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A year with Supporter Review 2018/19

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Welcome to our annual Supporter Review, my first as the charity’s new Chief Executive. I’ve admired Tenovus Cancer Care for many years and I’m delighted to have joined at such an exciting time in its history. I’m really looking forward to working alongside our volunteers, supporters and staff to build on the fantastic work of my predecessor Claudia McVie. Looking back over 2018/19 I see a wonderful year of achievements as we celebrated our 75th Birthday, our incredible history of life-saving research, and innovative support services. I’m pleased to say that by working together, this year we’ve funded over £500,000 of cancer research. We’ve also launched new services and expanded others, helping us support more than 6,500 people affected by cancer. You can find out more inside. Of course, none of this would be possible without our amazing people. As well as working hard to achieve our aims, our supporters, volunteers and staff helped us raise an incredible £9.57 million. This is a fantastic achievement and will mean we can continue to be there for anyone affected by cancer in the future. Thank you so much – your support makes such a difference to cancer patients and their loved ones.

Judi Rhys - Chief Executive

Inside 3 75th Birthday

11 Financial support

5 Research

13 Emotional support

9 Treatment

15 Sing with Us Choirs

In 2018/19 we...


5,000 treatments Supported 1,433

on our Mobile Support Units


every week at our Sing with Us choirs


52 active Handled

cancer research projects

8,000 calls

through our free Support Line

Helped access

ÂŁ3.7 million in grants and benefits

12 courses


of ACTivate Your Life across the country

17 Support Line

21 Thanks to you

19 In other news

22 How you helped

20 Looking forward

23 Gifts in Wills

Thanks to you

we celebrated our 75th Birthday in style

Y AY !


CE L E B R AT E! Our 75th Birthday year was full of fantastic festivities and events. We also launched new services, developed some great partnerships and celebrated our amazing volunteers.


Thanks to you

we’re funding life-changing and life-saving cancer research

Funding innovative and ground-breaking cancer research continues to be one of our priorities and over the course of 2018/19 we had 52 active research projects running. Projects range from lab based; investigating how cancers form and creating new drugs for some of the hardest to treat cancers, to community projects; looking at how to improve people’s lives throughout their cancer journey. In 2018/19 we were also thrilled to put a funding call out for PhD studentships. These bright young minds are at the start of their research careers. After having the applications expertly reviewed, five projects were selected for funding at a total cost of £370,000 over the next three to four years. These new studentships will start in October 2019 and will join our other research projects. This year we also launched our Research Strategy Grants funding stream, which focusses on research that will help us make sure our services are the best they can possibly be, and inform how we develop them in the future.

Thanks to gifts in Wills Funding cancer research like this is only possible thanks to generous gifts left to us in Wills. Many people choose to remember us in their Will, and leaving us just 1% can help fund the cancer research of tomorrow. To make things a little easier, we’re offering our supporters over 50 the chance to make or update their Will for free. You can find out more about leaving Tenovus Cancer Care a gift in your Will and helping us get a little closer to a world without cancer on page 23.


Research spend by cancer type Total funding for active projects

Head and Neck £59,836

Brain £105,000

Lung £12,250

Breast £12,750

Pancreatic £8,496

Kidney £89,930

Bowel £56,549

Bladder £29,963

Gynaecological £72,741

Prostate £201,272

Uterine £119,986

Rectal £20,000

Melanoma (skin) £112,410

Research applicable to all cancers £1,119,281 Total research spend £2,020,464




Manisha is a researcher based at Cardiff University, whose PhD project is part funded by Tenovus Cancer Care via the KESS 2 scheme. She’s actively involved with public engagement through the charity and hopes to raise more awareness so that people can be diagnosed earlier.

My work is focussed on prostate cancer which is the second major “cause of cancer-related deaths in men, accounting for over 300,000 deaths per year worldwide.

The prostate is reliant on hormones called androgens such as testosterone for growth and development so, if you get rid of these androgens, you could assume that tumours would shrink. This isn’t always the case, as many men with advanced prostate cancer develop castrate resistant prostate cancer, and the survival rate is very poor. What I am hoping to do is look into a certain signalling pathway and pick out the parts that are driving castrate resistant prostate cancer. This will hopefully lead to the development of new treatments for patients.

If I can make a small difference by advancing our knowledge and helping people, then I think that’s a great thing to do.


Life changes quickly It’s easy to put off making a Will but it’s one of those jobs we should all do, to make sure our loved ones are taken care of after we’re gone. Why not make it a little easier (and cheaper) by doing it through our Free Wills service?

Find out more at


Thanks to you

we’re making the road to recovery a shorter one

Following our incredible Closer to Home Appeal, we were proud to launch our third Mobile Support Unit in October 2018. Our Royal Patron Princess Anne launched the new state-of-the-art Unit which is the world’s largest mobile chemotherapy space, with seven treatment chairs. It’s now in service, providing a clinical space for patients across south Wales. This Unit joined our fleet and this year we delivered around 5,000 chemotherapy, lymphoedema and other treatments, seeing over 500 patients. We’ve saved these patients time and stress, as there’s less distance to travel and they can park right outside. So our Units not only help save lives, they give cancer patients more precious time with the people they love. In 2019 we also built our fourth Mobile Support Unit which will allow us to treat and support even more patients. We’re continuing to work closely with local Health Boards to ensure that as many people as possible can have their treatment closer to home.




Patrick was diagnosed with throat cancer in 2017 and has been having immunotherapy treatment on board our Mobile Support Unit.

I became unwell in February 2017, but I was misdiagnosed by doctors for months before I requested a referral. I was sent for a scan which revealed a cancerous tumour in my throat. I started treatment but had a bad reaction to chemotherapy so I couldn’t have it again. After around 12 weeks of radiotherapy I had a scan which showed little improvement. I was told that they couldn’t do anything else for me and that I had just three months to live. It was a huge shock. Thankfully I then began immunotherapy, which uses the body’s own immune system to fight the cancer, on board the Mobile Support Unit. It’s about the same distance from home as the hospital, but it’s more efficient; you’re seen straight away and parking is so much easier. When I was seen last they were very pleased. There was still inflammation, but the tumour had shrunk dramatically. I was even able to attend my son’s wedding recently and it was brilliant to make my speech.

Having immunotherapy on board the Mobile Support Unit has been tremendous.


Thanks to you

we’re helping families with the financial burden of cancer

After pain, money worries are one of the biggest concerns for cancer patients. They, or their loved ones, may have to reduce their work hours or stop working altogether. And as well as losing income, they may have additional costs like journeys to hospital, heating bills or specialist equipment. Financial worries can turn an already difficult situation, into a desperate one. Our Cancer Support Advisors can help people cope when the world crumbles, and the bills keep coming in. This year our highly trained Advisors secured nearly £3.7 million worth of benefits and other grants for cancer patients and their families. We also help people when their illness has already created a spiral of debt that they can’t get out of. Our specialist Debt Advisor helps with managing payments and budgeting, at a time when it’s needed most. This year our Money Advice Service helped secure over £330,000 for our clients as well as helping to prevent people being evicted or having their possessions seized.

Our qualified advisors can help with

Benefits and entitlements

Managing money

Practical matters 11

Dealing with debt

Planning for end of life



Ceri from Pontyclun was first diagnosed with cancer when she was pregnant with her son. I was 14 weeks pregnant when I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma. “It was too dangerous to begin treatment so I was put on steroids, but I became very poorly and my son was born at 33 weeks. To everyone’s surprise, I got better after chemotherapy and a stem cell transplant.

When my son was two I relapsed badly which caused fractures to my leg and arm. I thought it was all over at that point, but after treatment I somehow got better again. Then, just when I was getting my life back on track, I was diagnosed with cervical cancer. A friend told me about the benefits advice available through Tenovus Cancer Care, and they helped me get a grant to help with the cost of travelling to hospital every day for six weeks. I now volunteer with Tenovus Cancer Care at the hospital where I had my treatment. It’s helped me gain confidence and I’ve come to enjoy it.

I hope it helps make the journey for other cancer patients that little bit easier.


Thanks to you

we’re helping people live better with, and beyond cancer

At the beginning of the year we launched our new ACTivateYour Life Affected by Cancer service, which we developed with clinical psychologist Professor Neil Frude. The course, which is based on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), is specially designed to help people affected by cancer learn how to separate their thoughts and feelings, focus their attention on what can be changed, understand mindfulness techniques, and find ways to live wisely and well. The free courses are delivered over four weeks and presented by trained volunteers. This year we delivered 12 courses across Wales, from Bangor to Barry, and supported 90 people. The feedback has been fantastic with patients, carers and people who’ve been bereaved all benefitting. We are now looking to increase the number of participants on the courses we run, and investigating the possibility of offering the course online to make sure we’re supporting as many people as possible.


Getting Wise to Your Mind


Facing Up to Life


Being Mindful


Living Wisely, Living Well To find out more about the service or becoming a volunteer presenter, visit

tenovuscancercare.org.uk/activateyourlife 13



Deb was diagnosed with rectal cancer in 2018. She took our ACTivate Your Life - Affected by Cancer course which helped her cope with living with cancer. my diagnosis I felt very lost. Despite everyone saying it would “be After alright, my world was ending and I just needed someone to talk to. I

had to do something for me and I knew it had to be something mindful; something that would stop the demons talking to me. Even when you know you’re going to get through it, some days you just need a good cry. You don’t want to keep talking to your family and friends because you feel like you’re burdening them. People ask how you’re feeling and you’ll say you’re fine even if you aren’t, because it can feel like you’re always miserable about it otherwise. I contacted Tenovus Cancer Care about the ACTivate Your Life course and they were so lovely and welcoming. The course helped me understand how my brain makes situations seem worse than they are, or how I dwell on negative thoughts. It helps you manage thoughts and think differently about things.

Since doing the course my life has changed considerably.


Thanks to you

we’re supporting people affected by cancer through singing

There’s not much to smile about when you’re dealing with cancer. It can be isolating, traumatic and stressful. This is why our Sing with Us choirs are so vital. They’re about more than just singing. They bring people together and offer a support network many choristers describe as a second family. It’s support, friendship and fun. This year our 18 choirs supported over Wales 1,400 people affected by cancer every week. And we’re thrilled that we’ve recently been awarded Greater National Lottery Funding to London look at bringing a number of new choirs to communities all over the country.




Stephen is living with incurable cancer and joined our Sing with Us Sutton choir as a form of therapy. up one morning with a terrible pain in my side. I could hardly “walkI woke and went to A&E. I had a series of blood tests and scans which

confirmed there was a tumour. My PSA was 64 with a Gleason score of nine. The Gleason score indicates the aggressiveness of prostate cancer, the highest being ten. The cancer had affected my lymph nodes and there was metastasis to my pelvic bone and two ribs, as well as secondary cancer in my bladder. My cancer is treatable but not curable. I was given an average of two years to live with chemotherapy, but I’m pleased to say I’ve exceeded this already! After finishing treatment, I joined my local Sing with Us choir in Sutton, to try singing as a form of therapy. Everyone affected by cancer should come along to meet new friends and experience the joy of singing.

The choir has been an absolute godsend to me.


Thanks to you

our nurses are just a call away, 365 days a year

Our free Support Line was once again open every day this year. With increasing phone and chat service support available from other cancer charities, this year we’ve focussed on directing people in need to our Cancer Callback service. It’s unique, personalised support for cancer patients and their loved ones who may feel alone or unsure. Our Callback service is available to anyone who needs it, complementing the NHS care patients already receive, and helping to take the pressure off over-stretched services. Our nurses proactively keep in touch with patients, and call them at a time that’s convenient. Whether it’s to see how treatment is going, how they’re getting on after surgery, or how they’re coping with the loss of a loved one, we’re there for them for as long as they need us. This year our nurses handled over 8,000 calls, over 5,000 of which were proactive outbound calls. By focussing on longer term engagement with people affected by cancer, our aim is to improve their experiences and make sure every person receives the support they need.




Andrea has incurable breast cancer. She’s been receiving treatment on our Mobile Support Unit and has received emotional support through our Support Line. noticed a funny little lump on my chest in 2007 and had an X-ray. I “wasI first told it was just a popped ligament, so my funny little lump stayed with me until 2013 when I thought it wasn’t quite so little anymore.

They referred me for a scan, and I was in work when I had the call to say it was breast cancer. On what became known as ‘Black Friday’ my surgeon took my hand and very gently told me that there would be no surgery as the cancer had already spread into my vertebrae. Cancer takes its toll on you. Every little twinge you think is the cancer growing or moving. Your life is taken over by tests, scans and treatments. At various times I’ve called the Support Line and talked to a nurse. There are some things you don’t want to subject your nearest and dearest to, so it was good to talk to someone who didn’t know me. Four years later and I’m stable and can still enjoy life, even if it’s in a different way. I’d like others to know that it’s possible, despite being told your cancer is incurable. The one thing we cling onto is hope.

I felt free to tell them anything and everything.


And in other news... As well as running our support services and funding research, our 75th year saw us raising awareness, and celebrating some of the incredible people who help make it all possible. As part of our Here Comes the Sun campaign, we visited nearly 90 different events and venues, speaking to 2,690 people about sun safety. And our advisors visited 100 schools! Our Research Engagement Team and researchers attended 28 events including Green Man Festival, Swansea Science Festival, Pint of Science, and held lab tours to increase awareness and understanding of our research. In July 2018 we celebrated our fantastic volunteers at our annual Volunteer Awards. Of our inspiring winners, Laura Morris-Lloyd was named overall Volunteer of the Year for her years of dedication and fundraising. We know a healthy diet and weight are important in preventing cancer, so this year we launched our Foodwise course; eight weekly sessions which help people be more informed in their food choices, understand what they eat, and the importance of exercise. As part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October 2018, we partnered with global charity Worldwide Breast Cancer to help share their ‘Know Your Lemons’ campaign. Together we sent posters to every GP in Wales, and featured in an ITV documentary. The campaign raised awareness of the signs and symptoms of breast cancer among women and GPs across the country, reaching thousands of people.


Looking forward

Despite our achievements, there is more still to be done.

Our vision is a future where fewer people get cancer, and those who do have equal access to the best treatment and support. We’re committed to working tirelessly until we get there.

In 2019/20, we aim to: Launch a number of new Sing with Us choirs with Lottery funding. Launch our fourth Mobile Support Unit and look at how we can make our Units a sustainable service. Grow our Money Advice Team so we can help more people affected by cancer with debt and money problems. Hold more ACTivate Your Life courses and increase the number of people who attend. Develop our Tenovus Cancer Care ‘Manifesto’ which outlines our policy priorities. Welcome our five new PhD students who’ll begin their research in October 2019 focussing on amongst others, breast, bowel and pancreatic cancer. Raise awareness of the results of the second phase of our More than Singing research which looks at the biological benefits of singing in one of our Sing with Us choirs. Reach more children with our Here Comes the Sun campaign by working in partnership with Skcin (The Karen Clifford Skin Cancer Charity) on their Sun Safe Schools programme. Expand our Foodwise course which helps people with diet and weight loss, into more communities.


Thanks to all of you

who gave your time, energy and money Janeda is a member of our Swansea Sing with Us choir. With her friend Anna, she fundraises by selling handmade bracelets and keyrings.

breast cancer and melanoma in the “70s,Myandmumwashadrecently diagnosed with blood cancer.

I’ve been her carer throughout, and watching her suffer has been heartbreaking. Fundraising is a good distraction and gives me something to focus on, and a sense of purpose and achievement.

Sallianne has been volunteering in our shop

in Newport for a year and a half, and decided to volunteer after taking time off work for her health.

Health issues left me unable to work for about “ two years and I became quite anxious being at home

all day. I decided to volunteer to help me socialise, build my confidence and improve my wellbeing. It’s been great meeting new people, I’ve learnt new skills and I’ve gained back my confidence.

Kevin is a member of our Llandudno Sing with Us choir and local Friends of Tenovus Cancer Care group. He began fundraising after losing close friends to cancer, and in 2019 ran his fifth London Marathon!

It’s important to me to raise money and awareness, in support of friends who have or had cancer, and in memory of those we’ve lost. It’s the strength of those I’ve met who’ve been affected by cancer that spurs me on to do whatever I can.


How your money helped 18%



Campaigns & Policy

2018 / 19


charitable spend

Support Services

7% 11%

Cancer Support Advice


Mobile Support Units Sing with Us Choirs Support Line ACTivate Your Life

Based on 2018/19 financial figures.


Support spend by service

21% 22

Thanks to gifts in Wills

we’re getting closer to a world where no one dies of cancer

It’s easy to put off making a Will but it’s one of those jobs we should all do. As well as making sure your loved ones are taken care of, many people also decide to leave a gift to charity, so the support for the causes they care about lives on as their legacy. Making a Will doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. Hundreds of people have made or updated their Will for free through our Will writing service, and whilst there’s no obligation to leave us a gift, many people kindly choose to do so. These gifts for the future not only fund vital cancer research, they help keep our services running too. Remembering Tenovus Cancer Care in your Will helps us to plan for the future. Whatever your gift, even 1%, could help fund the cancer research of tomorrow, and help us get a little closer to a world without cancer. Find out more by calling our Legacy Team on 029 2076 8335 or complete the form opposite.


Free Wills


Your chance to make or update your Will for free

Every March we run our Free Wills Month offer, for anyone aged 50 or over to make or update their Will for free with a local participating solicitor. We only have a limited number of Wills available, and we’d like to offer the opportunity to our valued supporters first.

We’d hate you to miss out on this offer, so pre-register your interest today! Simply fill in the form below and return it in the pre-paid envelope provided, or visit tenovuscancercare.org.uk/freewills.

Title: ............ Full name: ...................................................................................... Address: .................................................................................................................. ................................................................................................................................... ................................................................................ Postcode: ............................. Email: ....................................................................................................................... Phone: ............................................................... Date of birth: ........................... We promise to always keep your details safe and will never sell them. For more details visit our website for our Privacy Policy.




Glen and his wife Deb wrote their Wills with a local solicitor through our Free Wills service. We’ve been supporting our local Tenovus Cancer Care shop since my “father passed away with lung cancer 35 years ago. It’s been in Bargoed for

as long as I can remember and even when we’re away, the Tenovus Cancer Care shop is the first place my wife heads for. I knew about the Free Wills Service because I’d missed the deadline a couple of times! We simply phoned to make an appointment and when completing the paperwork we were asked about supporting the charity through a donation in our Will. It was all done within a fortnight and I can’t fault the service one bit. We’d saved the cost of making our Will and it was nice to be able to leave something to Tenovus Cancer Care. As you get older it becomes more important to sort your Will out and while it’s easy to put it off, you don’t need the worry. I’ve had friends around the same age as me who have died, so it’s a relief to think that should anything happen, my children will be alright.









I can’t fault the Free Wills service.

w T E



Wills, Probate & Powers of Attorney Making a Will is vital to ensure that your husband, wife, partner or children are adequately provided for. Having a Will drawn up professionally by a specialist Solicitor allows you to choose the right people to deal with your estate and ensures your assets are shared out in accordance with your wishes.




Our award winning Team can advise you in clear, jargon-free language on a wide range of matters from Wills, effective estate planning and tax issues, through to Lasting Powers of Attorney, Probate and Court Protection matters.






Later Life Wills & Probate Court of Protection Lasting Powers of Attorney Estate Planning

watkinsandgunn.co.uk T 0300 1240 400 E info@watkinsandgunn.co.uk @WatkinsandGunn #problemsolved

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Tenovus Cancer Care Supporter Review 2018/19  

Tenovus Cancer Care brings practical advice, emotional support and treatment to where it matters most; the heart of the community. We help c...

Tenovus Cancer Care Supporter Review 2018/19  

Tenovus Cancer Care brings practical advice, emotional support and treatment to where it matters most; the heart of the community. We help c...

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