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Supporter Review 2016/17

Thanks to you Dear Supporter Welcome to our latest Supporter Review. It’s our chance each year to say a huge thank you and let you know how your support has really helped us make a difference. It’s been another busy twelve months for us and we’ve seen demand for our services increase again. I’m so proud to say that for another year running, we’ve supported more people affected by cancer than ever before. We were there for those dealing with a diagnosis, going through treatment or coping with the loss of a loved one. Our staff gave thousands of hours of practical advice, emotional support and treatment to cancer patients and their families. We also funded around £1 million of cancer research through our PhD Studentships and iGrants. We’re currently funding some of the most cutting-edge projects, as well as those that support people living with cancer today. It’s your generosity, hard work, time and commitment that has made all this possible. Last year our volunteers gave an amazing 300,000 hours and our shops, fundraisers and donors helped us raise just over £9 million. An incredible figure, which will mean we can continue to support cancer patients and their loved ones. We want this money to go as far as possible, so we’re looking at how we can work more cost-effectively. We need the help of supporters like you for this, and you can find out more on how to do your bit on page 9. Thank you once again for everything you do. We simply can’t do it without you.

Claudia McVie Chief Executive

Richard Sims Chair of the Board of Trustees

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future where no one dies of cancer

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Thanks to you we’re supporting people through song At the start of this year we announced the results of some really exciting research on the benefits of singing. By taking saliva samples from around 200 of our choir members before, and after rehearsal, we were able to show that singing reduced their anxiety, depression and stress levels. It even helped boost their immune system, something that’s really beneficial for people with, or recovering from cancer. We wanted to expand this research further and we’re now working on a two year study with the Royal College of Music and the Royal Marsden Hospital. We launched two new choirs in London and now have 19 choirs supporting nearly 1,500 people through singing every week. People like Howard.

£24 means that one person affected by cancer can be supported by their local Sing with Us choir for a month, helping them to cope with cancer treatment or losing a loved one.

Meet Howard

Howard is a member of our Sing with Us choir in Bridgend and his grandchildren Morgan and Seren sing with their mum in our Merthyr choir.

I looked on Youtube to see a video of my daughter singing in her choir, and I was so knocked out by the sound, it made me want to join. It was so emotional as I’ve lost six members of my family to cancer. She said to me, ‘Dad, why don’t you join’ so I went along to my local choir and met all these new people. When I started singing I realised how much I enjoyed it. I’ve always been a lover of music and it was just so different from everything else I do. The choir is so worth it. We get so much out of it. Camaraderie, the family spirit, making new friends and it’s fun. We have a laugh and a joke. It’s a social thing as well as a positive thing. So many people have said to me that on a rainy day they don’t want to come out to rehearsal, but after they’ve been they feel so much better. It’s uplifting! It’s a wonderful thing and the more choirs there are the better!


Thanks to you we’re funding £1 million of cancer research every year This year, as well as continuing to fund our existing projects, we confirmed funding for five Knowledge Economy Skills Scholarships (KESS) projects and six new iGrants. This research is looking at the most common cancers, including breast, prostate, bowel and lung. We want a future where no one dies of cancer and thanks to your help, we’re getting closer every day. Meet Sarah, one of our cancer researchers. Sarah has recently started her three year PhD which is looking into immunotherapy, an exciting new area of cancer treatment that allows a person’s immune system to identify and attack cancer cells. This saves the need for treatments like chemotherapy which have nasty side effects.

My PhD aims to better understand why a new type of cancer treatment, ‘Rapid TIL’ immunotherapy, cures 35% of patients with end-stage metastatic melanoma. This new understanding will then be used to try and replicate this success in other patients and with other types of cancer.


Thanks to gifts in Wills we’re getting closer to a future where no one dies of cancer Writing a Will is really important as it gives you peace of mind and means you can decide what happens after you’re gone. After taking care of family and friends, many people also decide to leave a gift to charity when making their Will, to make sure the support for the causes they care about lives on as their legacy. Making a Will doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. Hundreds of people have made or updated their Will for free through our Will writing service. It’s something we offer our supporters who are 50 and over, and whilst there’s no obligation to leave us a gift, many people kindly choose to do so. These gifts for the future not only fund vital cancer research, they help keep our services running too.

I joined my local Sing with Us choir and found out about Tenovus Cancer Care’s free Will writing service. We wanted to offer support to others at a time when they feel most vulnerable. We hope that cancer patients in the future may benefit from our donation to Tenovus Cancer Care in our Will.

Our next Free Wills Month will be in March. There are a limited number of appointments available, so register your interest early to make sure you don’t miss out. You can call our friendly Legacy Team for a confidential chat on 029 2076 8859 or visit 6

Thanks to you our nurses are just a call away This year our Support Line handled over 12,500 calls from people affected by cancer. Ours is the only nurse-led telephone service that deals with all types of questions about all types of cancer. We’re open 8am - 8pm, 365 days a year, meaning we’re there when other lines aren’t. As well as taking calls, we also offer a Callback service which supports patients going through treatment with regular calls. This service is particularly important as it supports many cancer patients who don’t have a Clinical Nurse Specialist or may not know who their NHS Key Worker is. This year 600 patients benefitted from this service which is an increase of 50% on last year. Our Support Line helps lots of people. Meet Elaine who used the service when she was diagnosed with cancer four years ago. She’s since volunteered with us, and is now one of our Support Line nurses.

I phoned the Support Line when I was really at my lowest. But the nurse at the end of the phone just put me at ease. It was such a relief to know things had been taken care of. That I could relax about it. I thought if I can do that for someone else, then that would be really amazing. I worked for many years as a nurse and helping people is all I’ve ever wanted to do. I wanted to use my experience of cancer and of Tenovus Cancer Care’s services for something positive. Being able to work on the Support Line has meant that I can help people that are in the same position I was. To help somebody relax, to feel calmer and even to smile, makes me feel really good. If I can just take that weight off their shoulders, then it’s all been worthwhile. I never thought I would find another job that would give me the same sense of achievement, but this does.


Meet Elaine

ÂŁ15 covers the cost of making or receiving a call to our free Support Line, so anyone frightened or worried about cancer can speak to our experienced nurses. 8

Can we Count you In? We want the money our supporters so generously help raise to go as far as possible towards supporting people affected by cancer and funding research. Because of this, we’re looking at ways we can work more cost-effectively. One of the ways we’re doing this is through our ‘Count me In’ campaign. We know that you’re someone who is as passionate as we are about supporting people affected by cancer. So in future, we want to make sure we’re only contacting you about the things that really interest you, in the ways you want to hear from us. We don’t want to waste your time, or the precious funds you help raise. We’re asking all our supporters to tell us what and how they want to hear from us. You can do this online at or through one of our paper ‘Count me In’ forms. You can also give us a call on 029 2076 8850. It might not seem like a big thing, but by confirming your details and telling us how you want to hear from us, you’ll be helping us save money which will help keep our vital cancer research and services running. As well as this, the rules around contacting our supporters are changing, so if we don’t hear from you, we might not be able to contact you after May next year. That means you’ll miss out on hearing how your support has made a difference, and other ways to support people affected cancer.

These changes are going to affect our income, so your support is now more important than ever. Thank you!

029 2076 8850 9

Thanks to you we’re there for people when they need us most Research shows that next to pain, worries about money matters are the next biggest concern for cancer patients. Many people have to stop working or reduce their hours as they go through treatment, affecting their income. As well as this, there are often additional costs such as travelling back and forth to hospital or higher energy bills to keep the house warm. Our Cancer Support Advisors are there to help and this year, they accessed £4.6 million in grants and benefits for cancer patients and their families. Patients like Anita who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2016. When I was having treatment “people kept telling me I was

entitled to some money. A friend volunteers for Tenovus Cancer Care and she organised for someone to get in touch about applying for benefits. I went to meet Claire and she got me a form for PIP (Personal Independence Payment), which I’d never heard of. She filled it all in for me which was such a relief. She managed to get me some money each week, and a blue badge too. I also had a grant for £200 as I had to buy all new bras after my surgery. I can’t thank Tenovus Cancer Care enough for the help I’ve had.

£27 means someone affected by cancer can spend one hour with one of our Cancer Support Advisors in their local community to get advice on making ends meet.


Thanks to you

Closer to Home Appeal

we’re bringing treatment closer to home in communities across the country Our Mobile Support Units travel to different communities every day, and thanks to your support, this year we helped deliver 6,600 chemotherapy and other treatments closer to home. We currently run two Units, saving patients around 45,000 miles of travelling to hospital every year. But demand is growing and we urgently need to build a third to expand the service. This year we launched our Closer to Home Appeal, which aims to raise £1 million to design, build, equip and launch a new state-of-the-art Mobile Support Unit. We’re doing this with the help of our Patron Sam Warburton and a committee made up of successful business people (much like our original ten founders!) from across the country. It’s a really exciting process and we’re hoping to reach our target, and launch the new Unit in 2018.

£45 means one person with cancer can have their chemotherapy on board our Mobile Support Units rather than having to go to hospital. We bring treatment closer to home so patients have less miles to travel and more time with the people they love.

Thanks to you we’re raising awareness and cutting waiting times Bowel cancer is one of the most common cancers in the UK and catching it early is key. But lots of people put off talking to a doctor, or end up not bothering if they have to wait for an appointment. Many people also ignore their screening kit, which gets sent to everyone over 60. We know that it can be a bit embarrassing to talk about, so back in 2015 we started a weekly drop-in bowel clinic on board one of our Mobile Support Units in Merthyr Tydfil. We worked in partnership with the local health board and a report published in the International Journal of Surgery showed the service cut referral waiting times in the area by half. Someone who knows a lot about the importance of bowel screening is Margaret Jones from Cwmbran. She had bowel cancer twice and each time has had her treatment on our Mobile Support Unit.

I was lucky because both my cancers were caught early and that was because of the bowel screening kits. If I hadn’t done them, I know that I probably wouldn’t be here now. I firmly believe that everyone who is sent a kit should take that test. Stop making excuses and do it. It’s the simplest thing in the world. I have five grandchildren and thanks to my bowel screening kit, I’m here to see them grow up.


How your money has helped We rely on the generous donations and incredible fundraising of all our supporters. You’ve helped raise just over £9 million this year which has funded our cancer support services and life-saving research.

2016/17 Charitable Spend 68% Cancer Support Services 27% Research 5% Campaigns and Policy

Cancer Support Services 32% Cancer Support Advisors 21% Mobile Support Units 18% Sing with Us Choirs 16% Support Line 13% Counselling


Thanks to all of you We couldn’t do it without you! Megan Crombie-Davies is 12, and is a member of our Bridgend Sing with Us choir. She helps out with bucket collections, makes cakes and has even given a speech about us at school.

I want to help people affected by cancer because know how it feels. My Grampy and Grandma both had cancer and unfortunately, Grampy passed away. Tenovus Cancer Care is like family and singing in the choir is like singing with your family all around you.

Darryl Protheroe-Thomas took on our North to South Wales Cycle in 2016 in memory of his mum, and raised over £2,000! eight weeks from Mum’s diagnosis “to Itthewasdayonly she passed away. It was so quick we

didn’t really have time to look for support. I chose to fundraise for Tenovus Cancer Care to raise awareness, so others in a similar situation would know where to turn.

Gill Tyrer joined our Llandudno Friends of Tenovus Cancer Care group after having cancer seven years ago.

Tenovus Cancer Care has helped me understand the word cancer in a positive way, and not to be frightened of it. That’s why I joined the Friends group; to help raise awareness as well as funds. I’m also a Champion for the Sing with Us choir and encourage people to join as I know firsthand the benefits.





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Tenovus Cancer Care Supporter Review 2016/17  

Tenovus Cancer Care brings practical advice, emotional support and treatment to where it matters most; the heart of the community. We help c...

Tenovus Cancer Care Supporter Review 2016/17  

Tenovus Cancer Care brings practical advice, emotional support and treatment to where it matters most; the heart of the community. We help c...

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