candidates who have been looking for over 2-3 months for posts are starting to get back to us and say that they have now found something. We got a number of new sign ups for the Ten Percent Unlimited service (fixed fee recruitment services for 12 months) and think this is a good indicator for activity in the legal job sector over the next 3 to 6 months. In March we had 48 vacancies registered (nearly a 100% increase on February), 10 interviews and 144 candidate registrations (solicitors, fee earners and legal support staff candidates). This month will see the duty solicitor rota deadlines in April impacting on our business. In quite a large number of areas there is plenty of activity for solicitors between 1 and 10 years PQE, and most of our business is still from our candidate updates and firms making speculative enquiries about these or by searching our candidate database. Jonathan Fagan, MD Ten-Percent Legal Recruitment. Ten-Percent Legal Recruitment maintains a database of over 8,000 solicitors, legal executives, fee earners, legal cashiers and office managers - available to search online. Links: Search our Vacancies Register Vacancies Online About Ten-Percent Legal Recruitment Ten-Percent Foundation - Charitable Trust The Solicitors Regulation Authority and the Will Writers Firm - Update An update on our article last month. The will writing firm in question have now responded - - please visit for further details. Free CV Review for Volunteers - Update Ten-Percent Careers Shop ( is currently putting together a number of online legal careers and CV Training packages. We got a large number of volunteers for CV reviews and hope to be in touch with the lucky five in the next two weeks. Our apologies for the delay. Salary Review Update The Ten-Percent Legal Salary Survey is available online - Click the link below to view the surveys, which are broken down into geographical areas: Our most recent Crime Solicitor salary list is available on our blog at About Ten-Percent Legal Recruitment Formed in April 2000, Ten-Percent is an innovative recruitment service run online for law firms and employers across the UK and offshore. Over 1,300 law firms and companies have used our services, and we have over 8,000 solicitors & legal executives registered for opportunities, as well as other fee earners and support staff. We donate 10% of our annual profits to charity.

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